My Sexy Silvers

Solid Ground

Jill Smith (45) dedicated her life to caring for others and raising her family. She lived in exile for a quarter of a century, the very American wife of a Royal Marine. Now with her husband dead and her sons grown, she is homesick with a hole the size of Texas in her heart. She is a mother with no one to look after. What’s a girl to do when she sees a handsome officer and four beautiful daughters with no one to care for and love them?

This is the prequel to my Apokalypze series. This book is COMPLETE, but the series is ongoing.

Shared Burdens

Esther Samuels (late 40s) is a woman in pain. Her only son was killed while serving in Afghanistan. Now this old-maid school teacher is stuck in her job, while battling small town prejudice and her grief. She is more dead than alive until… Master Sergeant Michael O’Malley

This is the third book in my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series. It is COMPLETE and can be enjoyed as a stand alone. But you’ll appreciate it more if you’ve read the others in the series. I will be adding more books in this series as I left this story with a HFN (Happy For Now) ending. I need to finish their journey, grant them healing, and bring them home.

2nd Best

Heather Sampson (60) lost everything a year ago when her beloved husband died. Now, she simply exists, struggling through every day with no purpose. Not even her autistic daughter needs her any more. Until her husband’s surprising 60th birthday present from beyond the veil….

This book is a WIP (Work In Progress) with new chapters added as they are completed.

In addition to these books dedicated solely to Sexy Silver heroines and the still smoking hot men in their lives (a couple of whom are younger), there are other of works that include remarkable, mature women among the cast, including:


Life has never been easy for Stacey Reynolds (58). For the last forty years, she has lived for one thing – her girls. They were the only thing that got her through ‘that hell.’ Things were looking up. She had a good job. One daughter was happily married, another happy with her new baby, and even her baby was writing those books about the fantasy of romance. But she should have known – nothing good ever happens to her.

This book is COMPLETE but the series, including Stacey’s struggles continues in the ongoing #ReconciliationTX with new chapters as they are written.


Petrine… Rachel… Raquel… (early 60s)

Four husbands, three sons, a magnificent new daughter-in-law, grand-daughters, too. Over decades of love, laughter, and yes, way too many tears. And more than a few regrets….

Petrine/Rachel is a major secondary character in my Njörður’s trilogy. I will shortly begin her story. But be warned, these stories are among my HOTTEST featuring both BDSM and polyandry. Yes, there are a few scenes of just such behaviors involving Rachel and Olaf.

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