2nd Best

After a lifetime of searching, two failed marriages, and too many lovers to count, Heather Sampson had finally found what she needed in Geoffrey. Intelligence. Strength. Kindness. Patience. Everything a man should be.

But now he was gone. It was not supposed to be this way. They were supposed to grow old together. He had promised her thirty-five years — one for every year that she had searched for Mr. Right.

Almost a year and the pain still felt like it would crush her. A sixty-year-old widow and Heather still had no idea what to do with whatever remained of her life. The question was – what now?

Until their friend arrived at her door with a final birthday present from her dead husband. The cruise they had planned to take together. This was a bad idea….

It could not be. Captain Jan Iverson watched the passengers as they boarded his ship. But it was only one that he saw. He would know her face anywhere. It had filled his dreams for almost two decades.

But he thought he would never see her again after that email twelve years ago. She was living happily ever after with some other man. And he was the one who had blown it. He always pulled back, ghosted her.

What else was he to do? The woman got under his skin. To hold something in your hand. Something you craved your whole life. And know that you could never really have it. Never own it the way you wanted and needed. Hell, yeah, he had to close his eyes and hide.

But none of that answered the critical questions. What was she doing on his ship? Why now? And where was the man that had finally given her everything that he could not? He had ten days. Ten days to find out.

Heather and Jan give new meaning to two ships that pass in the night….

Chapter 1 – Surprises
Chapter 2 – Old Ties
Chapter 3 – Decisions
Chapter 4 – Real Love
Chapter 5 – Close My Eyes & Hide
Chapter 6 – Against All Odds