Shared Burdens

Is love or heartache in the cards when Sergeant Mike finally meets his dream woman?

Esther Samuels is a woman in pain. Her only son was killed while serving in Afghanistan. Now this old-maid school teacher is stuck in her job, while battling small town prejudice and her grief. She is more dead than alive until…

The third stop on Mike’s tour of duty is the small Texas town that was home to one of his best friends. The young Lieutenant, Thomas Samuels had been one of the finest men it had been his pleasure to serve with. Until an IED ended that promise.

Now Sergeant Mike is here to check in on Tommy’s mom…and offer an extra pair of hands and a strong back for her annual Halloween party that is a mainstay of Sebida, Texas. Problem is the only thing smaller than this town are the minds in it.

Can Mike just ride off to leave the woman he has secretly loved for years, to face their wrath? Can Esther let the only man who has ever brought her to life just ride away?

WARNING: This book deals with strong adult content of PTSD. It attempts to do so both compassionately and realistically. Please be aware that it could trigger strong emotions, especially in those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This book also features a handful of ‘vanilla’ love making scenes.

Chapter 1 – Living Up To Fantasy
Chapter 2 – Haunted Houses
Chapter 3 – Seeing Stars
Chapter 4 – Real Ghosts
Chapter 5 – Just Once
Chapter 6 – Darkest Knight
Chapter 7 – Dawn’s Early Light
Chapter 8 – Heaven and Hades
Chapter 9 – Firsts and Lasts
Chapter 10 – Easy Choices