Hump Day

Though sadly, no humping happening in today’s episode of #ReconciliationTX.

But there is a special appearence from a secondary character that has appeared in every one of the Texas Style books. Can you guess who?

And hold on to your seats, folks. There’s some twists and turns coming on this roller coaster ride.

“Do you trust him?”

He turned with a smile at the sound of her voice. The bruises around both eyes and cheeks were mottled green and yellow now. Only a few splotches of blue, purple, and black remained. He hurt deep inside just looking at her.

But he was still more worried about what was happening inside his woman than those bruises. She tried very hard to bluff it all away with that cool exterior that had gotten her so far in a man’s world. He saw the truth. Jolene Monroe was more vulnerable and broken right now than Selena. He had more sense than to try and point that out. No, his job was to support her, to do whatever it took to help her rebuild her life. No, to build a life together. Because as brutal an awakening as this whole thing had been, it showed him one thing – there was no place in that world for people like him or Selena. Or even the revered Jo Monroe.

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