Today is the next chapter in Apokalypze. And we’re on the other side of the world from Sebida, TX. You can’t get much more different than Casablanca, Morocco. Though DJ Smith, Jill’s oldest son, can give Jack a run for his money when it comes to cussing.

Jill’s older sons

DJ (David Junior), Declan, Damien & Darren Smith

But who’s who?

Can you guess?

“We’ll make it, big brother. We’ll save Sarah.”

“Yeah, but will you still have all your teeth. Do you have to be such a fucking optimist all the god damned time?”

“It’s what Damien does, DJ. He’s the peacemaker,” Dec smiled over his shoulder.

“Everyone buckled in?” Darren was already taxiing the plane down the private runway. “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

And for the visual among you, I have updated my Pinterest page with new sections for The Apocalypse series.

Wow, all this globe hopping. Where will we be tomorrow?

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