TTS – Volume 5

Week 5, Wednesday lunch time – Grandfather’s ranch

Laura paced the front porch of the cabin. She gently jostled a cranky Chloe. Her daughter seemed to be as unsettled as she was. And like her mother seemingly without reason. It was much too soon for teething, and colic was supposed to be an evening thing, wasn’t it? She would have to consult one of Ryan’s many baby books.

Or were they Rex’s? Both men seemed obsessed with the damned things. It seemed to be the only thing that the two men talked about anymore. Did you read what Spock said about…? Have you seen the latest research on co-sleeping? It might have been adorable at first. Two such macho men totally and completely absorbed in all things baby. But…

“Lunch will be ready soon. I thought I’d call the guys in so they could wash up.”

Laura turned to face Jaycee, “Sure.”

“Is she still fussy?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with her.” Laura fought back the tears. It was not just Chloe. What was wrong with her? Things had been going well. After Jaycee and Rex’s trip to Houston and the deal, her friend had negotiated with the federal prosecutor, there had been no reason to fear reprisals. At least from the government.

Of course, they still could not prove who was behind McBride. So, there was still danger from that end. To make matters worse, they had not heard anything from Mercy. Maybe that was the problem? Worry about her sister? Or maybe all this waiting for something to happen? Something they had no control over. No way of knowing when, where, or what was going to happen. Maybe that was?

“Here, let me take her for a bit.” Jaycee held out her arms with a smile.

Laura passed her daughter to the woman who had become almost another sister over the past few weeks. That should be no surprise. Jaycee was only a bit older than she was. They shared a passion for the law and their daughters. And for their men, who were more like brothers than cousins themselves.

As Chloe settled, her little head resting on Jaycee’s shoulder and her legs dangling near the woman’s baby bump, Laura’s eyes were drawn to the men. They were practicing with their bows by the barn. That was their other obsession, preparing for a confrontation that had not come.

Laura barely stifled a moan at the sight of Ryan. He had stripped off his shirt once again. It was an Indian summer day, after all. Jaycee noticed and turned towards the men.

The bows they used were nothing like the ones from old westerns. Their weapons were almost as long as Jaycee’s daughter, Angel. And much more complicated than a curved piece of wood and some string.

Laura shifted from side to side as Ryan’s back and shoulder muscles flexed when he drew back on the string. Her nipples hardened inside her padded nursing bra. Then she felt it, the unmistakable tingling that accompanied the let-down reflex. “Shit.”

Her friend chuckled softly as she patted Chloe’s back. “You spend much longer looking at your man, and you’re going to need to change your panties as well as your bra and shirt.”

“Thanks for stating the obvious.” She had no good reason for being grouchy with Jaycee, and she knew it. It was just this feeling. This crawl out of her skin tightness that had been growing for weeks now. “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault.”

“I know it is not my place but woman to woman; you might consider jumping that man’s bones.”

Laura could not stop the groan that escaped her throat. It sounded desperate and almost primal even to her. “I swear another week and a half is going to kill me.”

Sure, they had been fooling around for weeks. Lately, it had become more reciprocal. It had all begun while she was sucking Ryan off once more. This time the tingle between her legs had been too much to resist. She had slipped her fingers inside her panties. Both of them had gone off like rockets then.

From there, Ryan had taken charge. First, he had begged and cajoled her into removing her panties so he could watch. But that had not been enough. Eventually, he had wanted to be the one touching her. Once the discharge from the birth had stopped, the man had spent loads of time with his head buried between her thighs.

But it was not enough. She desperately wanted him inside of her. She felt the frustration boiling over, even at just the thought of it. She had dreamt and relived that one night over and over again. Was it really that good? Okay, probably. After all, just the fooling around they had been doing was still better than most of the sex she had with other men.

“You know, you don’t necessarily have to wait the full six weeks?”

“But isn’t that dangerous? I mean, what about injections or…”

“It depends on the woman. As long as you stop if it isn’t comfortable. Listen to your body.” Her friend wore a cheeky grin, “And it seems to be saying, go for it. This little darling seems to be ready for a nap. How about I take Rex, Grandfather, and Angel on a picnic? You’ll have the whole house to yourselves for a couple of hours.”

Laura was so relieved that she threw her arms around the other woman. “Thank you, Jaycee.”

“What are friends for?” She passed a sleeping Chloe Back to Laura with a smile. “I’ll send Ryan in.”

I hope ya’ll are enjoying this new daily dose of our friends. To maintain my sanity and some life balance, I will be posting Monday to Friday. That will allow the weekend folks to catch up as well. Have a good one…and see you Monday.

Goddess bless you & yours,

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