It’s Here…

At long, long last.

The next chapter in my Trouble Texas Style series is now live.

This is another Stacey and Reb in Goodbye Earl. They made it to his hippy mother’s commune/resort. But no more spoilers, other than this…

That photo is Reb’s Mother…

I continue to work on the edits and posting of My One, the prequel to this story as well.

Oh, and the next chapter in Goodbye Earl is half written already. So, hopefully I will post at least two and maybe three chapters this week. And finish off My One.

Speaking of which, Grandfather, Jack, Rex and Jaycee will be taking the limelight away from Ryan and Laura soon…for one chapter anyway.

To get to the next chapter…

2. Click on Most Recent Chapter on the homepage. Or…

3. Click on Chapter 6 – We’re Here on the Goodbye Earl page.

Off to sleep so I can get up early and finish off the next chapter, I hope.

Goddess bless,

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