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Sometimes in life you are blessed to find someone that you just click with. It is like those silly ying and yang necklaces…or pieces of jigsaw puzzle. I found that the other night when I met with another writer from my group.

Our little group has writers scattered across the globe, so when I came back home I posted a message to the group for anyone in the Philly area. And Livnah A. Eden responded…yeah let’s meet for drinks. She chose this eclectic, unique place called the Copa with loads of atmosphere and strong margaritas. We turned the place on end…just a bit. Here’s a funny story for you…

Liv went out to her car to feed the meter beast (too late…damn them) and I went to the bar for another round. Mind you, the first thing I hear with this big bear of a guy at the bar talking about…”No woman gonna tie my ass up…” Now I may be primarily sub but I know Liv is switch…and a damned fine Domme in her own right. So this girl cannot resist the temptation to up that ante. I say…”Who says you gonna want to resist?” So began a fifteen or twenty minute exchange that included this young man reaching over and spanking Liv’s bottom. (I can’t blame the guy. It is damned spankable.) But of course, she could not let that one go unanswered and returned the favor, putting more power into it.

And I had to ‘behave’ because Captain America was with me and jerking my leash. But I had her back if she needed me…but the woman had them all in control including when the guy who started it all mouthed off that he had been through twelve years of Catholic school. Without a pause she smiled that sexy Domme one that says ‘I’ve got you now,’ and replied… “Call me Sister Mary Elizabeth…now, where’s my ruler?” Goddess, I love this woman.

And then I go back and read some of her stuff…I love the writer too! This is a woman, who writes with passion and depth. Strong characters, exploring the depths and heights of human emotion…oh and as a bonus…MARINES! Ooh-ray!!! So as a very special Veterans Day bonus, I want to share an excerpt of her Literotica story, My Man, My Marine, My Lover.

From me and Livnah
From me and Livnah

It broke my heart watching Brian say good-bye to his Mom in the kitchen where the three of us spent so much time. I knew he was hurting, but the sadness and worry on her face literally caused me pain. I felt a physical pain in my heart and a burning sensation in my stomach as I watched her fight back tears. I loved this woman like a second Mom. She has always been there for me from day one. Now, her baby boy was being deployed and she was doing everything in her power not to hold onto him for dear life.

“Mom, don’t be mad or upset. I want to say good-bye to you here. I don’t want you coming down to the base with me. You know you will only get more upset and cry. I want to remember you here at home.” He kisses her forehead, then both of her cheeks, and finally gives her a big hug and kiss.

“I love you. Never forget I love you.” Brian whispers in her ear as he kisses her and turns to walk away.

His Mom just stood there and nodded. As soon as he turned, the tears started to flow. She knew she was safe to let them go now because she knew Brian wouldn’t look back after kissing her good-bye. She knew he couldn’t take the pain on her face or look at the sad anguish in her eyes. It was the same pain and sad eyes that he remembered seeing on her so often as a child. It was the same pain and sad eyes that she had as his father had to leave on deployment.

I stood in the doorway watching as two of the people I loved most in this world were hurting. One I had to leave for now, the other would be leaving me. The ache in my heart was overwhelming but I promised myself that I would not cry. There would be no tears and no look of pain on my face. Brian told me how he hated the idea of leaving me and seeing the same pain he saw on his Mom’s face as a boy. I made a promise to myself then that I would never do that to him. I would never let him leave me thinking that he had caused me pain. I promised that I would send him off with a smile and all of my love and that’s what I would do.

As he walked out of the kitchen, I was waiting for him just outside the doorway. He took my hand and we walked through the living room and out the front door without looking back. His Dad was standing by the jeep waiting for him. Brian tossed his bag in the back and then he turned to face his Dad.

“Stay smart son. Stay alert at all times. There are no friends there. You have your men and your platoon, everyone else is window dressing. Watch who you give your trust to and give it sparingly. Keep your helmet on and your head down, but keep your eyes open at all times.” He was speaking Marine to Marine, but the look in his eyes and the just ever so slight vibration in his voice as he said the word ‘son’ was all father to son. “I’ll see you before your unit leaves the base. I’ll stay here and take care of your mother for now.”

Then his Dad broke his stance and wrapped his arms around Brian and hugged him. He quietly said, “I love you and I couldn’t be more proud. I hope you know that.”

“I do Dad. I love you too. You’re my hero and I have always been proud of you. My goal in life has always been to be like you and to make you proud.” He hugged his Dad again.

I couldn’t look at them anymore. I turned my back away until I heard Brian say “good-bye.” Then I turned back. In all of the years I have known these two men, and been in their presence, this was the first time I heard them say they loved each other. I cognitively knew they did. I saw they loved each other, but I never heard them say it. My heart and soul were moved by their emotion, but I held back any sign of tears.

Brian took my hand and walked me around to the side of the jeep and helped me in. I was the only one going to the base with him. My parents had already said their good-byes. I could see them standing on the front porch as we pulled out of the driveway.

As we passed our house my Mom and Dad waved. My Mom blew him a kiss and Brian pretended to catch it and placed it on his heart. They hadn’t done that in a while and it made me smile. Then he waved as we drove passed.

I let the silence surround him and calm him for a few minutes before I reached over and covered his hand with mine. His hand rested on the gear shift and mine just rested over his. It reminded me of how, when we made love, he placed his hand over my sex to comfort and protect me. To say, it’s ok, it’s all going to be ok. I have you and I won’t let anything hurt you. I wanted to say all of that to him with the touch of my hand. A few seconds later when he looked at me and smiled knowingly, I knew he understood exactly what I meant by my gesture.

“Brian.” I said quietly.

“Yeah Brat.” I could see the smile overtake his beautiful face.

“I love you.”

“Yeah. I know.” He looked at me and winked.


“Yes.” I barely got it out.

“I love you too. Never forget that, I have loved you all my life and then some.”

I could hear a little quiver in his voice. So, I tried to think fast on how I could break the tension before one or both of us lost it. So I fell back on humor and sarcasm. Two of my favorite forms of communication when all else fails.

“Yeah, well Marine, it took you long enough to get up the balls to tell me. Of course you’re pulling that shit where you tell me you love me and then take off on me. Is that some kind of tactical training technique? If so, I want to know. I need to talk to our Dad’s about changing it, because, basically it sucks!”

Without even looking over at him, I knew he was smiling. So, I just squeezed his hand and kept looking straight ahead. No sense in tempting fate and looking at him. I know he’s handsome and sexy. I don’t need to look to see that he loves me. I know that he is mine, My Man, My Marine and My Lover! More importantly is that he knows it now too.

Don’t you just love the way this woman captures the pain of this parting? If you want more of Liv like I do, then check out her Literotica and Amazon author’s pages or like her on Facebook.

And this Veterans’ Day, to all the men, women and families, who serve our country with pride and honor, we know that Freedom is never FREE. For all you did and gave for the rest of us THANK YOU! Goddess bless, protect and heal you and yours always. 

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