REAL Man Monday…

I am sorry to say…I have no REAL man to share with you today. One thing that has surprised me over the past few weeks of doing this is that it is always harder to convince my real men to share than it is us girls. They are more reluctant…often requiring begging and pleading. They are more insecure about their bodies and sex appeal. Even to the point that one of them had me take his picture down. But each and everyone received positive feedback…eyes, smile, something.

So here’s the challenge…for us ladies…MAKE our men feel more sexy.

11825199_1048871745137641_5243567257338069636_nIf you are married or have a partner, compliment him every single day. I know it is cliche but it isn’t really any more because we women have forgotten how to do it…but run your hand up his arm and squeeze his bicep…call him ‘Big boy’ or something equally silly. And keep it up.

If you are a mother…I bet you tell your girls all the time how pretty she looks. When was the last time you told your son how handsome he is?

Even if you are just a friend…tell him that he has nice eyes, a tight butt, whatever. Be specific and sincere.

Hell, do it politely…make sure that you say ‘Excuse me, I am not trying to hit on your or anything, but my friend has this blog and she writes about REAL men, not oily, muscle bound models. She has discovered that men actually are more insecure about their looks and bodies than women. So she has challenged us all to compliment men this week…I just wanted to tell you…you have nice/sexy eyes/ass/hair/beard/whatever.’ Then walk away.

Do it…you have my word I will…every day.

And my male readers…PLEASE? Pretty please? I will be taking a break from this format next week as I am sharing vacation photos and updates. But I would love to have loads of REAL Men for my Mondays when I get back.

Ladies, send me your men…sons, brothers, boyfriends and hubbies…beg and plead for me. We need to build our guys back up. Make them see the REAL Men in themselves, ladies.

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