Thoughtful Thursday…

Today I am going to do something I HATE doing…self-promotion. It is though a Thoughtful series…at the best possible price…FREE (well, Book 1 is anyway) for the next 3 days.

I do this because I realize that some of you may not be aware of my fiction writing that is my deepest calling. And even some of you, who followed me through that venue, may have forgotten the series that is my labor of love…Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour. This series deals with the complex issues of PTSD facing many of our returning Veterans. In particular…

Master Sergeant Michael O’Malley is a man on a mission. After over twenty years in the US Marine Corps and more tours of duty than he wants to remember, his retirement plans are simple: hop on the back of his brand new Harley and tour the country, checking in on the men and women that he served with…and the families of the ones that never made it back.

I have now released three books in this series…

My Country Tis of Thee – FREE now on Amazon – is the first novella in the Sergeant Mike series. It is the story of a young Latino, who gave his life for a country that was not even his own. As with all of the stories in this series, it will touch upon the complex issues of how our country treats tens of thousands of soldiers and their families who defend their adopted country so valiantly. It also includes a motley band of Vietnam and Korean veterans, who honor their comrades and country by attending all the military funerals in the area.

Labor’s End ($0.99) – Honour, Oklahoma is Mike’s second stop on this tour of duty as he stands in for the best friend that he lost over twenty years ago. The man’s father is dying and though he remembers neither Mike nor his dead son, he feels duty bound to be there for the man since the son that died in Mike’s arms could not be.

Shared Burdens (NEW release) – is the one that everybody has been waiting for: Mike finally meets the woman he secretly fell for from thousands of miles away. Is love or heartache in the cards when Sergeant Mike finally meets his dream woman?

Esther Samuels is a woman in pain. Her only son was killed while serving in Afghanistan. Now this old-maid school teacher is stuck in her job, while battling small town prejudice and her grief. She is more dead than alive until…

The third stop on his new tour of duty is the small Texas town that was home to one of his best friends. The young Lieutenant, Thomas Samuels had been one of the finest men it had been his pleasure to serve with. Until an IED ended that promise.

Now Sergeant Mike is here to check in on Tommy’s mom…and offer an extra pair of hands and a strong back for her annual Halloween party that is a mainstay of Sebida, Texas. Problem is the only thing smaller than this town are the minds in it.

Can Mike just ride off to leave the woman he has secretly loved for years, to face their wrath? Can Esther let the only man who has ever brought her to life just ride away?

This is series is not your typical over the top Tara steamy sex…it is pain, tears, a bit of laughter…and ultimately salvation through love. If that appeals to you, please take the opportunity to download the FREE Book 1 now. I think you will most definitely find it THOUGHTFUL.

2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday…

    1. Please leave an HONEST review when you get the chance. Readers take those seriously as does the industry. I have made book 1 free to celebrate the release of Shared Burdens. I am running a huge ad to promote that and the series…but they would not even take my money until I had 5 reviews…so thank you very much for being one of those reviewers. It made a difference. And I sincerely hope you enjoy Shared Burdens. It was fun for me revisiting the story that started it all. including Mike’s point of view and polishing the rest. As you know this series in particular is a passion with me…the Master Sergeant Michael Thomas O’Malley’s of this world deserve our respect and especially our support. They gave their all for us…we owe them no less. I truly appreciate your support in this and your friendship.

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