REAL Woman Wednesday

The other week I shared with you Maggie, a reader and hot Latina. So today I want to highlight Nubian beauty…this is the mother of PanKwake’s best friend.


Unfortunately, Anne Marie is not comfortable sharing her face which is just as stunning as the rest of her on the internet. And I dare not show you the rest of this pic…all I will say is…nice ta-tas. I got reported to the Facebook morality poliz for Symon’s bum…the artistic shadows in the window one too. No worries they agreed that it met their guidelines but ‘suggested’ I tone it down anyway.

Ya’ll know me…I’s gots a big mouth (good for other things too). So when PanKwake began friends with her daughter over ice skating…it took me all of 5…or maybe 10 minutes to announce I write erotica. And we became friends from there. Of course, wouldn’t you know our mixed race little girls look more like sisters than friends.

Anne Marie is spectacular REAL woman beauty…in her thirties with three kids…you go girl. She also is an avid reader of erotica…her favorite? Cowboys! That’s right ya’ll nothing gets this Caribbean queen (from Jamaica originally) hotter than tight jeans and Southern drawl. So if there are any cowboys out there…especially if you know your way around rope.

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