Freaky Friday….

How could I possibly tackle The More The Merrier 2, a menage erotic boxed set out October 7th, without going THERE?!? That’s right, folks, DP…Double Penetration. Of course, you can have a menage without it…but that maybe like having a cheese-less pizza. What’s the point? Ready to jump into bed with me and get dirty, ya’ll?

When it comes to DP there are three basic types…

  1. Spit-fired (roasted) – That is a cock at both ends. One in the mouth (oral sex) and one usually in the vagina (Damn! Did I really just use that word?) but could be anal. This one is the easiest achieved for many reasons…the biggest of which is that the guys are at opposite ends. (Shhh…secret here…most guys are really uncomfortable getting too close to one another.) It can be really nice because you have the push me-pull me effect of one forcing you further onto the other. Once you all find a good rhythm it is stellar…you really will see stars. And though not very common at all…all three volcanoes blowing at once…WOW. VIA 8 (sorry beginning to think again about my unfinished Rings of Fire so you might see more geology related words for a couple of months).
  2. ‘Traditional’ DP – Of course, when you say DP most people think automatically about one cock in the pussy (awww…much better) and the other in the ass. This though does mean that the woman has to be comfortable with anal sex to begin with. Even then, that tight fit burn is not for everyone. The guys too sometimes have ‘performance issues’ due to the fact of how close they are. Only less than a centimeter thick of muscles separate them. Even getting into a position is not easy without them bumping legs or arms…so it takes a really confident man…MEN…to manage this one. The best position is usually cowgirl with her riding one cock…let her get in a couple of Happy O’s to get ready first, guys. While she does the other guy can be warming her up with kisses and caresses along her back and shoulders. Once she is very ‘happy’ simply push her forward and begin to slowly slip his cock into the ‘back door.’ This works best if the guy who is fucking her pussy stops and focuses upon kissing her and talking her through it…sweet talk or dirty. Once the ass-man is fully inside, just hold it there and enjoy the burn and sensations for the moment. Nothing wrong with a bit of humor to lighten the moment at this point either. Then begin slowly…the lead dancer is usually the ass-man but they can switch a bit as things get hotter. But, of course, the ultimate is…
  3. Two Poles in One Hole – Is both the ultimate DP…and a unicorn. Few men (not even brothers like in my stories) are going to have the sexual confidence and be homophobic-free enough to go dick-to-dick with another man. And few women are going to be sexually adventurous enough to be willing to try. Some would even argue that it is not possible…if a baby can come out it, then hell yeah two dicks can go in it. Having said that, it is beginning to appear even in female erotica. One of my favorite sci-fi erotica writers, Evangeline Anderson, created a breed of humanoid aliens called the Twin Kindred, who HAVE to share a mate. And the only way they can bond with her or make babies is  when their cocks merge (yep, girls…two big cocks turn into one MASSIVE one). Funny thing, she invented this exotic plant called the bonding fruit that makes women both hornier and stretchier than ‘normal.’ Like we need that shit if we had two almost seven foot tall warrior husbands telling us how much they love and want us. Keep your damned fruit…I want to feel that burn. And this girl tackles it head on without magic elixirs but with hot twin warriors…very human ones…in Nothing Done in Love…my contribution to The More The Merrier 2. But no more spoilers than that, folks.

Of course, most people will never experience any of these…and that is not wrong. I love how my friend Anne A. Lois is tackling the taboo subject of a Dom husband, who very much loves his submissive wife, being willing to share her one-off with a friend of their choosing. BUT that shit even if one off changes things (and I hope Anne will have the courage to tackle that one too in a future book). Pandora’s boxes are very hard, if not impossible to close, once you open them.

IMG_1855BUT even the most committed of monogamous couples can enjoy the fantasy of DP through the use of…TOYS. Whether it is hubby fucking you with a butt plug in or anal while you use a dildo in your pussy, you can achieve that same sweet burn. And you can peak inside Pandora’s box with fantasy role play. Whose cock is in your ass? A movie star? Your favorite football player? His best friend? The pizza delivery guy? Oh, the possibilities…

Just remember what Kaitlin’s mom New Age guru Joy Danvers says…Nothing Done In Love can ever be wrong.

Don’t forget…The More The Merrier 2 exclusive to Amazon on October 7th by some of your favorite Literotica authors.


7 thoughts on “Freaky Friday….

    1. Actually not at all! Most are as uncomfortable as any other man or boy in the locker room. It is very important that we challenge pre-conceived notions. They are no more homosexual or bi-sexual than the women who enjoy such things sluts or whores. Sexuality is one of our greatest expressions of individuality and should always be respected.

      1. Yeah,of course sexuality should be respected. My point is that men who like to share their girlfriends with other men is quite…creepy…I guess. But maybe those girls are just slut and asked men doing that to her. I saw a Spanish movie which has talked about the love between a girl and two guys. The girl loved both of the guys and so do the guys. Plus,the guys were also in love. Love between homo and heterosexual. And this was the only possible reason I could have to explain the relationship between 2 guys and a girl. Or,no love,just sex.

      2. I find this offensive and an anathema to the very purpose of this blog which is to encourage acceptance of all forms of love I will NOT tolerate homophobia or slut shaming here ever.

  1. @My wonderland: Are you saying it’s creepy only with 2 men and a woman? That is the crux of the problem is that it is deemed less bizarre when it’s 2 women and a man (although slut-shaming comes into play in this scenario). Different people have different things that rock their boats, and it’s probably more common than society cares to admit (and only recently slowly coming to be recognised, as exemplified by consistent adaptations of the DSM, a reference for the professionals in the mental health and psychiatric community).

  2. To be clear to everyone…this blog is about challenging dogmatic and limited perceptions about human sexuality that no longer serve a useful purpose in our post-modern society. While I appreciate dialogue and comments, that does not extend to discriminatory or the very types of bigoted thinking that I am fighting against. No homophobia. No slut shaming. No hating. Period. I will use the unapprove/block button when necessary to stop such things…and I am damned close to doing so here.

    The title of my contribution to this boxed set is Nothing Done In Love for a reason. I truly believe in the philosophy of Kaitlin’s off-beat guru mother Joy…

    Nothing Done In LOVE Can Ever Be Wrong.

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