The Sensitive Dom…

No, I did not say the sensual one. I said the SENSITIVE DOM. At first these two words may seem like oxymorons. Incompatible. Out of sync. That truly loving, sensitive and sweet boyfriend. You know girls, the geeky one that you probably friend zoned in high school, college, your whole fuckin’ 20s…and most of your 30s too. The one that was always there to listen to you complain about your ‘bad boy.’ The shoulder that you cried on dozens of times. Mister Stability. Well, here’s a secret…there just might be a Super Dom hiding behind Clark’s nerdy glasses, bumbling mishaps and sweet smiles.

KingSensitive Doms are the total package. The boyfriend that keeps listening to all your woes. He is not too proud to admit when he is wrong, to apologize. He realizes the power of the words…I am sorry. Hell, he even knows the words…I love you. And uses them…OFTEN. He will text you when he is too busy to call, because he wants to say them. And when he does, you can even hear it in his voice, he fucking means it. He is not just saying it to shut you up.

You know why? Cause he has other ways of shutting you the fuck up (usually when you have been knocking yourself again). That same sweet, gentle voice drops two octaves, it gets breath and each word is said so slowly that you can almost feel the periods at the end of them. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Woman. It is a total and complete mind fuck too. Because everything changes. Your nipples get hard. Your pussy gets wet. You drop your eyes automatically. And the words, “Yes, Sir,” just magically slip from your throat. Your world tilts and everything else fades away.

Never mistake his gentle exterior, never think he is a pushover. He is not. When you cross the line, you will know it. When you need correcting, you will get it. When you need him to take control, you need only ask. When you need protecting, he’s got that one too. And you can trust him totally and completely, because you know he would rather be in pain than hurt you…well, except for the good kind at the end of his belt…paddle…or bare hand.

King 2Then he will fuck your ass (yes, literally) like the dirty little slut you are. Because you are HIS dirty whore and when he says those words in that voice, you can almost come (hell, us lucky ones do). Nothing has ever felt so safe, secure or right. And you know you are one lucky bitch to be His queen.

Oh yes, I see those ads all the time…Looking for a princess by day and slut by night. He is the male version of that…Prince Charming by day and bad boy by night. So, keep your übers, the strong silent types. They are all yours. Give me a gaming nerd with sweet smile, gentle heart and heavy spanking hand any time. That Dom voice, that ‘be good, woman’ look are all the more powerful because he does not need to use them all the time. He knows who he is and is comfortable in his skin. Be that Prince Charming or Sensitive Dom…it is a lethal combination for a girl’s heart. The best…

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