Missing me?

No need for the Mommy voice as I call it this weekend.
No need for the Mommy voice as I call it this weekend.

Wondering what dirty, naughty things I been getting up to?

Well this was my first PanKwake FREE weekend since last November. Her dad actually took her to his girlfriend’s for the weekend. Despite a couple of frantic calls, everyone survived. It was really nice too, having a quiet house all to myself. I could actually make noise when I…well, if you are reading my books I think you can figure out that for yourself.

But besides HOT cyber sex with Mister Sensitive Dom, I had plans and goals. I had wanted to get the WHOLE house clean and 10,000 words written on the short story for anthology…and re-writes of Ægir’s Captive…now re-named Njord’s Captive. I managed to get 9,249 words written and everything clean EXCEPT the Pink Palace (PanKwake’s bedroom).

That is me though…always setting goals that are just beyond my reach. I follow the old saying…

shoot for the stars and you just might make the moon. I feel pretty good…I made the moon this time for sure. Onwards and upwards with more writing tomorrow.

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