Strangest Place That You Ever…

Yesterday, I announced that I had released my debut full-length novel, The Arrangement. Part of the blurb alludes to some of the non-traditional places they make love (is there such a thing?). Kitchen counter tops, shower and IN a lake among them. It got me to thinking…what was the most unusual?

Mine, you ask? Hold on to your horse. A stone slab on top of an ancient Aztec pyramid in Cancun, Mexico. Oddly and appropriately enough with the very man upon whom Jill’s first husband was modeled. It was 1984 and like Jill I had decided to travel the world. A ‘hippie’ friend of mine, who had done just that before settling down with her very straight-laced military husband, suggested Cancan as the first stop. I quit my job, hopped a plane and began my adventure.

About a week into my adventure, I was spending the day on the beach near the Hilton. I was chatting at the bar with this very nice but older British army sergeant. Suddenly this tall, dark Adonis with military short haircut that curled at the end and laughing brown eyes arose from the waves laughing. My breath froze in my lungs as he started walking towards me. Then my face fell as he looked at his friend and said, “How bout a fag, mate?” At the time, I did not know ‘British.’ Fag meant only one thing back then to me…gay. I was so happy that day to learn my first British word for cigarette.

Of course, being young, the sexual chemistry between us was that immature sort. We ended up arguing about everything, right down to which had more military significance…the American Civil War or the War of the Roses. We arranged to go out dancing as group that night, except when it came time his sergeant had a ‘headache.’ We kept right on arguing. Right up until the moment that these two older Canadian women started to come on to David. I decided to up the ante then. And like in the story, I dragged his very hot ass onto the dance floor and seduced him to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out for a Hero.’ By the time the next slow song came on, the Canadian women had disappeared, looking for fresh pry…and David was mine. We ended that night making love for the first time on the beach with the waves crashing about us. But trust me that one is highly overrated. It takes days to get the sand out of your bits.

Not 100% sure this is the same one...but I think so.
Not 100% sure this is the same one…but I think so

But that was just the beginning of three unforgettable weeks. And the beach was not even the most unusual. Not far from the Hilton, which became ‘our’ hang out, is a half destroyed Aztec pyramid. The back side, which faces onto the beach, had been eroded by time until it makes a damned fine climbing wall. Whatever was I thinking following him up the damned thing without even a safety rope? Young love! We cased it during the day and when we got to the top, sure enough there was a 3 foot by 4 foot stone slab about two or three feet high right in the middle. He whispered that it was where they sacrificed the virgins.

If that was not bad enough, we came back that night. Climbed that cliff, I went first this time…so he could catch me if I lost my footing…gentleman that he was. We got to the top…and oh yes… The ‘almost’ virgin was more than thoroughly sacrificed to the gods and goddesses of love and lust as we made love under the moon with the hotel pool just below us. And the whole time, we were both getting off to the whole ‘virgin sacrifice’ fantasy. And I was truly, madly, deeply for the very first time in my life at 19.

Unlike Jill and her David, ours was not the happy ending with almost twenty years of love and kink and four sons…but that is the beauty of being a writer, I can live vicariously through my characters. But that is my strangest, what is yours? Do I have any mile-high club members?

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