7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #5

Getting even more controversial here, folks, with today’s…

Nipple — Most people recognize that stimulating the erogenous zones on and around the breast can heighten sexual pleasure. But few scientists would give serious credence to nipple stimulation alone being sufficient to achieve orgasm.

I admit that as addicted as I am to nipple stimulation to achieve a clitoral orgasm I have rarely experienced this type apart from any other. But given the wide range of human sexual responses, it is possible that some women with particularly sensitive nipples and breasts may do so.

The few experiences that I have had with this type of orgasm occurred most frequently when I was pregnant or lactating. So ladies, take this as a license to explore your sexuality more during these blessed fruitful times.

Plastic covers are like training wheels...when you get to be a big girl...you can take the teeth.
Plastic covers are like training wheels…when you get to be a big girl…you can take the teeth.

Oh…no spoilers for Ægir’s Bride…well, more likely…Book 3…Ægir’s Bride

Of course…if you throw in a set of these…or strong earth magnets…then that is a whole other story…as Kirsty is sure to find out at some point…soon? Life certainly is more interesting with toys…wonder what all Bjorn did manage to put in that pirate’s chest of booty…

You will just have to wait and see I suppose. Don’t forget the fiction side of all this is Ægir’s Captive (Non-Consent) and Ægir’s Bride (BDSM) at Literotica.

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