7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #1

Since I am on a roll with the whole debunking myths thing, I thought I would pull out something I wrote many years ago at Literotica under that ‘other’ nom de plume. And it works perfectly for a series this week since there are seven types of female orgasms. I will admit that my thoughts have changed on some of them over time…especially number 6…but you will just have to wait to hear about that.

I will say that I cannot take credit for the ideas within this article. I first learned of these theories over a decade ago in one of those Cosmo articles about super sex. I have since done several on-line searches to locate it, but with no luck yet. So I have taken that article as I remember it and combined it with personal experience to bring you something which I hope will be informative and helpful.


It is a subject that science has long debated. It is also a subject that has proven worrisome for many women and men. It is the female orgasm. Since 1957 when Masters and Johnson began their controversial work with human sexual response, we have learned many things about the female sexual response. But science is still divided on many of the things mentioned here. Some scientists continue to insist that the only manner in which a female can reach orgasm is through the clitoris. Others give credence to the elusive G-spot named or Gräfenberg spot, named after the man who ‘discovered’ it. This articles intent is to offer a variety of theories and perhaps hope to women, who may have thought themselves incapable of orgasming (and the men who love them).

1) Clitoris – Let’s begin with the obvious, the one that all scientist agree upon, the clitoral orgasm. This most common type of female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is the female equivalent of a male’s penis head, and is highly sensitive to stimulation. As women become aroused their clitoris swells up with blood, becomes more sensitive and at the same time it retracts under its clitoral hood. With enough stimulation through pressure, rubbing, or a vibrator, the ultra-sensitive clitoris will cause the release of an orgasm. Or that’s what science tells us.

From a practical standpoint, this is the easiest for most women to achieve perhaps because the clitoris itself is easily found. (Well for some of us, girls anyway…no road maps Lewis & Clark…hidden behind the labia above the vagina is all I am saying…more fun for you to go exploring yourself folks.) Some women prefer indirect contact by massaging the clitoral hood, while others can enjoy direct clitoral stimulation. The best advice is always to experiment, alone or with your partner.

I recommend that women take the time to get to know their bodies intimately. You cannot and should not expect your lovers to know how to make you come…if you cannot do it for yourself first. One simple way of doing this is to lie back naked on your bed with one of those magnifying makeup mirrors between your legs. Open the labial lips and actually look at your clitoris and vagina. Then spending some time touching and exploring what feels good and what does not.

If you are brave enough then the challenge is to watch yourself in the mirror as you orgasm. It can be shocking how strongly those inner lips and muscles contract during an orgasm; imagine what that must feel like wrapped around your partner’s cock. Feel the power of womanhood? Pussy power rocks!

Honestly, while I have been ‘masturbating’ most of my life, it was not until I was nineteen and no longer a virgin that I discovered my own ‘love button.’ Up until then, it had been rubbing my thighs together or against pillows…or my favorite hairbrush. But after watching THAT movie, I also bought a book…which I can no longer find in print either…Your Erogenous Zones.

I do not even remember the author’s name just that he was the cheesiest version of an aging 70s macho man you have ever seen…fake tan, white silk shirt unbuttoned half way to his navel, hairy chest with a huge gold chain and amulet…and a friggin’ PhD of all things. What the fuck? I do though wish I could find the damned thing…I would so buy it. But that little trick with the mirror…was his idea. And boy does it work.

It totally revolutionized my ‘lone-lone’ time. My hairbrush went back to the bathroom where it belonged. And to this day, I almost never use a dildo or insertion when I masturbate. (Not that I don’t own them…just that I only pull them out when I have ‘company’ over.)

Bob (Battery Operated Boyfriend)...he might be shite at cuddles, but for a nice quickie few lovers can compete. And no head games either...
Bob (Battery Operated Boyfriend)…he might be shite at cuddles, but for a nice quickie few lovers can compete. And no head games either…

A tiny word of caution about vibrators though, ladies. While there is no scientific research (hell, we all know there is blessedly little on the subject at all…and mostly from the male perspective) I have known several of my female friends who rely almost exclusively upon their vibrator…a bullet or a Hitachi…to get them there. The danger with this approach is that you condition your body to require that level of artificial stimulation then it often becomes more difficult for you or a lover to do so manually or orally. Not that I do not have a very pretty golden bullet under the pillow next to me (a Christmas present from my adult daughter…remember I told you the other day about my ‘fucked’ family), but just that I mix things up. Sometimes I use it and more often than not it is merely my own fingers that get me there.

One other thing I will add about the clitoral orgasm…I do believe that these like their male counter part most closely resemble that traditional sexual cycle of long, slow build up to a brief burst of pleasure. Then followed by a prolonged ‘refractory’ or recovery period. In other words…with this one I am not truly ‘multi-orgasmic’…or I would not have thought so until a couple of days ago.

That is not the case with tomorrow’s though…

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