Meet the In-Laws…

True beauty is ageless...
True beauty is ageless…

Petrine (Rachel), the rock, is a child of the sixties. Her earliest memories are of the hippie commune in Northern California where her parents raised her. So free love with four hot fisherman was not as much as problem for her morals as the idea of permanence…staying in one place. But then again the guys always had plenty of rope lying around. Her sage wisdom comes from a life time of experience, love, and the juxtaposition of her parent’s hippie lifestyle and summers spent with her maternal grandparents and their Pentecostal church. The only thing that she is certain of is…true love will find a way. So she holds tight to her memories of the men, who she loved deeply and loved her in return…and the one she still has. She wants nothing less than that for her boys. Oh, there are a few surprises about this remarkable woman that I am not going to reveal…just yet…

Olaf shares more in common with his son Mikael than either wants to admit. He too was stuck in the middle, second mate to big brother Stig. For decades, he just sorOlaft of got lost among the rest with his brothers sometimes stronger personality. Stig’s rules, Andres’ humor, and Lars’ intelligence. He was simply the steady one, the best friend you turn to when you are mad or hurt. Then one by one they were gone. He misses his brothers just as much as his Rachel does but there is a hell of a lot of life left to be lived. If he can just get his

woman out of the past and away from the Holding that is holding her back. If he can help her see that they are not ‘her boys’ anymore. He is hoping this pretty young thing they have brought home will find the strength and courage that his woman once did to make this house into a home…especially for the son he loves, even when he wants to take him out back and teach him a lesson…and the granddaughter that stole his old heart…just like that auburn haired beauty did so very, very long ago.

Silence drowns out the noise.
Silence drowns out the noise.

Monika is a bit lost in her own world right now. But that is because the real one is too loud, smells funny, tastes funny, has lights that are too bright and everything feels itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable. She needs to just run, spin, climb and jump. That is the only time she feels connected. These people that care for her, love her, there are just so many ‘no’ it is hard sometimes to remember them all. She loves them anyway, she just cannot figure out how to show them that. And at times…it all is just too much for a little girl…and she just erupts. She does not mean to. She is not being naughty. She is just terribly, horribly lost, alone and afraid…in a world that does not understand her any more than she understands it. But she knows one thing…this new lady that Daddy, Sven and Bjorn brought home…she likes her.

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