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This woman isn’t anything like he expected. So, why does that intrigue him even more?

Hard Lessons

Some lessons hard to learn. I just wish others didn’t have to go through what I have to learn them….


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13 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Tara: Your stories are incredible. I have been anxiously waiting for the next chapter in any of the plots. I keep trying to make something of your tease about James Tyler., But, while frustrated over not new chapters I went back to Lit. to see some of your other stories and reread one of favorites and the first of yours that I read. And it hit me! I always that story had more to come…………..

    Your are a gift.

    1. So, Richard, you caught on about J. T. Tyler? Just wait. And good news…I started the next chapter this morning. It is Stacey & Reb in Goodbye Earl. I am hoping to post it by Thursday, maybe Friday. And to finish up editing and posting the rest of My One this week too.

    1. Mike is where Sebida all began. And yes, he and Esther need to come back there and take over that house in the middle of town, where it all began. But he’s got a few more stops to make first. Fingers crossed I get unblocked this year and have the opportunity to finish Homes for Heroes. Keep pestering me.

  2. Do you.plan on posting more of Right Fitting Jeans on Lit???
    Excellent story that could continue for a long time.

    1. I no longer publish anything on Lit due to harassment. The completion of Tight Fittin’ is part of the Trouble Texas Style series. It is now complete and available to read here free.

  3. I found your tales on Literotica and followed you here. Thank you for your wonderful talent of making your readers fall in love with your characters and their stories.

  4. I too followed you here from Lit… I love your stories, the characters seem so real! You are a true story teller; which in my opinion is the best compliment t

  5. oops… don’t know what happened there. To finish what I was trying to say… it’s the best compliment that one can give an Author.

  6. I have read a few of your stories on Lit. I understand you leaving and you are not alone in that. Denham Forrest is one whom comes to mind. He does also post on storiesonline.

    Is Fall of Man complete? The trip to Iowa should offer quite a bit of opportunity for your fertile mind and doubtlessly entertain us.

    Thanks for your efforts


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