Chapter 6 – Mercy’s V-Card

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It was not that Will did not want Mercy. He did. More than he had ever wanted any woman. But here? Now?

As odd as it might seem, even to him, that after just a few hours in her presence, he knew – he loved her. Caleb Jefferson King Williams loved Mercedes Reynolds. He drew back reluctantly from those sweet lips. His hands cupped her face as his gaze met hers. He could read the need in those innocent eyes. This was a stupid idea; his woman could not hide her emotions worth a damned. They had no business going to Torreon.

“What’s your middle name?” Somehow he managed to force the words out. He was not certain how, given that her hands had pulled his t-shirt from those fucking-too-tight leathers, and her fingers were already trailing up his abs towards his chest. But if he released his hold on her face, then she would go back to those mind-numbing kisses.

And if he was going to do this, here, now, with the woman he loved, dammit, he at least wanted to know, “Your middle name, Mercy?”

Those hands stilled for a moment, just beneath his heart that was beating much, much too fast. She shook her head, “Reba. After Mama’s favorite singer. But why the hell does it matter?”

“Because if I’m fucking making love to you in a run-down barn in the middle of nowhere, the least I want to know is your full name.”

She smiled, and those fingers came to rest right over that pounding. He lost control as she bent closer to him. Surprisingly, though, this kiss landed on his cheek rather than his lips. More surprisingly, he was not even disappointed.

“Mercedes Reba Reynolds. My sisters are Garcia-Reynolds, but with me, Mama did not bother. I was born at six-fifty-two p.m. on June third. I ain’t telling you the year, and you better not ask. It ain’t polite. I came ten weeks early. Mama blames herself; thinks it was the stress of his immigration hearing and her parents. I tell her it was because I ain’t got no patience.”

She leaned her head against his and smiled, “That was an incredibly sweet thing to say, Will. But if you don’t shut the fuck up, I’m gonna figure out some way of tying you up and taking what I want. Us, red neck women are both stubborn, impatient, and bossy. Get used to it.”

Mercy matched actions to words as she jerked his jacket from his shoulders, effectively imprisoning his arms and hands as she pushed him back on to the stack of hay. But he did not protest when she reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head.

Damn, the girl had good taste in lingerie. That black scrap of lace, if you could even call it a bra, barely contained the most magnificent pair of tits Will had ever seen. He struggled to get his hands out of the tight cuffs of his jacket.

Her hand landed firmly in the center of his chest as she held him down. “Did I say you could touch? Look, don’t touch.” The fingers of her other hand reached between them as she cupped his throbbing cock, “If you’re good, I might even let you taste.”

His heart pounded harder as she shifted in his lap. Maybe he could have or should have, taken the opportunity to remove the leather jacket that imprisoned him. Still, he was simply too stunned to do anything more than lay back against that stale straw and stare as Mercy stood up and slowly peeled those skin-tight jeans down legs that were way too long for such a short chick.

Damn, the woman; she knew just the buttons to push too. Keeping her back to him as she shucked her jeans, his eyes remained glued to an ass that was almost as nice as those tits. This girl had curves. Nice ones too. Not fake from a surgeon, or crafted by a personal trainer in a gym, but all sweet womanhood, almost enough to make him believe once more in the good lord.

And Will was insanely jealous of the string of black lace that followed the deep groove in her round bottom. He would much prefer to sleep with his cock nestled between those round, porcelain globes.

When she turned back around with that sexy smile, she reached behind her, and before Will could figure out what was happening, he wore that scrap of black lace on his head. “If you aren’t a good boy, I’ll use that as a gag.”

Her fingers ran beneath the thin strip of lace on the side of her hips as those eyes that looked anything but innocent at the moment challenged him. “Come to think of it; perhaps this would make a better gag.” She pushed that minuscule piece of nothing down those legs and stepped out of them.

Will’s eyes never faltered from that mostly bare, pink, and glistening flesh at the top of those legs. “If you want to gag me, I can think of something far better. Get that sexy ass over here and ride my face.”

It was Will’s kink. Eating pussy. He had played the trumpet since elementary school. It had not taken him long, once he became sexually active, to realize that those same skills, strong tongue, and the ability to hold his breath, could set him apart as a lover. Hell, he loved pleasuring women as much or more than getting off himself.

And especially this one. The need to taste her was intense. Primal and overpowering. “Plant that sweet cunt on my face, sweetheart,” he pleaded like a man crawling from the desert and dying of thirst.

It wasn’t far off. Since joining the feds, Will had not had time for women or sex. Hell, more than anything, he realized, he had grown tired of the casual fucks. What was the point when he could stroke one off easier, quicker, and with much less hassle than involving some woman who, no matter what she said, usually wanted more than he could give.

At least until this one. He watched her slowly walk closer. She was biting that nail again. Where had his confident siren of a moment before gone? Maybe no guy had ever gone there with her. It always shocked him at how common that was. Guys had no problem demanding that a woman suck their cocks, even wanting them to swallow. But too many did not see the need to reciprocate.

Fuck that; Will had always thought suffocating while between a woman’s legs was the perfect way to go. Especially if it was her. “Come on, baby,” he pleaded as he watched her studying the dirt floor. “I promise I’ll make it really good for you.”

Standing there, butt ass naked, Mercy wondered what the hell she was doing? Hell, from the time she was six and Laura stopped bathing her, she was almost sure she had never been entirely naked around anyone. She was that girl in high school gym class that refused to shower after class. She just sort of wiped off and got dressed in pieces. Top first, so that it would cover the private bits when she took off those ugly gym shorts.

And the closest she had come to sex, other than that one time in college when that jerk would not let her out of the car until she at least…

Well, her only other real experience was that once in high school, when she had spent the night at Lizzie’s. They had all been reading bodice rippers and talking about sex. She and her best friends. Playacting their favorite Mertrice Biggs book. Being the bold one, she had taken on the role of hero. When they got to that part in the book, she had grabbed Lizzie, and french kissed her, even going so far as to feel up her tits while Abby Jean looked on.

But the Vestal virgins never talked about that one time. After Lizzie insisted that Abby Jean play the heroine next, they had all agreed sex must be better with a real guy. Yet, none of them had taken that plunge.

Less than a handful of years later, Lizzie had become too burdened with running the restaurant and caring for her three younger half-siblings after that drunk driver had killed her mother and step-father.

Abby Jean was the youngest and most idealistic of them all. The girl had a major crush on Jack. Jack of all people. So, none of the other boys had ever stood a chance.

And her? Well, she could not blame either too many responsibilities or idealism, not really. The truth was that no matter how many of those romances she read or wrote or the porn she watched, Mercedes Reba Reynolds was scared. Frightened of intimacy.

Looking at him, her sexy-as-fuck city boy leaning back into that bed of hay, she still was. What if it was not as good as her books? Or he promised? What if she freaked out? What if those memories came back? What if he did nothing more for her than Lizzie or Abby Jean had?

She bit her fingernail again. She always had when she was nervous, ever since…

That was not entirely fair. It was not only Lizzie, Abby Jean, and Jack that she had kissed, but a half dozen or so guys in college and even that lawyer she had dated briefly. None of their kisses had gotten her hot and bothered as he did. Hell, more hot and bothered than any ‘book boyfriend.’

No, she had made up her mind. If she did not take this chance now, she really might never get another one. Or worse…

She bit down harder on her nail, but how? How did she? She was much more prepared for fellatio. She had studied those videos carefully. Research for her writing, she had called it at those times when Mama worked the night shift. But she could not remember any of the videos having that…

As if he sensed her dilemma, Will smiled. “Come on; it’s easy, sweetheart. Just sit on my handsome face.”

“Handsome? Arrogant is more like it.” But it was enough; whether it had been his intent or not, those words broke through her insecurities just enough to get her moving. “What if I…” She could not even bring herself to say the words.

“You are tiny, sweetheart. You couldn’t hurt me if you tried. Just sit that sexy ass on my chest. Bring that pretty pussy to my lips. Then close your eyes and feel up those sweet titties, since I’m kind of tied up at the moment.”

Was it as simple as he said? Like one of the recipes from the internet or those old cookbooks from the library that she sometimes tried.

Only one way to find out as she straddled his shoulders. Mercy was careful to grab the cross beam on the wall above his head with one hand. She was not as petite as he said. The scales made certain she knew that every Monday morning. She did not want to crush him.

As she closed her eyes, she tried desperately to calm her nerves. Think happy thoughts. Remember all those hot romances. But never, not once, in those hundreds of books that she read had the heroine… Not this way. Ride his face, he had called it.

Mercy inhaled deeply; she could do this. She leaned closer to his face just a bit as she brought her other arm across her body to cup and knead her breast.

She had been masturbating almost since she found Mama’s stash of Mertrice Biggs, Raquel Graffen, Lude Marvouz, and Polly Ann Chinsey porn for women. One thing she had learned straight off the bat, she could not come without nipple play.

“That’s right, baby girl. Next time, I get to feel up those tits as you come all over my face.”

The image of his words in her mind was nothing compared to the feel of his tongue as he buried it between the lips of her cunt. Mercy sucked in a deep breath and moaned. This guy did not need a map to find her clitoris as she had heard so many women complain. He went straight at it, licking, sucking, and even gently biting it.

But damn him, just when she was about to do like he said and come on his face, Will shifted beneath her. His movement forced her forward more onto her knees. He took the chance to lick her thoroughly from the top of her slit to her…

Then he made his way back the other direction. Mercy pinched her nipple harder, anticipating his tongue on another hard nub, but damn him, he denied her again. This time he pointed that incredible tongue and used it like a cock to fuck her virgin pussy. Mercy practically fell forward against the wall. She hoped like hell it was not as rickety as it looked, that it would hold under her full weight. Damn, that should not feel so good.

So, when his tongue grazed back to her clit, Mercy was already on edge. And when he suckled it between those lips, his tongue encircling it at the same time. Mercy flew. Higher than she ever had. Stars did not come close to the nebula into which she spun out of control, gravitating towards the black hole ahead.

Her head was spinning so fast that she did not even realize at first that they had switched positions. Now she lay on her back among the straw, and his dark, handsome face, so tight with an intensity that was both frightening and empowering, loomed over her. His lips met hers, and she tasted herself on them.

Her hands gripped his shoulders to steady herself for a moment. But this was far from over. She trailed one hand down his shoulders and along his side until she managed to wedge it between them. She fumbled with the button on his leather pants. She hesitated over the zipper, what if she…

But Will must have gotten the message because his hand joined hers. He took care of the zipper as she pushed and tugged them and whatever he wore beneath over that tight ass. Then before she could think, he was inside her. Mercy cried out, and Will froze. His cock buried to the hilt in her no-longer-virgin cunt.

She looked away; she wanted to die of embarrassment. She had no idea. She had been using tampons since she was thirteen. She rode bikes, ATVs, and did splits as a cheerleader. She even masturbated, granted she stuck to her bullets direct on the clit. But still, that should not have been there.

Mercy did a quick analysis as she shifted her hips beneath him. Okay, so it didn’t hurt anymore. But damn, it was tight in there. She was definitely feeling the burn and not in her thighs on a stair master either. That was a muscle she was not accustomed to using.

His words brought her quickly back to reality. “Mercy? What the fuck was that?”

She laughed at his outrage, and his cock somehow went deeper, “City boy, if you have to ask, I ain’t telling.”

Will tried to pull back, but she was having none of that. “Damage is done now. So, if you don’t mind, shut up and fuck me.” Her arms laced about his neck. The confused and pained look on his face was almost comical.

But Mercy knew only one way of handling things that made her uncomfortable, and that was to brashly take control of the situation, “Finish what you started, city boy.”

She lifted her hips and slowly circled them. She smiled at the low moan that movement elicited from his throat like that old wound dog they once tried to save behind the diner. Mercy did it again, this time a bit bolder as she pulled his face down towards hers. She lifted her head and captured those kiss-ass-able lips as she found some rhythm that magical seemed to dance in her soul.

Will moaned into her mouth as his tongue and cock caught the tempo of her music. And sweet Mary, mother of god, did that boy know how that dance went. This time Mercy hurtled right past that nebula and into the middle of that black hole. The only thing she had to cling to was those incredibly broad shoulders. She felt him trembling, or was that her? Those moans were most definitely sung in perfect harmony as together they found heaven or the closest damned thing to it.

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