My One

Jaycee Riley is focused on just one thing – survival. Growing up in foster care left her feeling unloveable. Her turbulent marriage and bitter divorce from one of Texas’s top civil rights attorneys only reaffirmed that. Her only solace is her daughter, but the child’s health problems mar even that blessing. She certainly does not have time or any interest in men. Until she walks into a Houston courtroom and meets…

Rex Ranger has always been ‘different.’ The blond All-American good looks that he inherited from his father belies the Native American heritage that runs deeply through his veins and heart. The ‘gifts’ that were his legacy from his maternal grandfather’s Comanche bloodlines came at a high price. He has always known this day would come. The season when he must find his One or become the monster of legends, devoid of all honor and humanity. So when Jaycee steps into that courtroom, he knows…

No matter what life throws at them, they must find the courage and strength to face it – together. But can Rex convince Jaycee that relying upon a man is not a sign of weakness? Especially when his life and soul are forever in her hands. He knows that it’s gonna take time to convince her that she can depend on him. But…

Time is the one thing that isn’t on their side. Something is hunting them. Something evil is lurking in wait. And maybe the only thing bigger than the Hill Country skies is the Trouble Texas Style that’s coming for them.

Chapter 1 – Finding Fate
Chapter 2 – Fighting the Feelings
Chapter 3 – Blessings
Chapter 4 – Dropping the Guard
Chapter 5 – Trouble Begins
Chapter 6 – Darkest Night
Chapter 7 – Special Gifts
Chapter 8 – Mumbo Jumbo
Chapter 9 – Their Moment Comes
Chapter 10 – The Plan
Chapter 11 – Confronting the Past
Chapter 12 – Evil Unveiled
Chapter 13 – Never Ends
Chapter 14 – Closing Circles
Chapter 15 – Finding Home

Download in PDF format.

2 thoughts on “My One

  1. Imagine my surprise at finding Ester and Sgt. Mike right in the middle of the story of Jaycee and Rex.
    Seems chapter 6 has shown up in the wrong story.
    Love all your stories, and hope to read the corrected chapter.

    1. Thank you. My apologies. It’s corrected now. And I discovered I don’t have the edited Word file. Argh! Just the PDF. Whatever was I thinking?

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