Trouble Texas Style

One small Texas town…
A crooked sheriff…
Corporate corruption…
Mexican cartels…

Five couples whose lives and stories are forever entwined in…

Before the storm…

Jaycee Riley is trying to rebuild her life and career after a bitter divorce – while caring for her sick child. She has no time for men. Until the day she walks into the courthouse and meets…

Rex Ranger has waited a lifetime for the one woman who can push back the darkness that is the other side of his ‘gifts.’

When she walks into the courtroom, their lives will never be the same. Can Rex convince Jaycee to have faith in love, him, and his ‘mumbo jumbo?’ Or will Trouble Texas Style destroy them?

My One is the prequel to #TroubleTexasStyle. It is highly recommended that you read it first. It is now available to read online or download in PDF format.

Sebida, Texas called them ‘trailer trash,’

Or worse…

But Stacey Reynolds did whatever it took to raise her three daughters in this spiteful little town. This preacher’s disgraced daughter made loads of mistakes that fed the town gossips for years. And at fifty-eight, she’s way too old to find happiness now, but there’s still hope for her girls…

Laura Reynolds thought happiness was Sebida, TX in her rearview mirror. She fought hard to get to the top of a Fortune 500 company. Until the life she had spent almost two decades building was ripped away from her, by her one-night stand. Now, she’s back with a not-so-little-secret…

Mercy Reynolds leds a double life. By day she is the thirty-two year old virgin librarian of Sebida. But by night, she writes hot, trashy romances. Too bad she’s never found a man that makes her as hot as those ‘book boyfriends.’ Until she shoots the ‘good’ sheriff, and her dark knight on a Ducati Scrambler whisks her off her feet…

Cassie McBride hadn’t even heard of Sebida, but her Texas roots went deep. She might have been a disappointment to both her parents and her husband of almost two decades, but she’d always tried to make the best of things. But she would always treasure the sweet memory of the one night she’d been, ‘just a good ole’ boy’s girl.’ That memory and her daughter were all she had now that her husband had brought them all…



To make it easier to find new chapters and follow our story, I am reorganizing the stories into roughly chronological chapters. These are NOT perfectly chronological as they remain in the longer chapter blocks from when it was four different books. So, please ignore any chapters numbers that appear on the page. They are no longer relevant. Someone is working on editing it all into true chronological order. Hopefully, by the time I am finished this story, I will have that ready for you.

Millionaire’s Dream (New Orleans, 15 years ago)
Plan Z (London, 9 months ago)
Walk of Shame (London, 9 months ago)
Stand By Your Man (Week 1, Sunday, 9 a.m. Chad’s ranch in East Tx.)
Breeding Business (Week 1, Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Chad’s ranch)
Her Eyes Are Wilson Green (Week 1, Sunday, 10 a.m. Chad’s ranch)
Gaslighter, Big Timer (Week 1, Sunday, noon Chad’s ranch)
Surprise Texas Style (Week 1, Sunday, 5 p.m. Sebida, Tx.)
Roses and Thorns (Week 1, Sunday, 7 p.m. Chad’s ranch)
The Mother-In-Law Texas Style (Week 1, Sunday, 9 p.m. Sebida, Tx.)
Old Friends and Memories (Week 1, Monday, just after midnight Sebida, Tx.)
Kiss an Angel Good Morning (Week 1, Monday, 5 a.m. Chad’s ranch)
Justice Is For The Stronger (Week 1, Monday, 8 a.m. Chad’s ranch)
Team Building (Week 1, Monday, 10 a.m. Sebida, Tx.)
Blood of Patriots and Tyrants (Week 1, Monday, 2 p.m. Houston federal building & Sebida County library)
Never Let Them See You Cry (Week 1, Monday, 3:30 p.m. Sebida)
I Shot the Sheriff (Week 1, Monday, 3:45 p.m. Sebida County library)
Big News (Week 1, Monday, 6 p.m. Chad’s ranch)
Of All the Cornfields in Bumfuck (Week 1, Monday, 5:30 p.m. a cornfield in Bumfuck, Tx.)
Honest Answers (Week 1, Monday, 6 p.m. a cornfield in Bumfuck, Tx.)
Trust No One (Week 1, Monday, 7 p.m. Jack’s Casino near Sebida)
Exhibit A (Week 1, Monday, 8 p.m. Grandfather’s ranch, Hill Country, Tx.)
Whipped By Life (Week 1, Monday, 8 p.m. Jack’s Casino near Sebida)
Rest for the Weary (Week 1, Monday, 10 p.m. Grandfather’s ranch)
Behind Closed Doors (Week 1, Tuesday, 1 a.m. Chad’s ranch)
Never Be Clean (Week 1, Tuesday, 4 a.m. cheap motel in East Tx.)
More Than Morning Breath (Week 1, Tuesday, 6 a.m. Grandfather’s)
Family History (Week 1, Tuesday, 6 a.m. a barn in Nowhere, Tx.)
Mercy’s V-Card (Week 1, Tuesday, 7:45 a.m. a barn in Nowhere, Tx.)
Depositions (Week 1, Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. Grandfather’s ranch)
Why? (Week 1, Tuesday, 9:15 a.m. a barn in Nowhere, Tx.)
Where’s My Hellion (Week 1, Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. cheap motel in East Tx.)
Hard Biscuit to Swallow (Week 1, Tuesday, 11 a.m. Chad’s ranch)
Losing Is Not An Option (Week 1, Tuesday, noon Grandfather’s)
We Have To Stop Meeting Like This (Week 1, Wednesday, noon a small town just across the Mexican border)
Frenemies (Week 1, Wednesday, 3 p.m. Houston, Tx. U.S. Attorney’s Office)
Familia (Week 1, Wednesday, 6 p.m. the Garcia compound outside of Torreon, Mexico)
We’re Here (Week 1, Thursday, 4 a.m. Agartha near Sedona, Az.)
Relieve the Pressure (Week 1, Thursday, 6 a.m. Grandfather’s ranch)
Illusions (Week 1, Thursday, 8 a.m. Agartha near Sedona, Az.)
Paradise Lost (Week 1, Thursday, 9 a.m. Agartha near Sedona, Az.)
Sacred Places (Week 1, Thursday, noonish Agartha near Sedona, Az.)
What Are We (Week 1, Friday, early hours of the morning the desert near Agartha)
Living a Lie (Week 5, Monday evening/Tuesday early morning Chad’s ranch)
Don’t Make It Right (Week 5, Tuesday night the Garcia compound)
Whatever It Takes (Week 5, Wednesday morning – Somewhere on Highway 59 north of Houston and South of Nacogdoches)
Weirder Day (Week 5, Wednesday morning, Garcia hacienda outside of Torreon, Mexico)
Gamer Girl Troubles (Week 5, Wednesday noonish – Chad’s ranch in East Texas)
The ‘Perfect’ Wife (Week 5, Wednesday noonish, Garcia compound near Torreon, Mexico)
Girl Talk (Week 5, Wednesday lunch time – Grandfather’s ranch)
Sacrificial Lamb (Week 5, Wednesday noonish – Chad’s ranch in East Texas)
No Shangrila (Week 5, Wednesday 1 PM, Agartha, Arizona)
Who Can You Trust (Week 5, Wednesday 2 PM, Chad’s Ranch in East Texas)
For My Girls (Week 5, Wednesday, 2 PM – Agartha, Sedona, AZ)
It is Time (Week 5, Wednesday, 2 PM – Grandfather’s Ranch, Texas Hill Country)
Down the Hole (Week 5, Wednesday, 2 PM – Agartha, near Sedona, AZ)
Plans of Mice & Men (Week 5, Wednesday, 10 PM – On the road near the Texas-Mexico border)
!*$£ Storm (Week 5, Thursday, 3 AM – Grandfather’s Ranch in the Hill Country)
Hermanos (Week 5, Thursday, 1 AM – Garcia compound, Torreon, Mexico)
Berserkr (Week 5, Thursday, 3 AM – Grandfather’s Ranch)
Strong (Week 5, Thursday, 3 AM, Small village just outside Torreon, Mexico)
Biscuits and Gravy (Week 5, Thursday, 6 AM, Grandfather’s Ranch)
Stained Woman (Week 5, Thursday, 6 AM, the brothel just outside Torreon, Mexico)
No Idea (Week 5, Thursday, 1-ish, the Garcia compound, Torreon, Mexico)
Motley Crew (Week 5, Thursday 4 PM, U. S. Attorney’s Office, Houston)
Insane (Week 5, Thursday 2PM, the Garcia compound, Torreon, Mexico)
Good Ole’ Boys (Week 5, Thursday, 8 PM village outside Torreon, Mexico)
Watch’em Squirm (Week 5, Thursday, 7 PM, a park in Houston)
Ride’em Cowboy (Week 5, Thursday, 8 PM, Garcia compound outside Torreon, Mexico)
Mercy, Grace & Hope (Week 5, Thursday, 8 PM, Garcia compound outside Torreon, Mexico)
Easy Way Out (Week 5, Thursday, 10 PM, the cantina outside Torreon, Mexico)
Dark Secrets (Week 5, Friday, just before dawn, Garcia compound)
All Alone (Week 5, Friday, before dawn, abandoned house near Garcia compound)
WTF? (Week 5, Friday, 9 AM, Garcia compound)
Seeing Only What You Want (Week 5, Friday, 7 PM, Garcia compound)
Moonless Night (Week 5, Friday, just before midnight, abandoned house near the Garcia compound)
Colored Glasses (Week 5, Friday, just before midnight, Garcia compound)
Game Over (Week 5, Friday, just before midnight, Garcia compound)
Voices (Week 5, Saturday, just after midnight, Garcia compound)
The Other Woman (Week 5, Saturday, just after midnight, the barn Garcia compound)
The Equalizer (Week 5, Saturday after midnight, the Garcia compound)
Red Blooms (Week 5, Saturday after midnight, Garcia compound)
This Little Light (Week 5, Saturday before dawn, Garcia compound)
Where Now? (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
Closed Doors (Week 6, Sunday evening, a hotel room in Laredo, TX)
Throw Away the Key (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
Anything for Her Girls (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
Going Back (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
One Shot (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
Better Than That (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
The Signal (Week 6, Sunday evening, Sebida, TX)
Purged in Fire (Week 6, Sunday night, Sebida, TX)
That Place (Week 7, Sunday morning, Sebida, TX)
Be the Change (Week 7, Sebida Methodist Church)
What If? (Week 7, Sebida Methodist Church)
Man in the Mirror
New Sheriff in Town
Mama’s Broken Heart
No More
Open Windows
Bleep, bleep, bleepity, bleep ***NEW***

And I made a YouTube playlist with all those songs, too.

My Trouble Texas Style YouTube Playlist

9 thoughts on “Trouble Texas Style

  1. I’m glad you updated your Lit profile and I found you. Don’t want to miss the rest of the Texas stories.

  2. Let’s play troublemaker.

    You’ve got a lot going on and while it may be clear in your head, it is awfully busy to others. I don’t even know if I am looking at the current page.

    This one lists recent posts
    Aren’t those recent blog posts? Your site is no longer focused on your blog. Yes, i am knit picking between Trouble Texas and your blog. Both are written by you. But i think you’ll agree with me that there is a big difference.

    New blog posts will be, i expect, listed under RECENT POSTS, new story chapters may not.

    Please include standard caveats here. I don’t know what I’m talking about and could be full of shit. Not the first time, not the lsst

    1. Yes, Arthur ‘Recent Posts’ will only pull the blog and not the chapters because those are static (unchanging) pages. If I made them posts then they would become ‘lost’ as they got old and new ones appeared. People would have to search through the old ones to find them. This is why I post a blog updating people every time I post a new chapter. Let me experiment with something and see if I can put the latest chapter at the top of the Trouble Texas Style page as well.

      1. Just curious are you finishing updating My One first before continuing the other stories? I started reading your work at literotica not my usual genre but your writing is intriguing.

      2. I am trying to do them simultaneously. And failing miserably at both. I always have writing time in the morning and editing/spcial media at night but it just does not seem to be enough. And thank you.

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