Rings of Fire

If the world as we know it was coming to an end, would you want to spend it with your ex?

Dr. Brent Jacobs would.

He watched that pesky little frenemy grow into a beautiful, intelligent, dedicated woman, scientist, wife, and mother. She was everything he had ever wanted, or ever would. But when their youngest daughter was born different, it tore them apart. He lost his family, the woman he loved, his best friend, and the only mind that could ever challenge him.

Now, with the world on the edge of disaster, nothing is more important to this volcanologist than making certain that his family is safe when the shit hits the fan.

How far would he go, though?

Dr. Lauren Masters is not so sure about the whole thing.

It’s just another of her ex’s crazzy theories, after all.

And spending time with the only man she ever loved, or probably ever will? That’s pure crazzy.

How do you get over a man that you loved since you were eleven-years-old? A man who touched your heart and soul, challenged your mind, and did things to your body that only happens in trashy romances.

But she lost him. With each doctor’s visit, she watched that brilliant mind which had always questioned the boundaries of accepted science venture more and more into the… Crazzy. Alternative therapies are one thing, but this? The end of the world? He’s lost it this time.

What choice does she have, though, when Brent kidnaps their daughters and takes them half-a-world away to some hippie commune eco-village?

The only thing more explosive than the volcanoes these two studied…

Was the love they shared.

Now, as the world around them begins to erupt around them, will that love be enough to save them and those counting on them?

Or combust everyone and everything around them…including their girls?

Prologue – The Time Has Come
Chapter 1 – Crazzy
Chapter 2 – Sci-fi or Fact?
Chapter 3 – Orshe
Chapter 4 – Inevitable Eruptions
Chapter 5 – Checking In
Chapter 6 – Whose Bed
Chapter 7 – VEI-8
Chapter 8 – Another Eruption
Chapter 9 – Trust Me
Chapter 10 – Bunker Truths
Chapter 11 – Blushing Cheeks
Chapter 12 – Yesterday & Tomorrow
Chapter 13 – Unexpected
Chapter 14 – Cherish or Obey?
Epilogue – The End?

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