You think you’re ready…

You have everything all prepared…



Former SEALS…

But nothing can prepare you for the reality of a world pushed to the brink by disaster after devastating disaster.

Volcanoes. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Dr. Brent Jacobs had predicted it all for years. PachaMama was pushing back. After more than a century of dumping greenhouse gases into her atmosphere, the biggest carbon sink of all, the ocean floor was saturated. And the only place it had to go was out. Through a series of volcanic eruptions. That would trigger a mini Ice Age.

His theories had radicalized him from the scientific community and gotten him on government watch lists. But he was so sure of it all that he had put his daddy’s billions, or as much as he could get his hands on, into a sustainable eco-village. He had recruited the best minds and brut force he could find. It was a project seven years in the making. He’d even gone so far as to kidnap his ex-wife and daughters for their protection.

But not even he was prepared for this….

Monique Fournier had been Brent’s right-hand through it all. It never bothered her that she was second best. And she was happy that her friend had his family back. Especially now. But that didn’t fill the hole in her heart for the family that she had lost. Now with the clock ticking, she needed to find them – her former girlfriend and their children. What she wasn’t prepared for was the connection she felt to Carlie, the glorified weather girl that had been her off-again-on-again lover for the past decade. What was it with her and closeted lovers?

Katrina. Kate. Katie. Katia Alexandroff wasn’t sure who she was. Since they took her from her Babushka to the special school, she was lost. Except for that one brief moment in his arms. Commander Zane Rogers had tried to go on with his life. He threw himself into his career, trying to forget her and that one perfect moment. But now she’s back – changed for certain. But she says she needs his help. To find the one that matters to her before it’s too late. Well, the three things that matter to them both. Their children.

Travis Taylor was a drifter. An under-achiever. At least according to his father and brother. But money, power, and respect weren’t the only things in this world. What about freedom and happiness? Didn’t those matter? If big brother was right, then what was the point of it all? So he chased the thrill. Climbed mountains, surfed the waves, and lived. But then it hit him. Or rather, she did. With a bat. Upside the head. But if Brent is correct, can he keep her and her family safe?

War was hell. A man could serve Queen and country or love a woman. Not both. It was the hard lesson that David, Darren, Declan, and Damien Smith had learned from their parents. Of course, that choice was easy when all of them loved the same woman. One they could never have. But the brothers had been protecting Sarah for as long as they could remember. They, sure as hell, weren’t quitting now. They’ll risk their careers and their lives to cross an ocean and get the only woman any of them have ever loved or ever will to safety.

Because when the shit hits the fan, we all discover nothing matters except the people we love…

Not Getting Away – Katia, military airfield just outside D.C.
Here’s Looking At You – Smith brothers, Casablanca, Morocco
All Shook Up – Monique, hotel in Los Angeles
The Crazzies – Dwayne, safehouse in West Virginia
Last Link – Daniella, Rosarita, Mexico
Curves – Zane’s apartment, northern VA
Trade Offs – Carlie, hotel room in Los Angeles
Babushka’s Songs – Zane’s apartment, northern VA
Too Old – A garage in Rosarita, Mexico
Unknowns – Blaise Diagne International Airport, Senegal
Teamwork – Regenesis, West TX
Explanations – Northern VA
Responsibility – Somewhere in Baja California, Mexico

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  1. Are you doing alright? Just wondering, as you’ve not posted any new chapters lately. Here’s hoping you and yours are okay!

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