The Apocalypse

What would you do if the world really was coming to an end?

Life is trundling along. Sometimes things are good. Sometimes they suck. But who knew that PachaMama, Mother Earth, Shiva is out to get us…

No, it wasn’t another pandemic. Or even the world-wide economic collapse. Not even an extinction-level asteroid. They had been warned. We all had. For half a century, scientists sounded the alarm. You couldn’t ignore global warning forever, pretend things would get better, or that it wasn’t real.

But it wasn’t the slow, gradual process of temperature rise and more violent weather that got us. The Mid-Atlantic current didn’t stop, either. Those scientists had forgotten about the largest carbon sink on this planet. Our oceans.

But where does that carbon go? Eventually, it makes its way into the earth’s crust and into the magma chambers deep beneath them. At least until too much builds up. Then…

BOOM! And boom, and more boom.

Lots and lots of booms all around the world, sending us into a volcanic winter and mini ice age.

One volcanologist tried to warn them. But we all know what happens to those ethical types. And the price for Brent Jacobs was steep. He lost his scientific partner, best friend, and wife – and their daughters.

But he wasn’t giving up. He had a plan. A plan for a sustainable eco-village on land his daddy owns in West Texas. He’s not your typical prepper, but he knows the value of having the right team around you. The world’s best volcanologists, botanists, ecologists, vets, and more than a few SEALs…

Just in case.

Before the SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan), Daniel Monroe had his dream career, leading a Navy SEAL team. Men dedicated to their country, one another, and their families. His marriage, on the other hand, was a cluster fuck.

Until his wife commits suicide and he’s grounded, caring for their four cute daughters. Even with the help of his Mama and the wife of his best friend, he’s struggling to keep it all together. But Mama and Simone have a plan for that – find him another wife. One that knows the score and her duty. Where better to look than an online dating site for those in uniform?

Jill Smith did her duty. She followed her bootneck across the Atlantic, bore and raised four sons. Alone, after he died in the line of duty. But nobody told her how lonely her empty nest would be once they all left to serve the Queen. Then her dying friend makes her fill in a profile – at some dating website for those in uniform. How pathetic is that?

It could be worse. She could jump on a plane across the pond only to discover Daniel wasn’t the one writing those emails…

Can they find any Solid Ground in a world that’s coming apart at the seams?

Out Now!

If the world as we know it were coming to an end…

Would you want to spend it with your ex?

Dr. Brent Jacobs would.

Dr. Lauren Masters is not so sure.

It’s just another of ex’s crazzy theories, after all.

The only thing more explosive than the volcanoes they studied…

Was the love they shared.