Sexy Silvers

As my dedicated readers know, many of my heroines and heroes are older. Once upon a time, a heroine was ‘old’ if she was approaching thirty. These days, except for YA and NA (Young Adult & New Adult), it is not unusual to see heroines in their early, mid, and even older thirties. Even among the trade publishing houses.

But as a woman who found her ‘trwe’ love at fifty, I crave stories of women like me. Here is the place to highlight those. On this page, I will highlight my own ‘silver’ heroines and those of others that I have read and enjoyed. My stories will be you-published here, as always, FREE to read and enjoy. I will also do reviews of other writers here.

So, what is Sexy Silver?

  • Heroines and/or couples over 40. But especially those over 50 and even 60.
  • Classic romance genre, not ‘chick lit.’
  • All cover art must reflect age appropriate photographs or feature other images. (Nothing upsets me more than a 20 or 30 something body on a book about a 50 or 60 year old man, woman, or couple. No matter how well you take care of yourself or even with plastic surgery there are still changes in skin and other telltale signs of maturity.)
  • I am specifically looking for books with HEAT. In other words, sex. Good sex.
  • All shapes and sizes, but especially the ones who have become comfortable enough in their bodies to flaunt their curves or their extra cushion for the pushin’. Leave those six, eight, and twelve packs to the kids. We embrace our age.

I’ll begin by pointing you towards my books with such heroines and couples. I won’t move stories that are in a series here, but will link back to them. Some of my stories have multiple characters, not all of whom qualify as Sexy Silvers. But I’ll still mention those stories and the characters who do.

Shortly, I will begin to do synopses of some other books. I’m not going to rate them or give stars because I firmly believe that there are readers for every book. Oh, and if you know or have written such a book, please email me. No need for ARCs. I will buy and synopsize myself. My synopses will specifically include significant quotes as well as evaluate how well it checked all those boxes above.

And please share this page with your friends. We are beginning to make strides in how ageing and love are viewed by society. Amazon’s new sub-genre of Later in Life romance demonstrates that. But even there, most are at the younger end of 30s and there are a fair share of mis-categorized Age Gap, older men & younger women.

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