The Next Step

***Abby Jean***

Abby was not certain whether to laugh or cry. This moment was so close to perfect. Of course, she had always imagined her grandmother would be at her wedding. And her friends. Or at least someone other than a woman whose name she did not even know.

But the rest? She loved the fifties theme. Elvis, she had been married by Elvis. And Jack. The man was always hotter than Hades but dressed like Danny? Well, it was a good thing she wasn’t wearing panties. What made it all so special, though, was the way Jack kept looking at her. Like he actually meant those words. It was just all so confusing.

The taste and feel of his lips on hers were not, though. Sweet Mary, mother of god, that man could kiss. She leaned into him and moaned at the touch of his tongue against hers. She could have kept kissing Jack all night. Among other things. But Elvis’s polite clearing of his throat and the flash of the camera brought her back to reality.

The next few minutes were a blur. Signing papers and more photos. Loads more. But Jack never let go of her hand. Not for a single heartbeat. And that look in his eyes – have mercy. Not even her friend could capture that look in words.

The photographer handed Jack a business card with a code to access the photos and video. She had not realized that cameras were recording the whole thing. Now she could share this moment with her friends.

She turned to the older woman with a smile, “I’m sorry. I didn’t get your name, and I’d like….”

“To know the name of your witness? It’s okay, sugar. My name is Myrtle.”

One of those tears that she had managed to contain until now escaped the corner of her eye as she reached out and squeezed the woman’s hand with her free one. Myrtle held on tightly to that hand as Jack finished whatever he and the photographer were discussing. “You two have something really special. You remember that during the hard times. I meant it; that’s a good man you got there.”

Abby smiled and nodded towards Jack, who was now frowning. He wiped that tear away with his thumb and brought it to his lips, “What’s wrong, baby girl?”

She had to laugh at the concerned look on his handsome face as she leaned in and kissed him. “Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

“Okay, you two, at least wait until you get to the limo for that,” Elvis laughed. Then he broke into another song. Another one that was not as well known, but she recognized every note and word. And stored them all in her heart.

“Love will be a place to run to, from the world they’ve willed to you and me. We’ll be closer than we’ve ever been. Though, looking back, it’s so hard to believe. Hang it all out, or bring it all in. The best we’ve picked up on the way to now. Changes are coming, but together, we can make it through somehow….”

She was totally not prepared for Jack to scoop her into his arms. It was instinctive to wrap her arms around his neck. “Jack, put me down. I’m too heavy to be carried.”

He laughed and leaned his forehead against hers but made no attempt to lower her to the ground. “That’s twenty-five bare-handed or ten with my belt. I told you I never wanted to hear you say anything bad about yourself, Abby Jean. And trust me, I’ve got you, baby girl. And I’m not letting you fall again. But to reassure you, I’ve carried grown men close to a mile through hell. You are fine.” He sealed that promise with another kiss.

Abby felt lighter and freer than she had in her whole life. This was right, wasn’t it? Not some silly little girl’s dream. Or fantasy lover to get her off with her vibrator. It felt as real as Jack had said. “Elvis has left the building,” from behind them only confirmed it.

“I hope that wasn’t too cheesy? I wanted this day to be special for you,” his dark eyes were down. And she knew it was more than just her cleavage that made Jack look away.

She kissed his cheek and whispered, “It was perfect, Jack. Or it will be once we get back to the hotel and you keep your other promises.”

“Didn’t you hear the man? I’m not waiting that long to hear you moan my name again. I’m going to tease that pretty pink pussy all the way to the hotel. By the time we get through the lobby and up that damned elevator, you’re going to be so wet that I’ll be able to sink right into that tight cunt.”

Abby felt her nipples harden in the silk bra, and she definitely needed to have her wedding dress dry cleaned. One nice thing about panties was that they kept girl juices off of silk. But it was worth it as Jack ducked his head and lowered her into the back of the limo that had brought her here. Half an hour ago?

“Oh, my god,” her eyes went wide as she realized, “I’m Mrs. Jack Greywolf.”

He laughed and adjusted her on his lap, splaying her legs and pushing the full skirt and petticoats up her thighs. “You are. And you will be until the day we die, baby girl. So, get used to it.”

His fingers brushed her freshly waxed lips, and they both moaned. “This gorgeous thing can be dry-cleaned, right?”

She nodded though she wasn’t one-hundred percent sure about what as his finger tapped lightly at her clit, enough to tease but not enough to make her come. “Jack,” but she was afraid her pleas had the opposite effect. She whimpered as he pushed her off his lap and onto the seat across from him.

“That’s another ten, baby girl. No topping from the bottom.” Did he realize that she knew exactly what those words meant? It was her favorite sub-genre.

But all other thoughts fled as Jack knelt in front of her and pushed her dress all the way up this time. “Fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” he ran his slightly rough finger across the now smooth surface of her Venus mons down one lip and up the other side. Carefully avoiding the one area that craved his touch the most.

“Dammit, Jack…”

“You better be careful, Abby Jean. It’s a long drive back to Sebida tomorrow on a sore bottom. You keep this up, and you won’t be able to sit on Friday at Mercy’s wedding.”

“Please, Jack, please, I need….”

“Oh, I know what you need, little girl, but for now, you’re going to give me what I want. And I want to taste this sweet cunt and make you come so hard that the whole fucking strip hears you screaming my name.”

She did not have time to respond to his dirty words as he used that talented mouth to fulfill that promise. And she probably did. Scream loudly enough that at least the driver heard them, even through the privacy glass. She wasn’t sure how long the trip back to the Bigalow took. Not in terms of time or orgasms. She lost count after four… Or was it just one long, continuous one?

Jack’s face was wet and his smile wide as they came to a stop. He pulled her dress down to her knees and leaned in to kiss her. She tasted herself on his lips, and fuck was that the sexiest thing she had ever known.

The door opened, and Jack reached inside his coat pocket, passing something she assumed was a tip to their smirking driver. “Thank you,” Jack scooped her into his arms once more. This time she did not protest. Not only was her spanking count too high, but she wasn’t sure she could walk on those legs that were still jelly from all those orgasms.

“It was my pleasure, sir,” the man was having trouble keeping a straight face.

Heads turned, people smiled, and they got more than a couple of whoops from the gaming tables as he carried her through the lobby to the elevators. Bill Geare couldn’t have done better with what was her name in that movie. Fuck it, their love story was better than any rom-com Hollywood had ever made. At least, Abby thought it was.

This was love, right? Not just lust? She felt those tears gathering again. She just wasn’t sure. Wasn’t sure if Jack really did love her, or she just imagined it all. Her sick little girl fantasies making her see things that were not there. Maybe this was a mistake. What if he didn’t…

“Stop it, now, Abby Jean. No more overthinking it.” The elevator dinged, and they piled inside it with another couple that looked like they might be celebrating their golden anniversary.

They reminded her in some ways of her grandmother and Joe. She had been surprised that Jack knew about their grandparents. Theirs had been the most incredible love story she ever knew. Well, mostly. Loving the same person for close to fifty years. But she knew no matter what, she would love Jack that long. Like their grandparents. Longer. He was right too. Somehow she had felt it. Like the ring he had slipped on her finger closed the circle. Gave their grandparents the happiness they had been denied.

The bell dinged, and the couple moved to get off on their floor, but the old woman stopped in the doorway and smiled at her, “May the goddess bless you both.”

Abby shook her head. Those words especially choked her up. It was as if her grandmother had spoken to her from the next life. The woman’s secret that no one in Sebida except her and Joe knew. Miss Mrytle, the upstanding, high school principal and deaconess of the Baptist church, was a Wiccan priestess. She had been since her college days. “Thank you,” though Abby meant those words more to the universe or her grandmother than the older couple that slipped down the hall.

Jack leaned his forehead against hers, “We need to talk, baby girl.”

Her lips captured his as the elevator started moving again. She took the lead on this kiss, pouring all her hopes, dreams, and fears into it. Desperation – that was the only word to describe it.

The bell dinged again, and she wrapped her arms tighter about his neck, “After you keep your promise to me, Mr. Greywolf.”

He laughed as he shifted her weight just enough to reach into his pocket for the keycard. “Just this once, I’m letting you have your way, little girl. Don’t get used to it.” He kicked the door closed and tossed her on the bed. Jack followed her down, covering her body with his larger one. His hands pushed the skirt up once more, and those fingers buried themselves deep inside of her, sending her careening towards another powerful orgasm.

“Please, Jack, please,” she didn’t care if she sounded desperate or whiny. All she cared about was feeling him inside of her again.

“Did you mean it, Abby Jean?”

Their eyes locked. She did not even pretend not to know what he was asking. But still, she wanted to look away. Or play dumb. But this was the start of their life together. Shouldn’t it begin with honesty and openness? Vulnerability even. She bit her bottom lip as she nodded her head slightly and whispered a single word, “Yes.”

“Good,” was not the declaration of his undying love and devotion that she wanted, but she did not have time to fret or flee or even ponder it as he filled her completely.

Her head went back, and she started to close her eyes. The stinging slap to her outer thigh put a quick stop to that but not the powerful orgasm that was already claiming her. In fact, the pain only intensified it.

“Look at me, baby girl. No closing those fucking honest eyes. No hiding. No pretending. You’re fucking mine. And I’m going to show you just what that means, Mrs. Greywolf.”

“Jack,” she screamed as he buried himself deeper inside of her than he had that first time.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Come on my hard cock, like daddy’s good little girl. Cream all over me,” his dirty words, that one word especially drove her absolutely wild. She tried to lift her hips to draw him deeper, but she couldn’t. His fingers ate into the soft flesh of her hips, holding her still, angling her body just how he wanted her.

“Say it again, Abby Jean. Tell me you love me….”

She felt her heart stop, but her body refused to listen. Her orgasm just kept going. She wanted to turn her head away from that intense stare in those dark eyes. She wanted to bury her head in the fluffy pillows. She needed to protect what tiny shred of dignity she had left. But she couldn’t. “I love you, Andrew Jackson Greywolf. I always have, and I always will.”

He threw his head back and actually roared, “Yes.” His thrusts inside of her became almost frantic, but it didn’t matter. They matched perfectly her own desperate need for this man. Until together, they soared to heights unimaginable to mere mortals. Abby could almost feel some powerful force in the universe shifting and twirling, entwining about them. Their bodies. Their hearts. Their souls. She understood then…and two shall become one.

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