There might be a new sheriff in town.
The little librarian might be some best-selling author.
That uppity city preacher might be evangelizing forgiveness and harmony.
But somethings die hard in Sebida.
Not everyone is buying all this talk about…


Jack Greywolf had watched his grandfather, a man proud of his First Nations heritage, wriggle in the gossamer web of a Monroe woman. Hell, the man followed ‘that woman’ to the grave. No matter how much he had dreamt of someone to call his own, no matter how hard he had looked for her, he was not going to become another Greywolf caught in a Monroe’s web.

Abby Jean had been in love with one man since she was five-years-old. Oh, she might have tried to put Andrew Jackson Greywolf from her mind and marry the ‘right’ man, but look where that had gotten her. Now, all she has is the Monroe name, a dried-up ranch that’s nearing foreclosure, and broken dreams.

Jolene might have been born a Monroe, but she had to work for everything she ever got, growing up in a trailer on the wrong side of the tracks. But now, her little girl’s dreams of practicing law in the City of Angeles have come true. Even if she sometimes wonders if the price was her soul.

Donovan has always used his looks to smooth any rough patches that his mind could not. Until he meets the one woman who breaks the mold. Jo might have left him high, dry, hard, and tied in Vegas, but this time he’s not playing by her rules.

Lizzie was the last of Sebida’s vestal virgins. But there were good reasons. Between running the family diner from dawn to bedtime, caring for her disabled brother, and crusading against drunk drivers, she didn’t have any time for a man. If she sometimes feared a bleak future as Sebida’s crazzy cat lady, well, she was doing the ‘right’ thing. Right?

Adam Holloway’s whole life had been carefully planned and orchestrated to follow the family tradition, straight to the statehouse and perhaps beyond. Until his job as District Attorney put him into conflict with the ‘good’ sheriff. Two years later, the man is as dead as Adam’s political career. Until his step-mother starts her conniving. According to Renata Esparza-Cruz, the only thing Adam needs is a good woman by his side to smooth out his bad-boy image.

J. T. Tyler has lived a lie for a quarter of a century, maybe his whole life. But when your family’s history goes back to Old 300, on both sides, and with the illustrious Marianne Buford Walker Tyler as his mother, what other choice did he have? He had watched the woman’s political ambitions tear down his father and his little brother, too. But he’d be damned if the woman did it to his child.

Victoria Flores has a secret. Of course, all drag queens have those. But hers is a bit darker than most. But what happens when she has to choose between avenging her family and the love and acceptance she had craved her whole life?

One little bitty piss-ant country town with more secrets, prejudices, and rules than a big city comes head to head with a handful of dedicated people determined to change things for the better. After all, it’s the 21st century. Shouldn’t reconciliation come to Sebida, too?

NOTE: This is an ongoing series with new chapters posted several times each week. Check back often to find out what’s happening in #ReconciliationTX.

What Happens In Vegas – Jo & Donovan, Los Angeles, a month ago
‘That’ Woman – J. T. Tyler, Twenty-nine Palms, CA, a month ago
Working Late – Jo & Donovan, LA, 10 days ago
Elevator Going Down – Jo & Donovan, LA, a week ago
Sweet Old Lady – Jo & Donovan, LA, a week ago
Crazzy Cat Lady – Lizzie, the diner, Sebida, Monday morning
Man in the Mirror – Will & Mercy, the diner, Sebida, Monday morning
Scary Good – Laura & Ryan, Sebida County Courthouse, Monday noon
Chip Off the Old Block – Adam, Law Offices, Bryan, Monday afternoon
Times Running Out – Jack, Lucky Wolf Casino, near Sebida, Monday evening
Lemon Meringue – Lizzie, the bachelorette party
Grandma’s Broken Heart – Abby Jean, the bachelorette party
Lie In It – Jo, Donovan & Selena, shitty motel outside Vegas
Caught in Her – Jack & Abby
Coming Out List – J. T.’s home in the Woodlands, TX
Never Felt Right – Abby, Monroe dirt ranch, Sebida
Those Morning Afters – Jack & Abby
Some Fluke – Abby & Jack
Checked Off – J. T., hotel near his office
What Can Never Be Taken – Jack & Abby
Silver Rings – Abby & Jack
Signs – Abby & Jack
Hot Coffee – Lizzie, The Diner
The Toast – Abby, Las Vegas, NV
My Way – Jo, Las Vegas, NV
Conversion – J. T., hospital in Houston
Hunka Hunka Burning Love – Jack & Abby, Elvis’s Little Chapel of Luv
The Next Step – Abby Jean & Jack
Lovebirds – Donovan & Jo, trashy timeshare in Vegas
Victory Flower – Vic, Fee-Nix Bar & Grill, Las Vegas
Walk Among the Stars – Jack & Abby, someplace between
Hitchhikers – Jo, staff parking lot at the Bigalow, Vegas
One Date – Lizzie, Adam Holloway’s office, Bryan, TX
Win One – J. T., the hospital, Houston
The Talk – Will, Sheriff’s Office, Sebida, TX
Clearing the Air – Abby in the back of Baby
Welcome Home – Jo, Welcome Center, Glenrio, TX
Give Me a Break – J. T.’s new apartment, Montrose, Houston
Samiches – Jack & Abby, Monroe dirt farm
Tiny Homes – Reynolds women, Sebida Methodist church
Gossip Fodder – Lizzie, Sebida Methodist church
Podunk – Vic, Shamrock, TX
Two for One – Sebida Methodist church
Three for One? – Sebida Methodist church
Just a Swinging – Adam, Patterson front porch
Nowhere TX – Will & Mercy, that old barn
No Idea – J. T.’s apartment, Montrose
Rumors – Jack, downtown Sebida
Family Trees – Lizzie, The Diner, Sebida
Those Blue Eyes – Agartha, Sedona, AZ
Be Good – Truckstop near Navasota
Powerful Words – Sebida Methodist church
Family Leave – Tyson, Turner & Tyson, LLP, Los Angeles
Person – Federal Building, Houston
The Haven – Apartments, Montrose
Explanations – Lucky Wolf Casino
Criminal or Victim? – Federal Detnetion Center, Houston
Irascible – Bradshaw home, Compton
Twenty-Nine – The Haven, Montrose
Lingua – Apartment complex, Crenshaw, CA
Family Like Yours – Law Offices of Mitchell Taylor, downtown Houston
Blue Skies – Monroe dirt farm

6 thoughts on “ReconciliationTX

  1. I am hoping that Martin/Vic/Vitoria ends up being TJ’s partner. He has never been a criminal, and now is not the time to start. I hope he discovers that it was one of the cartel that killed his baby brother, and his older brother that killed his mother, not the Americans (his half sisters, etc.).

  2. Please don’t tell me you are dropping all the loose ends of this story… Please tell me you are going to come back and finish it up… all nice and neat… each couple living happy ever after!!!

    1. Of course, I am. Just not quite yet. Sorry, but my muse has kidnapped me to work out some heavy shit in our lives before we can move on to that more regenerative and just world of #ReconciliationTX.

  3. Are you ever going to finish this story? I am 78 and my health isn’t very good, I sure would like to read the rest before I die! Not that I expect that to happen any time soon, but one never knows.

  4. I reread my comment, and it sounded like it was written by a petulant child… that was not my intent, so please accept my apologies! I am old, and not in the best of health, but I certainly hope I will be around to read the endings… if not, so be it. Thank you for taking your time and talent to entertain people like me.

  5. I’m sorry, but I’m not well at the moment. I do hope to return to my schedule in the new year. But unfortunately can’t promise before then. And you hang in there. I don’t have HBO knocking down my doors to ruin the endings of my books. Yeah, I’m one of those that didn’t like the GoT ending. But if you’re dying to know the storyline email me.

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