Readers’ Guide – Series

With over 275 stories on Literotica, it can get confusing even for me. So, I thought I would make things a bit easier for readers by summarizing and linking to some of my most well-loved and personal favorites on Lit.

I’ll begin with my Series:

Ægir’s Trilogy

(Non-consent and BDSM categories, tags include polyamory, polyandry, romance, Dominance, submission, BDSM, bondage, romance, brothers, average rating around 4.75 stars)


Kirsty Dickens has been stuck in a rut her whole life, trying to be a ‘good girl’ and live up to the expectations of her demanding mother. After the breakup of her six-year relationship with the ‘right man,’ at least in her mother’s eyes, she drowns her sorrows in trashy ebooks, you know the kind – BDSM, poly, with brothers. Her favorite writer is Raquel Graffen with her tales of Vikings capturing and sharing their brides. Of course, that is only fantasy, right? But when curiosity gets the better of this kitten and she joins ‘one of those sites,’ she might be in for some surprises.

Sven, Mikael, and Bjorn are brothers, determined to save their family business, fishing the lucrative North Sea. But it is another family tradition that is tearing this family apart: stealing and sharing a bride. Sven knows that no woman wants to play second fiddle to his first love, the sea, but he wants a son to inherit their legacy. Mikael has been burnt, badly. He tried to break with this stupid tradition and step out of his big brother’s long shadow, but he only ended up a single father. Bjorn has spent way too much time listening to his mother’s glorified tales of loving four brothers, ‘the same, but differently.’ He knows that if they can just find their ‘One’ then all those old wounds can be healed.

These stories are the complex, painful, and sometimes frustrating journey of four people learning to live and love as a family against the odds of old hurts, a society that does not accept their untraditional arrangements, and traditions that are at odds with modernity that is encroaching ever closer and threatening to destroy their future.

Reading Order:

Ægir’s Woman – Kirsty’s Story (prequel) Only 1 chapter
Ægir’s Captive (Book 1) 14 chapters Warning – this one contains extremely strong content including: reluctance/non-consent, kidnapping, and knife play
Ægir’s Bride (Book 2) 12 chapters Kirsty has decided to give this a chance, after all, her old life wasn’t exactly her cuppa tea. Can she win over the reluctant brothers though?
Ægir’s Wife (Book 3) 12 chapters Just when she thought things were ‘coming together,’ it all falls apart. Can this family survive?

*** While this completes the story of Kirsty, Sven, Mikael, and Bjorn, I have ideas for follow-up stories, but probably not until 2021.


The world as we know it is coming to an end. Can love survive?

Reading Order:

The Arrangement 

(Novels and novellas category, tags include romance, love, BDSM, Domme, switch, mystery, average rating greater than 4.75 stars)

This is the prequel and the backstory to the series. It is 12 chapters and takes place before the apocalypse begins.

With the loss of his wife, SEAL leader Daniel Monroe finds himself grounded with four girls to command. It is a job that proves too big even for this stalwart Commander. When he calls in the reserves, his mama and the wife of his best friend, they come up with a different kind of solution – find him a new wife and mother for the girls online.

Jill Smith has dedicated her life to caring for others and raising her family. She lived in exile for a quarter of a century, the very American wife of a Royal Marine. Now with her husband dead and her sons grown, she is homesick with a hole the size of Texas in her heart. She is a mother with no one to look after. What’s a girl to do when she sees a handsome officer and four beautiful daughters with no one to care for and love them?

The surprisingly old-fashioned, yet modern, solution to their problems is an arranged marriage. Can they find Solid Ground on which to build a life or will the heat they generate in the bedroom, kitchen countertops, and shower combust their future?

To make matters worse, as Jill delves deeper into the supposed suicide of Daniel’s wife, near-miss accidents begin to plague the family. Is it just coincidence or someone trying to keep the truth hidden?

The Arrangement

The edited version of this story is available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon under my Raquel Graffen pen name and the title Solid Ground.

Rings of Fire

(Categories include Sci-fi/Fantasy and Romance, tags include love, marriage, romance, mystery, BDSM, bondage, average rating of more than 4.65)

Book 1 of the series is 14 chapters long and takes place a few years after The Arrangement.

Brent Jacobs could have had an easy life, the geologist son of a rich Texas oilman. Instead, he spent his life and career chasing disasters around the globe, earthquakes, tsunamis, and his specialty volcanoes. Until he notices, there seems to be something going on: is it possible that global warming, the carbon sink of the oceans, and volcanoes are about to change the world as we know it?

Lauren Masters has built her career and marriage alongside the man that she has been in love with since she was thirteen years old. But now all of that is in ruins. She’s trying to pick up the pieces of her career while being a single mother. It isn’t easy, especially since her younger daughter is autistic.

But what’s a mother to do when her crazzy ex-husband kidnaps their girls…because, of course, he is certain that the world is coming to an end. He just needs her help to prove it. Since when did her life become a bad movie on that sci-fi channel? And why do her daughters and her body have to keep betraying her?


Fertility Goddess (Mind Control) is the backstory of two of the primary characters in the next book in the series. Dr. Katia Alexandrov is a Russian spy and scientist. Her assignment is to create a pheromone to control men’s minds. Her test subject is Navy SEAL Zane Rogers. The problem – Katia gets a bit carried away, a spider caught in her own web.

Until (Novels and novellas) is a kinky, sweet little novella that gives an insight into the lives of favorite secondary characters in this series, Samuel and Simone. It is not absolutely crucial to the plot, though. Warning: it deals with some controversial BDSM practices including Daddy Dom and orgasm control and conditioning.

Earth Mother (Non-erotic) in its book form this very brief short story is used as the prequel to Rings of Fire. Also not essential to the plot.

*** This series is UNFINISHED with more books and chapters coming later in 2020, 2021, and perhaps beyond.

Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour

Highway to Heaven meets the US Marine Corps

Master Sergeant Michael O’Malley is a man on a mission. After over twenty years in the US Marine Corps and more tours of duty than he wants to remember, his retirement plans are simple: hop on the back of his brand new Harley and tour the country, checking in on the men and women that he served with…and the families of the ones that never made it back.

This series is my passion. But fair WARNING, a beta reader once said that by the end of the book, she felt like she had PTSD right alongside Mike. I don’t think she meant that as a compliment, but it is among the highest praise I have ever received as a writer. So, please be advised this material is STRONG CONTENT and requires a TRIGGER WARNING.

My Country

My Country Tis of Thee (Book 1)

(Novels and novellas, tags include military fiction, PTSD, non-erotic, USMC. Rating of 4.88 on Lit and contest winner. Has a 5-star rating in its edited Amazon ebook format.)

My Country Tis of Thee is the first novella in the Sergeant Mike series. It is the story of a young Latino, who gave his life for a country that was not even his own. As with all of the stories in this series, it will touch upon the complex issues of how our country treats tens of thousands of soldiers and their families who defend their adopted country so valiantly. It also includes a motley band of Vietnam and Korean veterans, who honor their comrades and country by attending all the military funerals in the area.

Labor’s End (Book 2)

(Novels and novellas, tags pretty much the same as above. 4.93 rating on Literotica and 4.7 in its edited ebook format on Amazon.)

Sergeant Mike stands in for the best friend he lost two decades ago caring for his dying father. Honour, Oklahoma is Mike’s second stop on this tour of duty as he stands in for the best friend that he lost over twenty years ago. The man’s father is dying and though he remembers neither Mike nor his dead son, he feels duty-bound to be there for the man since the son that died in Mike’s arms could not be.

Esther’s Story (Book 3)

(Novels and novellas, in addition to the previous tags this one also includes romance, love, sexual intercourse, making love, fellatio, and cunnilingus. It has a 4.88 rating on Lit and is a contest winner.)

Is love or heartache in the cards when Sergeant Mike finally meets his dream woman?

Esther Samuels is a woman in pain. Her only son was killed while serving in Afghanistan. Now this old-maid school teacher is stuck in her job while battling small-town prejudice and her grief. She is more dead than alive until…

The third stop on Master Sergeant Michael O’Malley’s new tour of duty is the small Texas town that was home to one of his best friends. The young Lieutenant, Thomas Samuels had been one of the finest men it had been his pleasure to serve with. Until an IED ended that promise. Now Sergeant Mike is here to check in on Tommy’s mom…and offer an extra pair of hands and a strong back for her annual Halloween party that is a mainstay of Sebida, Texas.

Problem is the only thing smaller than this town is the minds in it. Can Mike just ride off to leave the woman he has secretly loved for years, to face their wrath? Can Esther let the only man who has ever brought her to life just ride away?

WARNING: This story has strong content and as such may trigger those with mental health challenges especially PTSD.

NOTE: The edited version of this story called Shared Burdens is available in ebook format on Amazon. It is VASTLY different from the version on Literotica with over twenty-thousand new words told from Mike’s point of view. This one is worth buying. (At least until Literotica quits rejecting it as a duplicate.)

***Please note that while Shared Burdens wraps the romance drama up, at least a bit, this is NOT the end of the series. It is my intent to write more stories. Perhaps even one in 2020…by Veteran’s Day, maybe?

Trouble Texas Style

Texas might be big, but not big enough sometimes, especially when it comes to Trouble Texas Style.

This is my current project. Though none of these stories are finished yet, I am hard at work on ALL of them. My goal is to finish Night Walker’s Woman Book 1 before my wedding in May. Books 2 and 3 are happening concurrently and I may release them that way as well. Book 4 happens a few months later so I won’t post it until both of those are finished.

Night Walker’s Woman (Book 1)

(Non-human category, tags include shapeshifter, Native American, romance, average rating of 4.75 – Please note: This is a work in progress with 10 chapters of an estimated 12 posted.)

Rex Ranger has spent his life protecting animals from abuse. The one thing he fears most is the day that others may need protecting from the animal within him. Unless he finds his mate, his Nʉ Sʉmʉ.

Jaycee Riley has spent her life searching for love, a home, and a sense of belonging. Instead, she settled for the safety of a career and marriage based on common goals. Until her daughter begins having seizures and all that comes crashing down around her. Leaving her all alone to cope with a sick child while trying to rebuild her legal career.

Until the day that Jaycee steps in a Texas courthouse to defend her client’s interest in abused thoroughbred horses – and both their worlds collide.

At thirty-nine, can Jaycee find the courage to give love one more try? To open herself to a man that is not just under her skin but in her mind. A man that calls her ‘his one.’

Rex feared this moment would never come, but now that it has – can he manage to keep his new family safe from the creature of darkness that stalks? A creature that he would have become without her.

Tight Fittin’ Jeans (Book 2)

(Loving Wives category, for now. The rating for this one is only 4.13, but this is a tough category. So far there is only that first chapter posted on Literotica.)

Cassie McBride grew up the pampered but lonely only child of a Texas oilman and his much younger beauty queen wife. Her whole life has been cliché. Right down to her dying father’s wish that she marry his business rival to secure the company’s future, her Mama’s, and her own. What’s a good daughter to do?

But just once, for one night, Cassie dares to steal a moment and fantasy for herself.

Then, once more, she settles down and makes the best of the life that Fate has dealt her. She pores all her time, energy, and love into her daughter while her husband’s only focus are his business and affairs. Until Gerald messes with the wrong people.

Now, they’re on the run. And the only safe place seems to be her past. The only place they can turn is the man who, for a single night, fulfilled her every fantasy.

For one night, Chad Wilson held more woman than most men had ever seen. Fifteen years later, she still holds his mind and heart captive. But ‘millionaire’s dreams’ don’t belong to cowboys and Marines.

Then a black SUV kicks up the red dust of his East Texas ranch and out steps his past and her teen daughter with Wilson green eyes. Maybe it’s not too late for that family, after all?

After all, his roots have always been deep in East Texas, and his family ain’t strangers to Trouble Texas Style.

One Night Stand (Book 3)

(Erotic Couplings, tags include casual sex, impregnation, mystery, romance. Average rating of 4.25 with only 2 chapters posted in the story so far.)

Laura Reynolds has fought her way from a run-down trailer on the wrong side of the tracks in Sebida, Texas, to the top of the corporate ladder. Only to discover something is missing. But she has a plan for grabbing that too, before the clock runs out on her. Her biological clock. Now she just needs to find an unsuspecting donor with superior genes.

Attorney, former Navy SEAL, and FBI undercover agent, Ryan Ranger’s latest assignment is to fire the General Counsel for McBride Industries, take over, and discover who is really behind the corruption and money laundering. Except first, he wants to grab just one night for himself.

Nine months later, Ryan is sent to Sebida. His new mission – find out just how much his predecessor knows. But what he discovers is a real game-changer. He still loves his country and wants to get to the bottom of this mess, but his first loyalty must be his baby daughter and her mother – the woman who never left his mind or heart.

The problem is Ryan doesn’t know who he can trust. Well, not in his former agency. Thankfully, he has good friends and family that they can run to. And run they do with a newborn tucked in the back of a fully-restored surfer’s love wagon.

But trouble is sure to find them, especially when it is Trouble Texas Style.

Small Town Secrets (Book 4)

(This one has bounced around several categories including Erotic Couplings, First Time, Non-consent/Reluctance, and Romance. Its average rating is somewhere around 4.6, but later chapters were more popular as the story got going. Please note that I will be updating the current chapters to conform more closely to the new storyline, closing those plot holes.)

‘Andrew Jackson” Greywolf has spent a lifetime running from the tangled web of small-town secrets that is Sebida, Texas. The biggest of them all is the fifty-year, tawdry affair that his otherwise proud Native American grandfather had with THAT woman. The last thing he wants when he comes back to settle his grandfather’s affairs is to find himself the fly caught in a Monroe woman’s sultry web. But Fate always was a jokester.

‘Abby Jean’ Monroe has tried her damnedest to be the ‘good girl.’ To live down her mother’s reputation for wild rebellion. But something always burned deep inside of her. A passion for the fantasy lover that she has had a crush on her whole life…and a dark need that threatens to pull her apart.

Can they lay their pasts to rest and step into a future that heals old hurts? Will they even get the chance with evil and corruption dogging their every step?

I know all that is long, folks. But being a big fan of series myself, I always enjoy them better when someone gives me a clear reading order. So, I hope that helps to end some of the confusion and makes your reading experience with Tara Cox, aka Tara Neale and Raquel Graffen, more enjoyable.

Of course, these are just my series. I also have a few stand-alone or slightly related books. But I will do a readers’ guide to those another day.

Goddess bless,