No Strings Attached

Just one night…

Jon Tyler thought he had lost it all. His wife and best friend were dead. A car accident. They had been running away – together. Tomorrow, he’d head back to that hell hole. If he was lucky, maybe he wouldn’t come back. Heck, he hadn’t even been able to find a ‘pro’ to relieve a bit of tension. Until he stopped in her diner…

Alicia Flores was white picket fences, mini-vans, a half dozen kids, a dog, maybe even a cat. But for now, she was helping her Abuela out at the diner and studying psychology at the local college. She was no virgin, but casual was not her thing. So, why would she offer a stranger – no strings attached?

Seven years, and the whole world has changed. For both of them.

But when Jon steps back inside that diner, nothing will be the same again…for either of them.

No Strings Attached is a stand alone story. (Or perhaps, goddess forbid, the start of another series?). Nonetheless, you will see a couple of familiar faces from other Tara Cox #LiteraryErotica, including Nothing Done In Love, #TroubleTexasStyle, and #ReconciliationTX. You do not need to have read any of those to appreciate Alicia and Jon’s stories, but if you enjoy this one you might like to check those out as well.

Prologue – One Night
Chapter 1 – Open Doors
Chapter 2 – Unfinished Business
Chapter 3 – Prayers
Chapter 4 – What Now
Chapter 5 – Secrets
Chapter 6 – Busy Day
Chapter 7 – Friends
Chapter 8 – Faux Papas
Chapter 9 – Hard Night
Chapter 10 – Freak On
Chapter 11 – Nothing Done In Love
Chapter 12 – Mind-blowing
Chapter 13 – Not Enough
Chapter 14 – Pea Green
Chapter 15 – ‘That’ Woman
Chapter 16 – New Hope
Epilogue – The Flores Family

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