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I am a misanthrope!

I like social media almost as much as I do roller coasters.

Tara freightened by kiddie roller coaster
Certainly NOT roller coasters…and that is the KIDDIE one, folks.

Nonetheless, there is nothing I love more than hearing from you…it is just as good as receiving a paycheck (well electronic transfer these days) for my writing.

But I know your time is as precious as mine. So, I have included brief summaries after the links to give you an idea of the frequency and content of each platform. I encourage you to be selective about which delivers what you want. Unless you are one of my handful of stalkers (whom I love), in which case, follow away at all, because each gives a distinctly different insight into my writing.

So here are those ways that you can connect with me:


If you want to engage on a personal level or leave feedback that you don’t want public, this is the best way to contact me.

Twitter: @tara_cox_writer

I schedule six to eight tweets per day: blog links, books stuff, but also positive memes, interesting articles, and song of the day. In addition, I retweet other writers, relevant articles, and anything else that takes my fancy. I do NOT retweet political or religious material.

Instagram: taracoxwriter

I am just getting started on #bookstagram (Instagram for writers, readers, and all things books). It is likely to become where I post that ‘perfect’ sentence that I wrote that day. And also reminders of old stuff and contact info, along with the occasional embarrassing photograph.

Pinterest: taracoxwriter

Here you’ll find my favorite writer and writing quotes. Some with links to relevant blog posts.

Tumblr: taracoxwriter

This is where I do daily short posts, mostly about what I wrote today. A quick tease between those chapter releases. Just for those of you who can’t wait.

YouTube: Tara Cox

Right now this only has playlists for my writing. But who knows?

I do not do Facebook. When your partner, who is as well known in the tech world as mine is, tells you that he has never had an account – that tells you something.