Labors’ End

Sergeant Mike stands in for the best friend he lost two decades ago caring for his dying father.

Honour, Oklahoma is Mike’s second stop on this tour of duty as he stands in for the best friend that he lost over twenty years ago. The man’s father is dying and though he remembers neither Mike nor his dead son, he feels duty bound to be there for the man since the son that died in Mike’s arms could not be.

WARNING: This book deals with strong adult content of PTSD. It attempts to do so both compassionately and realistically. Please be aware that it could trigger strong emotions, especially in those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chapter 1 – Coming Back
Chapter 2 – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
Chapter 3 – Reality Check
Chapter 4 – Food for the Soul
Chapter 5 – Good Days and Bad
Chapter 6 – Another Mission
Chapter 7 – Unhappy Homecomings
Chapter 8 – Regrets
Chapter 9 – Honour

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