Nothing Done In Love

If, in your darkest hour, you were gifted with a second opportunity to fulfill your deepest fantasy, would you have the courage to Chase your Chance at love and happiness?

Kindergarten teacher Kaitlin Danvers is facing the unthinkable – the premature death of her mentor, best friend, and Mommy. Everything she has ever known or believed is shaken to the core as she faces an uncertain future without the only person she has always relied upon. Well, almost the only person…

Navy SEALs and identical twins, Chance and Chase Logan, have grown up on the dry, hostile battlefields half a world away from the best friend  – and the only woman either has ever truly loved. In their darkest hour, the only thing that had given them hope, light, and the will to go on was always the memories of her sweet kisses. And how incredibly right it felt with her pressed between them that one night, a lifetime ago…

Now they are back. Older and wiser, their bodies and souls scarred by things that no man should see or do, but someone always has to…

Back just when she needs them most…

But will things be different this time? Will Katie find the strength to embrace an uncertain future? Gifts she has denied for a lifetime? And especially an unconventional love – that in the world’s eyes tests even the boundaries of her off-beat guru mother’s message that…

Nothing Done in Love can ever be wrong.

Rated X due to the graphic sex scenes including sex in a public place, threesome, and brothers. This is though a love story, unconventional though it may be. Of course, it would not be a Tara Cox Literary Erotica if it were not also a commentary on the complex issues facing us. Then again, the name says it all.

“Our sexual energy especially is a precious commodity, not to be abused or wasted.”

“War…dirty, messy, shitty war. That is what happened. The details don’t matter all that much really. And no, I don’t want your sympathy. I have had enough of that to last me a lifetime.”

“People so fucking wounded that they cannot manage to save themselves saving one another?”

Chapter 1 – Homecomings
Chapter 2 – Surprises
Chapter 3 – Second Chakra
Chapter 4 – Sunsets
Chapter 5 – Beginning of the End
Chapter 6 – Nightmares & Dreams
Chapter 7 – Letting Go
Chapter 8 – Goodbyes
Chapter 9 – Secrets Revealed
Chapter 10 – At Long Last
Epilogue – New Beginnings

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