Chapter 2 – For Me?

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Kirsty stared around the room. The Christmas tree was a safe distance from the roaring fireplace. It had turned out magnificent in the end. Petrine had insisted that they all help decorate it on Thanksgiving. The holiday had come as a bit of a surprise to Kirsty, but it seemed that her mother-in-law retained far more than merely her accent. She kept several of her American traditions as well.

Olaf and Mikael had taken a delighted Monica out to the back of the property to cut down the ‘perfect’ tree as she and Petrine had finished preparations for Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey and pumpkin pie, something that Kirsty had never tasted before. The traditional American dessert was delicious, especially with vanilla ice cream. Then they had all retired with stuffed tummies to the living room to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ another new experience for Kirsty.

Of course, decorating the tree had been the pièce de résistance. Petrine had served hot chocolate and homemade Christmas cookies as they all tried valiantly to cover bare patches in the less than ‘perfect’ tree that her granddaughter had chosen. She said that it reminded her of a Charlie Brown Christmas special.

When Kirsty asked who Charlie Brown was, her words cut to the core, “Oh, my poor baby girl, you have led such a deprived life. No Thanksgiving, no pumpkin pie, and your movie and television repertoire are seriously lacking.” As she did a couple of times a day, Petrine wrapped her arms about her and drew her into a maternal embrace, “Don’t worry, though. I’ll take care of all that now.”

Kirsty had fought back the tears. If the woman only knew how truly deprived her childhood had been. Even just those hugs were something that she had craved for as long as she could remember. If this place brought peace to her mind, centered her, and called to her as the city never had. If the love she had found in Bjⱷrn’s and Mikael’s arms had made her feel cherished, protected, and complete as she never imagined possible. If Monica re-ignited her passions for the job, that had become routine. It was the older woman’s love and acceptance that was the glue that held it all together.

Well, almost all of it. Kirsty looked across the room, where he knelt poking the fire until a log crumbled and sent sparks racing up the chimney. She shook her head. Weeks, over a month, and still, he had spoken barely two dozen words to her. Though, to be fair, he barely said anything to his brothers either, especially Mikael.

She had wanted to beat him herself when Mikael had finally made it back that night. His eye was a nasty purple and so swollen that she feared it would close shut. His lip was almost as bad and bleeding too. She had insisted on helping him into the shower and washing layers and layers of mud from his body. Of course, she had lectured him about the futility of violence the whole time.

She had another long speech prepared for when she saw Svein the next day, but she did not see him for days. And when she did, she had fought every instinct inside of her not to run to him and nurse his wounds as well. It seemed that her ‘defender’ had given as good as he got that night. In the end, she had stamped her less than dainty size eight boots and thrown up her hands and exclaimed, “Men.” Petrine had merely laughed then and replied, “Boys, my dear.”

Since that night, Svein had taken to sleeping on the boat. More nights than not, he did not even take his meals with them. But this night was different. His mother had insisted, she would not have her family fractured on Christmas. So, come noon, she had grabbed Kirsty and Monica by the hands and dragged them to the boat. With her hands on her hips, Petrine had faced down her oldest son, speaking in Norwegian so rapidly that Kirsty had no chance of even picking out more than a word or two here and there. Of course, the older woman had won that battle as all three of her sons abandoned their work and joined the family festivities as was tradition.

For someone, who had spent more than one holiday alone with the international students at her boarding school as her parents worked extra shifts at the hospital, it was everything she had imagined Christmas to be. Right down to a visit from Father Christmas or Olaf’s best imitation of the man anyway. Aside from Svein’s recalcitrant attitude, the only slight hiccup had been when Petrine served dinner.

Stinky fish jelly was the traditional main course, it seemed. Lutefisk…was an acquired taste Bjⱷrn had explained with a devious grin as he brought a fork full of the abhorrent stuff to her lips. The only positive thing about the experience was one of those exceedingly rare laughs from Svein. Even he had found it impossible to frown through her discomfort as his mother batted the next forkful away and handed Kirsty a plate with turkey, ham, and roast beef instead.

The rest of the meal had gone well up until dessert anyway. Petrine had thoughtfully included a sticky toffee pudding among the selection as Kirsty’s contribution to their eclectic pish-posh of cultures. It had not been to Mikael’s taste as he spit it out with a grimace, “You have no room to talk about lutefisk, elskling, if this is your British idea of dessert.” They had all laughed as his mother took it away and replaced it with a large slice of black forest gateau.

After dessert, it had been time to open the presents. Kirsty had been incredibly nervous. She had not known what to get them. Well, Monica was easy. She had ordered a puppet to use in their therapy, perhaps coax her daughter to speak more. Olaf, too, had been easy; she had doubled the order of her father’s favorite pipe tobacco.

Petrine had been a bit more challenging, though. Kirsty had spent days trying to figure out what to get her new mother for Christmas. The traditional jumper that she always bought for Nancy Dickens seemed too impersonal somehow. In the end, she had gotten Bjⱷrn’s help on one of their more frequent fishing trips. He had taken a short excursion into London to visit a unique garden shop for a Princess Diana rose bush. It was one variety that she had not seen in the greenhouse.

Of course, by far, they were the hardest to get for. In the end, she had given up ‘buying’ them anything. Instead, she had made their Christmas presents. Scarves; that matched their eyes. She had ordered skeins of yarn online and spent the days and especially those lonely nights in that austere bed knitting them. Steel grey, alternating with molten silver and a softer grey-blue for Mikael. A deep Kelly green for Bjⱷrn. She had debated his until the last minute, barely finishing it in time on their previous fishing trip. Like Mikael’s, it was stripped. Alternating deep blue with the lighter hues of the sky on a warm spring day.

She had bitten her lip and studied them nervously as they opened their presents. Both Bjⱷrn and Mikael had been delighted, immediately wrapping them about their necks even though it was much too warm with the fire blazing. Svein had merely smiled tightly as he caressed it, his brows furrowed as he spoke, “Thank you, Kirsten.”

Kirsten – it was the first time that he had called her by the pet name since that night. She had smiled as she began opening her presents too. Petrine and Olaf had gotten her a book of local folklore that she had noticed in the store on the one trip they had convinced her to join them.

Mikael had touched her with a teacup, a real teacup, not a mug. What made it even more special was the photograph of Monica on both sides. She had squealed in delight and hugged him tightly.

Bjⱷrn had leaned in and whispered, “You have to open mine in private, sweetheart.” Her nipples had hardened, and she was sure from the way that Mikael chuckled and shook his head that she must have blushed.

But by far the most shocking one was the package wrapped in red and gold paper from Svein. She had not thought he would get her anything at all, given how strained things were between them. So she was even more shocked to discover the latest model of tablet. Both Bjⱷrn and Mikael had frowned at the extravagance for what was supposed to be ‘simple’ gifts.

She had not known what to say or do. If it had come from Bjⱷrn or Mikael, even Petrine, she would have jumped up and wrapped them in a tight embrace, but she could not do that with him. Instead, she had mimicked his response to her gift, a simple smile and “Thank you” would have to do.

The night had ended with caroling around the tree before she and Mikael had carried an exhausted Monica up the stairs. There would be no time for a bath this night. The child was too exhausted for such a thing.

As they closed the door, Mikael had settled the one question that had plagued her all day as he bent and kissed her lips. “Time for me to play Santa, Father Christmas, I think you call him.”

“Want my help?”

He shook his head, “No, elskling, I think that you have one more Christmas present to unwrap. In private.” He swatted her bottom with a wink, “You better get a shower and shave extra close. You don’t want to disappoint and get punished on Christmas, now do you?”

She sighed and nodded. She knew it made sense. Mikael would need to put Monica’s bicycle and dollhouse together. And honestly, she should be grateful that this difficult decision was taken out of her hands. Still, some part of her was deeply disappointed that she would not get to share this night with him. Of course, if she spent it with Mikael, then she would miss Bjⱷrn just as much. Damn it, loving them both was getting more complicated all the time.

Reluctantly, she stood on tiptoes and brushed a kiss on his bearded cheek, “Alright then, goodnight and happy Christmas, my love.”

He winked, “Who knows, if you have been a good girl, Santa might leave something special for you too?”

Kirsty could not resist as she slipped from his embrace and casually tossed out, “Good girl? Or naughty one?” She swayed her hips just a bit more as she made her escape into the bathroom.

Mikael was still smiling at her saucy challenge as he joined the others downstairs. His mother was washing up as his father and Svein chatted by the fire. For once, his mother had relented and allowed them to smoke their pipes inside on this icy cold Christmas night.

But it was his baby brother that he sought out. Their shared conspiracy both excited him and was more than a bit daunting. He was not sure he was ready for his brother’s special Christmas present for their wife. Then again, he was not confident he ever would be. The idea of genuinely sharing her this night had been tying him in knots since Bjⱷrn first suggested it weeks ago.

He watched as Svein stood and made for the door, but as he suspected she might, their mother blocked his brother’s path. Her hands planted firmly on her hips meant inevitable defeat for his brother. He sighed at this latest complication as he turned to join Bjⱷrn by the tree where he was adding the pink streamers to the handlebars of the shiny new equally pink bicycle.

His younger brother laughed, “You know I was hoping for her sake that the first baby would be another little girl, but damn, after all this pink, I think I can see big brother’s fascination with boys.”

It was the opening that Mikael had sought, “Speaking of Svein, maybe we should invite him to….”

He did not even get to finish his thought before Bjⱷrn shook his head and speared him with a look that said one more word would see them in the ‘fighting’ fields instead of sharing her bed together. “You of all people? Is the feeling back in your fingertips yet, Mikael?”

It was not the reminder he wanted. He flexed his left hand automatically, “Mostly.” Still, something pressed him to try again, “It just does not seem right. Not if he is going to be sleeping right next door in his room tonight.”

Bjⱷrn frowned as he looked across the room. Their mother was clearly winning that argument with her son. He shook his head, “No, I am not having him ruin this night for her. He has chosen not to share her bed for weeks now. So, why the hell should he join us tonight? Besides what makes you think she would want him there anyway?”

“It is not Kirsty that would not want him, baby brother. That woman is love and forgiveness personified. It is you. You don’t want him there.”

“Damn straight, I don’t, and if you keep up on this one, you can sleep in your own room tonight too.” Bjⱷrn sighed and forced a smile, “Please, Mikael, you know how much I want this night to be perfect for her. You and I both know that choosing between us is getting harder and harder for her. Let’s put our differences aside. Put the woman we love first. And show her that she does not always have to. Please?”

Mikael nodded reluctantly, “I know you are right, little brother.” But that did not make it any easier.

Bjⱷrn chuckled, “You think this is one bit easier for me, Mikael? You think I want to see the truly sadistic shit that I know you share with our wife? You know that is not my style. I much prefer the mind fucks.”

Bjⱷrn sighed as he pushed the bike under the tree, “But I know that our wife needs the pain you give her every bit as much as she needs the control I do. And I love her enough to try my damnedest to suspend my judgments for this one night. I thought you wanted the same?”

“I do. At least in theory. How the hell that is going to work in reality is still anyone’s guess.”

His brother out and out laughed at that one, “Worse come to worse, at least I know what your weaknesses are in the ‘fighting’ fields.”

Mikael flexed his left hand once more and laughed, “Gees, thanks. Just remember all the times I could have drowned you in the fjord when you were a snot-nosed brat.”

“Trust me, big brother, I never forget who always had my back as a kid. I am counting on those memories to help me control some of my jealousy tonight.”

Mikael frowned, “You? Jealous of me? What? Why? She so fucking obviously loves you.”

“Really? And the bond that the two of you share with my niece? How the fuck do I compete with the perfect little family routine?”

He shook his head at the revelation, “That’s Monica, not me.”

“Isn’t it? Not only can you give her the pain, I can’t, but trust me, watching the two of you bath Monica is a new form of torture,” his brother studied the floor.

“Then join us or take a turn, but be prepared my little girl gets you wetter than anything Ran, Njörður, or the worst storm can throw at you.”

Bjⱷrn smiled up at him, “Do you mean that, big brother?”

Mikael reached out and ruffled his brother’s long hair. It was a gesture of affection that he had not done since the day he left that fretting and crying seven-year-old to join his brother, uncles, and father at sea. After that, it seemed too childish, not keeping with the rugged fisherman he wanted so desperately to be as he strived to emulate his big brother. “Yes, kiddo, I mean that.”

When Bjⱷrn smiled, it reminded him of that morning all those eons ago when he had taken the tyke out to see the shoddily thrown together fort that he had spent days building. The way his whole face lit up from the inside reminded Mikael so fucking much of her. “I sent her to the shower already, though. So you better go and get the room setup.”

Bjⱷrn nodded, “I did the hard part, but I left that damned pink dollhouse for you. Let’s hope for lots of sons. I shudder to think of Njörður’s Captive painted pink if we don’t.”

Mikael laughed, “I’d be more worried about Kirsty and mother’s gloating over an all-female crew.”

Bjⱷrn nodded as their older brother gave up and climbed the stairs to the room he had abandoned, “It might be worth it to see how big brother reacted.”

“Yeah, well, if there is going to be any baby-making action this night, you have a special present to give our wife.”

“And then another one to wrap up for us to share.”

“Make the knots nice and tight. I will inspect them,” Mikael teased as he turned his attention to the instructions for assembling the very pink Barbie dream house. “Sons might be nice after all,” he chuckled as he set to the task at hand and tried very hard to be put his earlier concerns aside.

He would find a way to overcome them because the truth was that he loved not just his wife but the little shit of a brother that had been his bane of existence and fan club from the time he took his first step, toddling after him. The little brother, whom he owed so much to, for bringing her into their lives. The man who was directly responsible for giving his daughter a new mother and him a wife with a heart big enough to love them both.

He frowned – love them all. On this night above all others, it seemed impossible not to hold on to the flickering candle of hope that Svein too might eventually come around, open himself up to her, and join the ranks of the ‘Toffelhjälten.’

Not this night, though he had tried. Besides, Bjⱷrn was probably right. It would be hard enough to share her with his little brother. He was most definitely not ready for that. Neither were his brothers nor his wife.

But this night, Mikael had something else in mind. Chapter Ten of My Brother’s Keeper had most definitely proven enlightening. To the point that it left him throbbing hard as he read it. Hell, just the thought of it now had him wishing this damned dollhouse would put itself together so he could join them sooner.

Bjⱷrn opened her bedroom door without knocking. She had called him, so it was his right to come and go this night as if it were his own room. Just as she was his. To do with as he pleased. He sucked in a deep breath at the sight of her kneeling on the floor next to the bed. She was perfection. Truly she was. He had waited his whole life for this woman, and she was worth every fucking minute of those twenty-eight, mostly celibate years.

Her long red hair was secured once more at the nape of her neck with a scrunchie so he could see her face, but not her eyes. Damn it. He loved her eyes. But she was the perfect little sub. Oh, she was definitely that. His chest swelled, and his cock hardened in his jeans.

Her submission always did that to him. Made him want to break her. Use her. Fuck her hard. Take her. Control that fucking beautiful mind. Master her completely…every bit of her. His. He smiled softly; of course, it also made him want to wrap her in his arms and hold her so tightly that she knew he would never let her go. Protect her from everyone and everything, even his own darkness, especially his darkness. Love and cherish her until the moment he drew his last breath at her side. He wanted it all, and she was the only woman that he had ever wanted that with.

Which made this night all the more difficult. The thought of really sharing her, of actually watching his brother touch her, seeing another man bring her pleasure… was challenging. Probably unthinkable to most of society. But it was their way. It always had been. And as difficult as he and his brothers were finding it, some part of his mind recognized that it fit. That there were things she needed that he could not give her. Things that Mikael could not do for her that he could.

And what of him? Bjⱷrn’s mind asked. But Svein was not something he wanted to think of at the moment. He had been shocked that Mikael would even suggest including him this night. The man had made his choice. He had shunned her and the light she brought them all. Not that happiness had ever been a high priority on Svein’s list.

But the way he had treated her, dragging her naked into the hall that night, like some whore on trial, stripped and standing accused of atrocities that were not hers alone. Oh, even he was still less than pleased when he saw that silvery letter M on her breast. But he had to grudgingly admit Mikael was right…none of them were doing a very good job of sharing their toy.

She was so much more than a mere toy, though. She was their wife. Their future. Their One. The strand that would bind and fuse them together when most brothers drifted apart. He shook his head, if there had ever been any doubt, observing her now with her head down and her eyes hidden, watching those stunning tits rise and fall.

Knowing that this was the ultimate sign of her submission. Not the kneeling but the nudity. No matter how much both he and Mikael tried to convince her, show her, tell her that her soft, womanly curves pleased them. Still, she saw her body through the eyes of the fucked up society in which they lived. A society that valued starving oneself to get into a size zero over a brilliant mind or a caring heart.

Who knew maybe tonight…together…they could break through all that, show her just how much they both wanted her. Not that even that made the thought any more comfortable for him. He still wanted to call it all off. Hell, shove that damned wardrobe in front of the fucking doors and block the whole world out.

Lock the two of them in this room – alone. For the rest of their fucking lives. He chuckled at the thought, short though they may be. He doubted that they could live long just on bodily fluids, but damn did the idea of drinking nothing but her sweet explosive cunt juices when she came, of her sucking his cock dry morning, noon, and night. Well, it did have possibilities.

But he had other plans for this night. Correction – they had plans. He and Mikael had been working on this one for weeks. Since that first fishing trip. Right now, he needed to focus on those. Beginning with the small box wrapped in golden paper in his hand.

He walked over behind her and ran his fingers just beneath that tight bun, entwining them in the thick hair closest to her scalp. He tilted her head back and smiled as her eyes locked with his, her mouth forming the perfect ‘O.’ Perfect for inserting his hard cock into, but he resisted that urge as he knelt just behind her.

He feathered kisses across her bare shoulder, up to her neck, and slowly back to her upper arm. He repeated the process, this time using his tongue to trace a winding pathway across her warm skin to her ear. He suckled softly on her earlobe until he was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath.

Still, he was not finished toying with her. He nibbled at the lobe, tugging gently before nipping and biting his way back down her neck. He loved the way she held her breath almost in anticipation when he reached that sweet spot where her neck and shoulder met. He smiled against her skin as he resisted the urge to mark her again in his favorite way.

Instead, he continued, back and forth, alternating feathery light kisses with sharp nips and wet trails of his tongue. He could feel her back against his chest; she was breathing more rapidly by the moment. Her scent enveloped him and drove him on as much as the soft whimpers and mewing from the back of her throat. Still, he touched her nowhere else. Made no move to deepen their exchange.

“Bjⱷrn, please,” she pleaded, at last, her voice a deep and needy exclamation.

He smiled as he pulled back and reached around her, placing the present on the floor between her knees. “Merry Christmas, my love.”

The golden box in front of her was not what Kirsty wanted to unwrap. Her very delectable husband, on the other hand, offered much more exciting possibilities. He was clad in her personal preference: nothing but tight jeans that hugged his massive thighs and tight ass. Damn, she needed to take a few photographs when he was not looking. The man belonged on one of Raquel Graffen’s covers.

Still, it would be exceedingly rude of her not to open his present too. She picked up the box and was disappointed to note how light it was. Some part of her had desperately hoped for another flogger to join the sons of Odin. She had become addicted to his flogging skills, begging and pleading when necessary. 

She frowned as she thought of what else it might be. Obviously, it was something naughty if Bjⱷrn wanted her to open it in private. She ran through a mental checklist of items in the toy box, but it was well stocked. They made sure of that. Clamps. Clothespins that Mikael could rip from her body with a single crack of the bullwhip. Bjⱷrn always made sure that the supply of rope and body oils never ran low either. So, she could not imagine what was in the box; they had covered pretty much everything on her fetish list in the past two months…and then some.

“Open it,” was not a request. The stinging smack to her right butt check punctuated her husband’s annoyance at the moment.

Her fingers trembled as she untied the bow. She slid her nail carefully under the tape, not wanting to tear the pretty paper. She and Monica could use it later on one of their art projects. She smiled at the plain brown box. She was getting used to those by now. But even then, she was not prepared for what was nestled in the red tissue paper when she lifted the lid.

The black supple leather hood had three shiny silver zippers on the front: two for the eyes and one larger one for the mouth. Another longer zipper ran up the back. Kirsty could not stop herself from shaking her head. While she and Bjⱷrn had agreed weeks ago that there would be no safe words and no limits between them, if there were, this thing would make her hard limit list. She looked up at him.

His smile never wavered as his hands began to caress the knots that she was unaware were forming from her neck and shoulders. “Yes, I know, sweetheart. But sometimes trust means facing your fears.” He bent and kissed her ear once more, “You know I will be with you the whole time. I won’t leave your side for a moment.”

She inhaled, trying to draw reassurance from his words to quench the fires of fear raging in her tummy. He lifted it from the box, something she could not bring herself to do. He brought it to her cheek and rubbed it there sensuously. Kirsty had to admit the soft coolness and smell of the leather was a tiny bit arousing. If it had been cuffs or even a regular mask, she could have appreciated it. But this was a full-blown, sadistic, nasty-looking sensory deprivation mask.

“Hlín,” Bjⱷrn whispered the Norse goddess of protection and consolation that had been her safe word in the beginning as they came to know one another and build the love and trust that made such things no longer necessary. At that moment, she realized that it was not, but the fact that he offered meant so much to her.

She nodded her head, “Yes, Master.” And the world went black as he placed it over her head. His fingers tugged at the bun, loosening it so that he could arrange her hair in a way that it would not get caught in the mask.

She fought back fear in the dark world that consumed her. She tried to focus on him. His touch. The warmth of his skin so close to hers. But it was not just the dark that assailed her. Sounds were muffled. Quiet boomed inside of her mind. She could no longer smell him, only the new leather of the mask. It was hot too, way too hot under the hood as her body shivered not from just the cool air but in growing panic.

By far, the most challenging part was struggling to breathe. Sure, she had felt his hand on her throat dozens of times. Bjⱷrn had even held her under the water while he bathed her on a couple of occasions. But this was different. Even as close as his massive body was to hers, she felt disconnected. Adrift. And intensely alone. Like the worst horror movie imaginable as the heroine was held in some dark, cold, damp cell to await her untimely demise.

And no matter how hard her mind worked to remind her that this was Bjⱷrn. Her husband. He would never, ever, never allow something to happen to her. That voice of dread and fear screamed louder and louder in her head.

Kirsty was a heartbeat from crying out ‘Hlín’ though she feared even that would be futile if he could not hear her. Then she felt and sort of even heard the metal upon metal scraping as he unzipped the mouth. She sucked in a massive lungful of air. So much that she feared her chest would explode.

Then she was drawn back against the comforting warmth and strength of his chest. She could barely register it, but she thought she heard the words….”Good girl.”

Then they were moving. She realized then just how incapacitated she was as her head swam and spun as he drew her to her feet and pulled her somewhere. She felt the soft, firmness of her bed reach up to envelop her. She was still disoriented as she felt the ropes wrap about her wrist. They had become almost as familiar and comforting as the men who bound her with them. She gave into the feel of their embrace on her other wrist and then both ankles until she was tied spread eagle. It was an oddly soothing and reassuring sensation as the dark quiet of her new world continued to batter her mind.

The logical side of her brain continued its war against the alarm that was increasing with each heartbeat. She did not want to disappoint him, to make Bjⱷrn feel that she did not like his present. Kirsty laughed hysterically in her mind. ‘You fucking don’t,’ that other part of her screamed out.

But then there was something else to think about – more like feel, as his mouth captured her nipple and suckled it deep within the hot wetness of his mouth. She arched up off the mattress, offering herself more fully to him.

She realized then the attraction of this fucking hood. In the dark silence, without even smell to offer her any warning, all she could fucking do was feel. And she felt it all. Each soft nibble on her nipple, each firm tug deeper into his mouth.

When she felt the hand move lower over her less than perfect tummy to her freshly shaven pussy, she trembled in anticipation. As the fingers sank deep within her folds, she bowed to draw them deeper. She felt another hand knead and cup her other tit for a moment until that nipple too was painfully hard.

Then the whole fucking universe exploded in another Big Bang as it too was drawn deep within a warm wet mouth. Her mind shattered as surely as her body did, clutching tightly around those fingers plunging into her wet depths. Another hand caressed across her stomach as two mouths continued to tug on her nipples and heavens only knew how many fingers or whose were between her legs.

“Come for us, our sweet Freya,” his voice demanded. She could almost feel his hot breath through the soft leather, or she thought she could anyway.

Once more, her pelvis undulated against those thick digits filling her over and over again. She cried out, and the sound echoed in her mind as she felt the gush of liquid burst from her body.

“Yes, that’s it, our beautiful whore wife. Squirt. Squirt hard. Wet the whole fucking bed with your cunt juices, lilla gumman,” her bad boy ordered. Her mind and body were too far gone to do anything except obey.

The orgasm stretched out for an eternity at the realization of a fantasy. Both of them. She had both the men she loved in her bed this night. Both of them touching and pleasing her body, using her. Giving and taking at the same time. It was perfection.

Well, almost…

Mikael leaned forward and searched for the zipper on the back of the hood. While he understood the almost necessity of the damned thing for this, he had never liked them, especially since with the fucking thing over her head, they could not enjoy that spectacular play of emotions that her face could never seem to mask from them. He unzipped it and tugged it free.

He was rewarded with the most breath-taking look of wonder. Their wife surpassed even his daughter’s innocent delight as she unwrapped present after present. Those crystalline eyes were so fucking wide he feared that he would get sucked right into them like a black hole. Her pink lips formed the perfect ‘O’ of shock. Her cheeks were the most delightful shade of pink.

He bent and kissed her lips tenderly. Then he trailed lighter ones across that warm cheek to her ear. “Happy Christmas,” he whispered as he bit down on it hard enough that she once more arched up off of the bed, burying Bjⱷrn’s fingers deeper once more and setting off aftershocks of her powerful release.

His brother smiled as he slid up her body to lie on the other side. He bent and kissed her shoulder tenderly with his fingers still buried between her very wet thighs, “Like your Christmas present, darling?”

Mikael laughed at the comical way her head bobbed up and down against the white pillowcase. He brought his hand down hard on her outer thigh. His smile did not match his words as she turned to look at him, “Bad manners, little girl. Use your words,” the irony was not lost on any of them, considering it had become the standard phrase she used with his daughter.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied breathlessly.

“Yes, Sir, what elskling? Yes, Sir, I will answer properly? Or yes, Sir, I like my Christmas present?”

“Just, yes, Sir. To it all.”

He chuckled as he playfully swatted her thigh once more, “We shall see about that, our lovely slut wife. If you insist upon testing our limits, I think it is only fair we test yours tonight as well. Ja?”

She frowned, “Test your limits? But I am not even being bratty?”

It was his baby brother, who chose to respond as he trailed his damp fingers up over her tummy until his hand came to cup and squeeze her breast, “Maybe, but realize this, my darling, sharing you is never easy. And sharing you like this….”

Bjⱷrn shook his head as his words trailed off. He bent and took her hard nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking softly at first, but then he bit down until she once more jerked against the bed and her bindings. “This is not easy for us.”

Bjⱷrn’s face softened as he smiled and moved up to kiss her, “But there is nothing we won’t do for you.”

“If we can,” Mikael added the voice of reason. “Besides, how the fuck could we miss all the damned hints you have been dropping for weeks, woman? Chapter ten, indeed!”

Kirsty had the good graces to blush and drop her eyes then. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Mikael shifted so that he, too, lay on his side facing her. His hands ran across her soft abdomen and lower, feeling for himself just how wet she was. “I would not thank us just yet, lilla gunman. Who is to say that this night will go as your fantasies?”

She glowed, beamed at him as she fought the ropes once more. Then she collapsed back against the pillow, “However it goes, it will be perfect because I have both of you here with me. For once, I did not have to make that horrible choice.”

They chuckled, “Really? You think having to choose which husband sleeps in your bed is so damned hard, sweetheart? Most women don’t get that pleasure,” Bjⱷrn teased her.

“Hell, most women don’t have one husband that looks as hot as you, let alone two,” her brows furrowed, and her expression darkened.

Mikael knew precisely what she was thinking. He knew too that his baby brother did not want to know. So, he bent and trailed soft kisses along her neck up to her ear. He traced his tongue around the outer ridge just long enough to convince his brother it was more of their games.

His whisper was low, so low he was not sure that she would even hear it, “I know, elskling. He will come around – in time.” Mikael was not sure if it was a promise he should make, but at that moment, he needed to hear those words as much to convince himself as her.

He bit her lobe and pulled it playfully until she once more writhed on the bed. When he released it and drew back, the smile on her face told him that she had heard what he said…and that she was glad he had said it.

He hoped she would be glad of his other plans for this night. The ones he had not even shared with his brother. He hoped like hell that Bjⱷrn would go along with them. Because one thing was for sure, their wife could no longer be allowed to live in fear of certain things. And Svein be damned, it was up to him and Bjⱷrn to mend his cock-ups.

“As beautiful as you are trussed up like Mama’s hog roast and spread out for us, I have something else in mind, lilla gumman.” Mikael reached up and untied the wrist closest to him as his brother did the same. Then he slid down the bed and took care of both her ankles, massaging the blood back into them and teasing her sensitive feet with his light tickles until she giggled and looked down at him.

“I want to watch you ride my brother’s cock,” his voice was deep and guttural. It was a clear command, one he did not even bother to soften with an endearment. “Ride Bjⱷrn’s cock. Show us what a dirty little slut our wife can be.”

His brother turned and speared him with a dirty look. Mikael wanted to laugh and ask, ‘who was tøffelhælta now?’ But he was saved from it by the quick intake of her breath and low moan that reminded them both just how much dirty talk turned her on. Still, he could not resist an ‘I told you so’ smile to his kid brother as he moved to sit back at the foot of the bed.

Damn, the woman, she had to turn and give him the sauciest smile as she obeyed his command, slowly swinging her leg over Bjⱷrn’s hips. While she made no genuine attempt to mount his brother, he nodded at her games as she slid her wet folds up and down Bjⱷrn’s cock. Damn, she could be such a tease. Teasing them both with her obedience, that was not really.

Mikael shook his head at her, “Is that what I told you to do, whore?” He watched her face. He so rarely used that term. He knew it was the strongest in his repertoire, and he did not use it lightly for that very reason.

But if he was to push her beyond her limits, help her to overcome the trauma that was haunting her, haunting them all, then he needed to take control and banish that brat. Even though his bad boy generally loved playing with the little minx, neither ever entirely sure which would win the battle, and neither really cared. 

Mikael was grateful that her body blocked his view of his brother’s face. He could almost guarantee that this look would kill if it could. “Fucking, ride his cock, slut.” He reached across and laced his fingers through her hair, pulling her head back until she stared into his eyes.

“Put his hard cock into that sopping wet cunt and ride it just like you did his fingers. Ride it until your whole body explodes and you soak his dick the way you did the bed,” he avoided his brother’s gaze this time by capturing her lips in a deep and erotic kiss that went on and on.

By the time he drew back, her lips were swollen, and she had somehow managed to obey him, working Bjⱷrn’s cock into her tight depths while never breaking their kiss. “Good girl,” he whispered as his hand smoothed her hair back into place. “Now ride it, lilla gumman. Ride his cock and come on it while I watch you.”

He reached up and tweaked her nipple, “That excites you too, doesn’t it? Knowing I’m watching you ride my brother’s cock. Waiting for my turn. You like that, don’t you, our sweet little slut wife?”

She closed her eyes and threw back her head. Her long red locks hung almost to her round ass as it bobbed up and down at his command. Her breasts bounced as she rode Bjⱷrn’s cock, not just from the motion but also from the ragged breathing that signaled her approaching orgasm.

He shook his head as he allowed himself the pleasure of his hand, moving slowly up and down his cock. They had both undressed while she was bound helplessly and blindfold. Mikael had also taken the time to grab a couple of things from the toy box for later.

“No, little girl. You do not get the easy way out this night. Open those eyes. Look into Bjⱷrn’s while you fuck him. Tell him how it feels. Tell him exactly how it feels. Remember, I am watching you. If you don’t want to feel the tawse on that sweet pussy you will use your good manners and thank my brother for your orgasms, cause as wet as that sweet cunt is tonight, it would hurt like hell.”

Mikael bit his own lip. He had not been prepared to actually enjoy this, watching his wife fuck his baby brother. He would have sworn he would have been so turned off that he had carefully made backup plans should performance anxiety be too much. But fuck, he could only remember one other time when he had wanted her this fucking much, been this damned turned on – that first time he had taken her in this bed. The first time he had allowed himself the complete pleasure of her body.

He was not sure whether to be relieved or disgusted with himself that the sight of his brother’s cock plunging deeper and deeper inside of her did such a fucking head job on him. But for damn sure, it would make his plans for this night easier. He released his throbbing cock…if he could manage to hold off his fucking orgasm that long.

Time to get the show moving forward a bit faster, he decided as he pushed her forward to lean against Bjⱷrn’s chest. His hand caressed her shoulders and back as his brother took over most of the action, lifting his hips to pound his cock into their wife.

Mikael scraped his nails down her spine. Though he knew they were not as sharp, it would remind her of his knife. Distract her just a bit as her orgasm continued to build. “Thank him, slut. Thank my brother for fucking your wet pussy. Tell him how fucking much you love it.”

“Oh,” Kirsty screamed as loudly as she had when he had finally given her that first release with his tongue on the boat. He flinched a bit. Though this room was more soundproofed than the ship, he was almost sure that not even that would prevent such an ear-piercing scream from penetrating the walls and echoing into Svein’s room right next door.

But there was nothing to be done for that now. Who knew…maybe that was what his thick-headed, horse’s cock of brother needed to make him pull his head out of his ass?

He wrapped his hand through her hair once more and pulled her head back as he leaned down. He used his teeth to bite hard into her earlobe. “I said, to tell him. Fucking tell him, whore. Tell him how fucking good his thick cock feels in your wet fuck hole.”

Kirsty skipped a beat, lost the incredible rhythm that she and Bjⱷrn had going. His cock slipped from her wet folds, and she cried out in frustration as the powerful orgasm came to an abrupt halt. She whimpered and writhed helplessly against him, trying to draw his thick cock back into her needy cunt.

“Please,” she begged and pleaded.

“No!” His voice was deeper than ever. “Don’t you fucking dare, Bjⱷrn. Don’t give the little slut what she needs until she tells you how fucking much she wants it.”

Her eyes flew open. The first thing she saw was the dark clouds gathering in Bjⱷrn’s eyes. She could tell he was not happy. But she was. Oh, sweet Freya, she had never wanted her bad boy more than she did at that moment. He was driving her insane, and it felt like heaven.

But she did not have time to soothe Bjⱷrn’s feathers; her body was too afire. All she could do was show him how very much his brother’s bad boy was the perfect complement to her gentle giant. And hope it would be enough.

“Please, I need your cock, Bjⱷrn. It feels so fucking good inside my needy cunt. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Use my tight pussy. Please,” though it was Bjⱷrn to whom she addressed her pleas, it was Mikael’s silvery depths into which she stared.

He smiled and nodded, “Fuck her tight cunt, little brother. Give our little whore what she needs.” Mikael tilted her head back further as he inched forward just enough that his own hard cock grazed her bottom. Then he pulled back with a devilish smile as she felt Bjⱷrn’s hand between their bodies guide his hard cock back inside of her.

She sighed and moaned as she sank down on it. Looking down into Bjⱷrn’s green eyes, she began to move on his cock once more. Her breath froze in her throat when he spoke, “I think my brother’s cock needs sucking.” His hands on her hips dug painfully deep into the soft flesh.

Sometimes it was way too easy for her to forget that beneath that gentle, loving exterior beat darkness matched only by Loki himself. “Yes, Master,” she turned her head back to the side and looked up at Mikael, “Please, Sir, please, may I suck your hard cock?”

“Good girl,” they exclaimed as they took up complimentary paces. Mikael’s hands laced through her hair as his cock plunged to the back of her throat, making her gag a bit and pushing her further down onto his brother’s cock. Then both slowly backed off just enough to allow her to her breath before repeating the whole process over and over again.

She was mindlessly orgasming when Mikael pulled back. His cock slipped from her mouth with a loud pop. His fingers in her hair tightened until he forced her to look up at him, “Chapter ten, Kirsty.”

For several long moments, she could not imagine what he was talking about as Bjⱷrn slowed the pace but continued to fuck her slowly and deeply. She shook her head slowly as she tried to remember what he meant.

Mikael answered her unspoken question, “Chapter ten of My Brother’s Keeper.”

Her eyes went wide as she shook her head. She struggled to break free of Bjⱷrn’s hold on her hips as panic took over worse even than that damned hood. Her vision clouded as tears gathered in her eyes. “No, Mikael, no.”

His face softened, as did his touch in her hair. His hands petted her hair tenderly. “Yes, lilla gumman. I know this scares you, but what kind of Doms would we be, what type of husbands, if we allowed that fear to keep controlling you?”

Kirsty felt the tears slid from her eyes, “Please, no, not that, Mikael.” She turned to Bjⱷrn, who had stopped thrusting completely though his cock remained buried to the hilt inside of her. Her eyes pleaded with him to back her in this, though she could tell he was as confused as she had been a moment before.

Mikael sat back on his heels as his hands continued to toy in her hair. “I know, Kirsty. We both know how much anal scares you after what happened. Just listen to me, please.” He sighed as he turned to look at Bjⱷrn as well, “Both of you.”

“Sweetheart, you won’t even fucking tell us, either of us, what happened that night. That tells us way too much. And while we know that anal sex was never top of your fetish list, until that night, you were at least willing to explore things a bit. Hell, it was you who told me about that damned book.” He smiled at her then, “Which, by the way…damn, is that some hot porn.”

“Why do you fucking women insist on putting those naked men on the covers? Just to scare us guys off, so we won’t find out what dirty little sluts we are married to?” She chuckled a bit through the tears at his sense of humor and his insight. “It was you who suggested it remember?”

She shook her head again, “Yes, but that was before….”

“Before what, Kirsty?” Bjⱷrn spoke up, “Before my asshole of a brother raped your ass? Before Svein hurt you?”

She was not sure why his words cut so deep, why she felt the need to defend the man who was not there to protect himself. “It wasn’t like that,” she blushed. “Well, not completely anyway.”

Mikael thought he understood, “Your pain slut liked it, didn’t she? She got off to the rough way he used you, and that makes you feel guilty, doesn’t it, elskling?”

She felt more tears sliding down her cheeks as she slowly nodded her head. She closed her eyes against their looks of disgust and horror, feelings that she had battled so often since that night.

“Fuck,” Bjⱷrn cursed as his hands caressed her arms lovingly.

But it was Mikael who spoke, “Look at me, lilla gumman.” She shook her head. “I said, look at me. Open those fucking eyes and see the truth, woman,” he demanded more deeply. Her truly submissive nature could never disobey such an explicit command as hard as it was for her. She reluctantly lifted her eyes to his dark storm cloud grey ones.

“My brother used your own body against you. There is no fucking excuse for what he did…and trust me, he is still feeling the pain of that night. I made damned sure of that, elskling.”

“But you have nothing to be ashamed of. Do you hear me? Nothing. Your body and brain are hardwired this way. It is your nature to respond to both pleasure,” his fingers gently feathered across her nipple until it hardened again. Then he pinched it, hard, until she cried out. Her cunt muscles tightening on Bjⱷrn’s cock as she came hard. “And pain.”

He allowed her body to come down from the sudden and intense release, for her brain to begin to function at least a little bit before he continued speaking. “Not everyone is hard-wired that way.” He chuckled, “Fuck, most people are not.”

Mikael bent and brushed a soft kiss across her lips, “I have never fucking met a masochist who could so perfectly match the depths of my sadism, elskling. That is a gift…to me, at least. So, do not ever again feel ashamed of being a pain slut, understood?”

She still was not entirely sure that she agreed with Mikael’s assessment of the situation when Bjⱷrn’s hands cupped the side of her face and turned her head to meet his gaze. “I may not appreciate the depths of that masochist the way my brother does, beloved, but one thing I have struggled with is the fact that none of us can truly change our natures. Oh sure, we can hide it. Sometimes even train it so that it does not control us. But none of us can truly change who we are.”

Bjⱷrn pulled her down onto his chest once more as his tongue licked slowly along her bottom lip, “Never be ashamed of any part of you, my love. We know you don’t see it now, but you are absolute perfection to us.”

His hands slid lower to her too soft tummy, and she flinched at the reminder of her imperfections when she was surrounded by male beauty that would have any woman wet and welling. “Yes, darling, those soft curves that cushion our hard bodies, welcome us, and remind us of what a woman should feel like.”

She sucked in a deep breath as she felt the bed shift and Mikael’s hard chest press against her back, the wiry hair on it softly abrading her skin as he feathered kisses across her shoulders and his hands caressed her round bottom, “And this sweet ass, elskling. Its soft roundness. I am not and never will excuse my brother’s action, but fuck can I understand how gods be damned easy it would be to lose control with it pressed against your hard cock like this.” Mikael matched actions to his words, grinding his erection against the crack of her ass as he moaned.

“Tell me, lilla gumman, tell me that you do not want it still. Chapter ten. That you do not want to feel my hard cock buried in that tight ass while Bjⱷrn’s is balls deep in your cunt. That you do not want to feel the delicious pain of being stretched on both of your cocks. Filled like never before. Loved completely and thoroughly by both of us. Tell me that you don’t want that still, and we drop it completely. At least for tonight.” He continued to undulate against her crack, once more pushing her further down onto his brother’s cock.

She moaned at the erotic web Mikael’s words were weaving as Bjⱷrn stopped his gentle seduction of her mouth.

This night had gone nothing like he had planned. Bjⱷrn was still not sure he was comfortable with the rough way his brother treated their wife. But that was beside the point because the way Kirsty reacted to Mikael’s over-the-top dirty talk clearly said that she was. He had to come to terms with that, learn to respect it, that Mikael could give her something he could not. But there were other things he could give her that his brother could not as well.

“Look at me, Kirsty,” he waited until her blue gaze met his. “My brother is right. We would not be good Doms, husbands, or even men if we allowed what happened that night to continue to control that beautiful mind of yours.” Bjⱷrn smiled as he teased, “That is my fucking job.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl,” he reassured her. “This is the perfect time to deal with this, darling. You may trust me. You may trust Mikael. But somewhere in that sometimes warped thinking of yours, you cannot allow either of us to break through on this one. Gods know I have tried.”

“Me too,” his brother added.

“But together, we can and will deal with this, baby girl. Think of it this way, together we are a safety net. You know that I will never allow anyone, even my brothers, to hurt you.”

“And you know that when I do hurt it, it is only good pain,” Mikael replied as he pressed her tighter against his body.

Bjⱷrn sighed and prayed to all the gods and goddesses in Asgard that he would never regret this. “Do it, brother. You fuck her virgin ass while I fuck her mind.”

Mikael nodded, and for a moment, his weight lifted. Bjⱷrn watched him reach beneath the bed and smiled as he brought out a plastic container of lube. They would definitely have a little talk about this later.

And depending on how this night went, perhaps with their fists in the ‘fighting’ fields. He hoped his brother had not gotten overly confident with his battle against the ‘old’ man. He had grown quite a bit since the last time his brother had tied up that scrawny little kid for pestering him too damned much.

Oh, no, they would definitely need to have another long talk about this night before they did it again. But there was little doubt from how their wife acted that they would be doing this again…and again…and again. That too would wait though, right now, his wife needed his full attention. “Look at me, Kirsty.”

Her eyes were wide, and Bjⱷrn could tell that no matter the cold logic of his words or their soft loving and reassurance, their wife was once more deep in the throes of her fears. It reminded him that he had not yet taken his turn with the ‘old’ man in those ‘fighting’ fields and that fear made him want to. But that too must wait. “Listen to me, baby girl. Nothing exists outside of my voice. Do you understand me, Kirsty?”

She nodded her head slowly, and a tear slipped from the corner of her eye. He kissed it away, drinking in the bitter saltiness of her pain, determined that they would replace it with sweet love. “What, Kirsty? Is that how you answer your Master?”

She shook her head again, “No, Sir. I mean, yes, Sir. Oh, I don’t know, Sir.”

“That’s right, sweetheart. You don’t know. Like other things, your thoughts and feelings have gotten so fucking muddled in that brilliant brain of yours that overthinks every gods be damned thing. So, tonight you are going to trust me to tell you what you are thinking and feeling. Just as you will trust Mikael to use that responsive little slutty body of yours without abusing it or your trust. Understand me, darling.” It was not a question but an explicit command.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl, now you are going to ride my cock until you come again. While Mikael uses his fingers to open up that virgin ass of yours,” he saw her begin to shake her head at his assertion. His hand came down hard on her outer thigh. “I said virgin ass, and I meant it. What happened then was not sex, it was rape, and that doesn’t count in my book.”

He watched more tears cascade down her face and kissed each of them away. He smiled as his brother bent and kissed along the ridge of her back. Mikael’s words were ideally suited to the moment, “And just because your pain slut got off to it does not make it right. Little brother is right. Your orgasm does not change the fact that what Svein did was rape, lilla gumman.”

Bjⱷrn nodded his agreement as his hands on her hips began to guide her movements on his cock once more. He started slowly, tenderly making love to his wife as his brother followed his suit perfectly, kneading and caressing her shoulders and back. They took turns kissing her sweet lips, turning her head, and passing her back and forth between them until she was panting.

“Come for us, our sweet Freya,” Mikael whispered against her shoulder as she exploded on his cock, screaming out once more as her orgasm consumed her. Only then did Bjⱷrn feel the warm oil cascade down her ass and coat his balls as his cock plunged inside her tight cunt.

Her moans deepened as he felt her cunt tighten even more as his brother’s finger entered her ass, constricting the space around his cock until he feared he would lose complete control and come before they could finish what they started. He first tried naming all the baseball teams, AL and NL, but that did not take the edge off as Mikael slipped a second finger inside her ass, and there was even less room for his cock to move.

Bjⱷrn moaned and began to work on his latest proofs of the unsolved P versus NP problem that he had toyed with since he was a teenager. It was his secret weapon for keeping the darkness at bay anytime he was angry or worried or as now unbearably horny. He pulled it out and began to work on the solution in his mind. But even that was scant help when Mikael added a third finger to her impossibly tight asshole.

“Fuck, man, you’re killing me here,” he cursed.

She chuckled, “Killing you? Fuck…you have no idea how it feels.”

“Tell me, lilla gumman. Tell us how it feels,” Mikael purred as he kissed along their wife’s shoulder.

“So fucking amazing. So good. Oh…so fucking full,” Kirsty cried out as another orgasm left her shaking in Bjⱷrn’s arms and his control in shreds.

“Fuck, woman,” he cursed as his hand on her hips tried to still her movements before she took him over the edge with her.

“Yes, yes, fuck me. Both of you. Fuck me!” She screamed and begged and pleaded as she frantically rode his cock.

“Damn it, Mikael. Do it! Fucking do it before I lose control and embarrass myself here,” Bjⱷrn tried to laugh until he realized what a mistake that was, driving his cock deeper inside her tight cunt.

Mikael did laugh as he nudged her weight forward, pressing her soft tits tighter on Bjⱷrn’s chest until he moaned again, followed by a string of colorful curses in French, English, Italian, Russian, German, and both traditional and the local dialect of Norwegian. His brother added a few of his own as Bjⱷrn felt his cock slip inside their wife’s tight body.

It became a real test of control then as Bjⱷrn held perfectly still, though Kirsty’s eyes flew wide open with inch millimeter that Mikael’s cock advanced. “Fuck,” her chest heaved against his.

“Exactly, my darling wife. Totally and completely fucked and filled by both our cocks. That is what you wanted, wasn’t it?” growled Mikael as he fully embedded his cock in her asshole.

“What you fantasized about in this bed all those nights when we are gone? Chapter ten…filled by both our fucking hard throbbing cocks in both your gods be damned tight holes. Just like the good fucking slut wife, you are.”

“Yes, oh, fucking yes, Mikael.” Kirsty began to move harder and faster on both their cocks. “Now shut the fuck up and do it. Fuck me. Use me as your good little whore.”

Mikael bit down into her shoulder as he began to move hard and fast inside her ass. “Tut-tut, my little brat. You know you will pay for that later. But for now, you may have a point. This sweet ass can’t take the prolonged fucking I want to give it, so get ready for hard and fast, my luscious little slut. Cause little brother and I both have full fucking balls we need to empty in your tight little holes.”

Bjⱷrn did laugh as she turned her head to stare up at Mikael in a challenge, “Big talk, Sir.”

Mikael growled and slammed into her ass hard, pushing her down further on Bjⱷrn’s cock. His hands on her hips held her there as his brother used her ass. Bjⱷrn figured he would let his big brother do all the work for them both for a bit. The sensation of his brother’s cock through the thin membrane that separated her cunt and her ass was providing more than enough stimulation to get his already overexcited cock off.

But for good measure, Bjⱷrn figured it was time to end this battle between them all for supremacy. He asserted his control as he turned her head back to face him, “Come, our sweet fucking Freya. Come on your husbands’ hard cocks. Milk our balls until you fucking drain us, slut.”

Bjⱷrn thought he had heard her scream before, but those were nothing compared to the vocal eruption that accompanied the impossibly powerful contractions that did exactly what he had commanded. Mikael’s roars melded with hers and his to create a symphony that not even Beethoven could master.

He fought the urge to close his eyes as he felt a massive load of incredibly hot come surge up his urethra and burst like a volcano into her welcoming pussy. But it was worth it to watch the look of utter ecstasy upon her face as his words, their cocks, and the ultimate fulfillment of her fantasy combined to fuel an orgasm that never seemed to end.

Mikael rolled to the side, taking Kirsty’s weight off his chest and cocooning her body between them. Somehow as incredible as it seemed, both their spent cocks remained buried balls deep in her holes. Once more, they took turns kissing her, passing her swollen and breathless lips back and forth between them as their cocks finally began to soften a bit inside her, though the fit was still tight.

“Fuck, Valhalla, and death in battle. That’s how I want to go,” Bjⱷrn chuckled.

Mikael joined him in laughter, “When did you get so fucking smart, little brother?” Kirsty nuzzled between them, “So, lilla gumman, was Chapter Ten all you expected it would be?” his brother teased as Mikael nibbled at the dark purple bruise on her shoulder where he had bitten her.

“And more,” she leaned her head against Bjⱷrn’s shoulder.

“Good,” his brother smiled as he turned and slipped from her ass. Mikael bent and kissed her, “I need to get back downstairs to that fucking dollhouse of yours. Some genius idiot wrote the instructions for putting the damned thing together.” He brushed her hair back from her face, “Happy Christmas, elskling. I love you.” Mikael brushed another gentle kiss on her lips.

“What a little dollhouse going to get the better of the bad boy? And here I thought I remembered something about a punishment.”

Mikael chuckled as he swatted her ass, “No, your bad boy will get the better of the damned thing in the end, just like he does of his little brat. And speaking of which, you heard right. But I don’t think baby brother can handle watching one of your punishments. Just yet. Hell, I was afraid he was either going to die of a heart attack or kill me just from our dirty talk, my sweet little whore.”

She smiled and wrapped her arm around his brother’s neck, “Thank you, Mikael. I love you too.” Kirsty released his brother as Mikael reached for his jeans that he had discarded on the floor next to the bed.

She turned back to Bjⱷrn and snuggled into his chest. Her red hair spread across it as she whispered, “And I love you too, my gentle Master.”

Bjⱷrn chuckled and kissed the top of her head, “Just as long as you don’t bring that brat shit into our bed, my slutty wife.”

Mikael laughed, “You might discover your own sadist, baby brother. If you had to deal with that she-cat like I do. God natt, you two,” he said as he closed the door.

Bjⱷrn wrapped his arm around her and held her close as she drifted off to sleep. His mind replayed and overthought every single thing that had happened this night as he tried to come to terms with it all.

One thing was for sure, the relationship that his wife and brother shared was nothing like the one they did. He supposed that was why this lifestyle worked so well. Each gave something different but something she needed.

He thought about his eldest brother…well, sometimes. He frowned as he wondered, as angry as he was with the man, was it possible that she was missing something? Some part that neither he nor Mikael could provide, something that only Svein could give.

Mikael cursed as he hit his thumb with the hammer for the third time in less than fifteen minutes. If he did not get the damned thing finished soon, Monica would be up before he could. What would she think of a Santa Claus that could not put together a simple dollhouse?

“Need a hand?”

Mikael held up his purple and blue thumb as he smiled at Svein, “A thumb at least.”

“What? Tired yourself out too much? Going to let a little dollhouse get the better of you?” his brother teased.

“You sound just like her.”

“Trust me…no one, not even your daughter, can sound like that woman when she screams,” his brother replied as he picked up the hammer and began to work.

Mikael blushed, unsure what to say. Instead, they worked in uncomfortable silence until the damned thing finally took shape. As they put in the final nail, Mikael extended his hand to the brother with whom he had barely spoken since that night, “Thanks. And I’m sorry.”

Svein shrugged, “No problem. You have nothing to apologize for, little brother. You spoke the truth, that’s all.”

“You know it doesn’t have to be. I know things are hard right now, but Kirsty is not the type to hold grudges. Just talk to her. Give it another chance.”

Svein shook his head, “Nei, Mikael. Not for me. Not after what happened.” He turned and walked into the kitchen just as they descended the stairs in mass. His baby brother was holding his daughter as their wife leaned in, laughing and giggling about something.

Mikael shook his head. He could not give up. Just looking at her, at the way she had reached into his little girl’s world and opened it up for them, the way she had brought him and that bratty baby brother back together, the way she had even broken down some of the walls that his mother had erected a lifetime ago, he had to believe in miracles. Especially this day. His extraordinary angel could work miracles with his older brother, too. It would just take some time.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – For Me?

  1. I feel so bad for Svein! He loves Kristy and wants her love in return, but he is one of those men who doesn’t know how to give or receive love. If only he knew he was her first love, and how much she misses and wants him in her life and in her bed!

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