Njörður’s Wife

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Most women are lucky if they have one loving and supportive husband. Especially if he is hot enough to grace the cover of her raunchy romances. Kirsty Dickens has TWO.

Bjorn has Einstein’s brain in a male model body. He’s charming and romantic. He even cooks.

Mikael is a lethal combination of a great dad and a bad boy. And oh, the pain he brings her. But only the good kind. And only with her consent.

Anyone else would count her blessings. But Kirsty pines for the one husband that she can’t have.


Svein is broken. Her Atlas with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Well, at least, the responsibility for beating back the tides of modernity and keeping the century’s old family fishing business alive for another generation.

Why can’t he see that she and his brothers only want to help? He doesn’t have to do it alone. She could be so much more than a broodmare for the next generation of fishermen. If he’d only open his heart to her as his brothers have.

Chapter 1 – Welcome Home?
Chapter 2 – For Me?
Chapter 3 – Play Nice
Chapter 4 – Valhalla & Niflheim
Chapter 5 – Múspellsheimr or Niflheimr?
Chapter 6 – Ragnarök
Chapter 7 – Baduhenna
Chapter 8 – Homdling
Chapter 9 – Sjöfn
Chapter 10 – Sága
Chapter 11 – Fylgja
Chapter 12 – Lofn

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