Chapter 11 – Yes, Master

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Bjⱷrn had not realized that he was holding his breath until she nodded her head slowly once more. His head was spinning, whether from lack of oxygen or how fast things were moving. Nothing about this night was going as he planned. He had honestly meant to take things slowly. To just talk.

And they had talked. Far longer and later than he had planned. It would be dawn in only a couple of hours, and he would need to be back on deck. Now the question was: did he stick to his original plan and end this night holding her while they slept, or did he give them both what their bodies wanted so damned bad?

The problem was his responsibility to protect, care for, and look out for her best interest did not rest in his little head, but with his big one. He needed to make absolutely sure this was not something she would regret later. “Talk to me, Kirsty,” he commanded. “Why?”

He saw those massive tears gathering in her eyes once more and felt like a real bastard. Why did he have to push her? Why couldn’t he just take what she offered? Bury himself deep inside of her and let tomorrow bring what it may. Because you love her, idiot…and because you want her to love you back one day. And taking advantage of her right now won’t make that any easier.

He shook his head, “Not tonight,” he whispered as he tried to roll away from her.

He could not when those long legs wrapped tightly about his waist. How often over the past few months had he thought about that very same thing? The only thing between them right now was his jeans, and those were painfully tight.

Her hands clutched his shoulders. He could feel her short nails biting into his skin. He had dreamt of that too. But in his dreams, she was coming hard around his cock. Why was he such a fool?

Those big eyes stared up at him, “You told me not to run. Well, who is running now, big guy? Do you think I don’t know what I want? You think I will regret this tomorrow? Well, here is some news for the big bad Dom: I am a big girl. And if I do that is my right, I’ll deal with it. But at this moment, I want to try. I want to believe even if it is all lie; I want to live out a fantasy.”

She inhaled deeply and lifted her head; her mouth found his shoulder, and her teeth nibbled along the ridge of it, “I want you, Bjⱷrn. I want to go dizzy with your hand around my throat as I look into your eye, just like I read about in all those stupid books. And I want to feel your hard cock inside of me. I need to come.”

No words could have been more certain to ignite his darkest needs than those. “Come for me? Are you willing to surrender those too, my love?”

She frowned, “What do you mean?”

He was the one spiraling out of control then. This training he had meant to withhold for a while. He had wanted to be confident that this would work before beginning it. He had never done it with a partner but had spent years studying the process.

He had been deeply touched by a post in the online forum he followed. It was written by a sub, who discovered that she could no longer orgasm at all after her Dom left. It had changed how he saw this forever.

Oh, he still craved it, maybe even more. But now he feared it too. If…no, when they went there, it was as binding, more binding, on him than her. He could never, would never do that to anyone, let alone the woman he loved.

To begin this now…from their first encounter? It committed him to her, not that he was not already. But it committed him to her above all others. Above his brothers, his mother, himself.

He would have questioned his sanity, except he knew the answer already. He wanted nothing halfway with her. “Orgasm control and conditioning, Kirsty. I want to control those too. I want all of you.”

She shook her head, “I still don’t understand. Of course, I want to come with you. For you.”

“No, sweetheart, more than that. I want total control. You won’t be able to orgasm at all without my permission,” he explained.

She chuckled, “How is that even possible?”

“Your mind and body will become so cued to my voice, to my words that without my permission, you will not be able to. We will have a special trigger, my sweet Freya.”

Though she did not realize it, he began the process with the words that he had chosen just for her. “Those words will be so powerful that your body will react. Even if I am not with you. Just those words from me, and I can give you the same pleasure my touch can,” he explained.

She inhaled, “Now that one seems more fantasy than anything in my books.”

He shrugged, “But it will happen between us, my love. For tonight, we keep it simple. When you feel your body on the edge hold back, ask my permission first. Can you do that? Can you do that with my cock pounding way deep inside your wet pussy? Can you wait just long enough for me to whisper, come for me, my sweet Freya?”

He saw the way her eyes widened at his deep tone and erotic words. She might not realize it yet, but his beautiful wife would be so fucking easy to train. She seemed to crave the darkest recesses of his mind almost as much as she desired his body.

And there had never been any doubt that he craved hers. He decided then. He would take this as far as she allowed…and then push her just a bit further. More importantly, he would assume full responsibility for it all. She might think that she had the right to her regrets, but even those would become his too.

Honestly, he already had. It was he who had convinced his brothers to capture a bride. It was he who choose her. Was she not entirely his responsibility already?

“Hands above your head, Kirsty. Have you heard of honor bondage? Svein may love his rope. Mikael might like those nasty damned cuffs. But I expect more from you. The only thing that you will need to bind you is my words. Do you understand me?”

She nodded her head and stretched her hands as far above her as she could. He bent close until his mouth was next to her ear. “You forgot something, sweetheart. ‘Yes, Master,’ say it, Kirsty. If you want these little games to continue, if you want my hand around that pretty little neck, my cock inside your tight twat, then say, ‘Yes, Master.’”

Her quick intake of breath told him that he had struck a chord even before her breathy, quivering, “Yes, Mas-ter.”

“Good girl,” he whispered as he bit into her ear lobe. “So that you know, you and Svein aren’t the only biters.”

He leaned back so that they were once more eye to eye, “But I think this all began because someone wondered if I kiss on the first date. Let’s start there, shall we? Then see how it goes.”

He winked, “If you survive one of my kisses, that is.”

He held her gaze as his hand covered her throat once more. The pressure was gentle, but this time, he did not simply rest it there. He needed to gauge her reactions, see if she genuinely could manage this level of intensity. “Perfect, my love.”

He slowly lowered his head. His pressure on her throat increasing with each centimeter of the distance he came closer to her lips. He watched her face, studied it intently. He held her gaze, checking for the least sign of alarm.

What made him proudest was that when most women might have been tempted to fight, to scratch and claw at his hands, her arms remained above her head as securely as if they were tied there.

Not that they ever would be when they played these games, it was another level of his fail-safe. As was holding his breath to get a better feeling of what she was experiencing. And the burn he was beginning to experience in his lungs told him it was time. Time to intensify these games.

He covered the small distance between them quickly. Her eyes closed in anticipation of the kiss, “Not this way, my love, open those eyes. I need to see that you are with me every step of the way. Understand me?”

She nodded her head as her eyes opened to look up into his once more. He captured them as surely as they had captured her. His mouth touched hers. Lightly at first, his tongue traced her bottom lip, and it opened for him.

His head was getting lighter now. Was that from the lack of oxygen or from the power she was surrendering to him? He wanted more. He wanted to drag this game out longer. But he would not. Would not risk it. He would instead pull back too quickly, leave her wanting more than frighten her this first time.

His mouth covered hers, his tongue scraped her teeth as he inhaled deeply, drawing what little oxygen remained deep in her alveolar into his own. He held it there for a moment savoring the taste of her, the sweetness of her surrender. His eyes moved over hers. Her pupils began to dilate a bit as the reality of it all, as fear dawned upon her.

He breathed back into her. His breath, their breaths mixed together. They were one, and the way that all tension flowed out of her body then told him that she had felt it too.

He slowly released the pressure of his hand about her throat, but he left it resting there as he drew back until her whole face and not just those expressive eyes came into focus. “That was perfect, my love. You were such a good girl. So trusting, so fucking submissive.” He brushed her hair back out of her face as he smiled at her, “Are you okay?”

She shook her head, and he frowned in alarm until a brilliant smile lit that beatific face from within, “Okay, does not begin to cover it. Neither does your intense. That was fucking amazing. Do it again,” she pleaded.

Bjⱷrn chuckled, “Not now, maybe once more later. But one thing too many people don’t do right is they don’t allow their partner’s oxygen levels to replenish themselves. They keep doing it over and over again. Pushing the envelope, and that is dangerous.”

“I enjoy walking lines, not stepping over them just to see if I can get away with it this time. Remember, I am playing with the most important thing in my world…your life. And big boys never want to break their toys.”

He did not like the pouty look on those luscious lips and said so, “No topping from the bottom. You wanted something. You asked politely like a good girl and unlike some Doms, I do not consider asking for what you want topping.”

“But I told you no, and I explained why. Let it go now, or I will punish you. And I would hate to end this perfect first date with a punishment, wouldn’t you?”

She nodded her head again and blushed, “So, I can ask for what I want? I won’t get in trouble for that.”

He chuckled, “You are more likely to get into trouble for not asking, my love. Afraid that I have not perfected the mind-reading thing so open, honest, and transparent communication will have to do in this lifetime.”

Her face became serious, but she did not lower her eyes this time. And that made him even prouder than the fact that he could see her fingers above her head moving to keep the blood flowing or maybe to remind her to keep them there. She bit her lower lip again. It was a fascinating habit, a ‘tell,’ gamblers would call it.

“I need you inside of me,” her whisper was barely audible. Its low throaty sounds washed over him like swells in the worst storm threatening to knock him over and suck him out to sea. Except this woman had long ago swept him away. He knew that he did not have the strength then to deny either of them what they wanted.

He reached above her, grasp both of her hands in one of his while he held his weight off her, balanced upon the other. He drew her arms down, brought her hands to his lips, rubbing her forearms to restore full circulation as he planted kisses in the center of her palms. “Then unzip my jeans. Put my cock inside of you.”

Those expressive eyes gave her away again as they widened, “If you want something bad enough, my love, sometimes you have to take it.”

He lowered his head and trailed feathery kisses along her neck, “Just like I took you,” he lifted his head and challenged. “Are you a big enough girl to take what you want? To capture me the way I captured you?”

Kirsty smiled; this man was full of surprises. She loved that. He fascinated her, made her want to learn more. She drew her hands slowly away from those incredible lips; she really did want to taste them again. But right now, getting those damned jeans open was more important. That was as good a place as any to start learning more about this man.

The only problem was that she could not seem to make her fingers work. It had nothing to do with the tingles that were fading rapidly with each loud pounding beat of her heart. And everything to do with him.

She still found it a bit intimidating that a guy like him would even take a second look at someone like her. Honestly, the guy would have made a better casting for the character of Thor than the actor that played him in the movies. He was Norse god and all man.

“Kirsty, what is taking so long? Changed your mind, sweetheart?”

She looked up into his handsome face and shook her head as she bit her lower lip. It stung a bit. Then she remembered Mikael, and this was a package deal. That too was intimidating, downright frightening, and as he said as intriguing as fuck.

Fuck? If she wanted to fuck this man, then she had better find a way to make her fingers work. She lowered her eyes once more and fumbled some more with the button. It seemed to take forever to spring free. But she was rewarded for her efforts with a quick intake of breath as his large hand covered hers.

“I think I better handle the zip, sweetheart,” his deep rumble caressed her skin, and she smiled up at him.

“What? Commando in there? Worried about the family jewels?”

His throaty rumble as he pushed her hand away and made quick work of the zipper was as much an answer as the “Yes,” he half chuckled but not as much as the thick, hard cock that instantly sprang free. Kirsty knew that ‘beautiful’ was not a word any man wanted to be used for this particular body part, but damn it was the only one she could think of. Besides perfect.

“You keep looking at me like that, and it is going to be over before it begins, sexy,” he teased.

She could not stop herself; her hand reached out tentatively. She had to touch it, touch him. She wanted to feel it in her hand, run her fingers over it. Fuck, she wanted to taste it, and she had never been any more into the blowjob thing than she was into the going down thing that Mikael had used as torture last night. But for him, his cock, she wanted to worship.

“Stop it, woman,” he growled as he rolled on top of her a bit more. He brushed her hair back with that darkly intense gaze, “Just the way you look at me is killing me.”

“So, if I asked to taste you?” she whispered.

He shook his head, “I’d say not right now, my love.”

He bent lower until once more they were nose to nose, until those intense green eyes were her whole world. Well, besides the bare cock that she still held in her hands, slowly stroking. “Put me inside you, Kirsty. Now,” she was not sure if it was a plea or a command, but the depths of need in those eyes almost matched her own.

She spread her thighs even more. Lifted her hips just a bit off the bed as her hand that could not wrap around him guided his cock slowly towards her wet cunt. She smiled and giggled.

“What now, woman?” he gave a tortured growl.

“You are a bad influence, Master. I just thought a dirty word,” she teased.

“I can think of more than a few of them. How about, my hard cock wants to bury itself so deep inside your wet pussy that we can never get them separate,” he matched his actions to words as his hips added momentum to her hands. The thick head of his cock lodged inside of her for the first time. It knocked all breath from her body as surely as his ‘kiss’ had.

“Cunt,” she gasped.

“Cunt, pussy, oh, so fucking tight twat. Damn it, woman, I’m dying here, and you want a lesson in dirty talk?”

His fingers threaded through her hair as his hips began to move faster and deeper. “Alright, you want dirty talk? How’s this? Your ‘cunt’ feels like a vise around my cock; it’s so fucking tight?” He arched his back and growled as he buried himself fully inside of her.

Each of his naughty words registered as solidly as each thrust of his thickness inside of her. She planted her feet on the mattress and lifted her hips, “Oh,” she moaned.

And Bjⱷrn stopped, buried entirely to the hilt inside of her, “You forget something, my sweet Freya.”

Her eyes flew to his face. She struggled to draw air into her oxygen-starved lungs. Her nipples hardened so much that she feared they could cut through a diamond. How could those words affect her so much? So quickly.

At that moment she knew, he was right. With him, she would lose control of herself, even something as simple as the air she breathed, something as intensely private as her orgasms, he would control them all. Worse, she wanted him to.

“Pl…ease…please…Master,” she found herself begging.

He smiled at her, “I am not sure whether to be disappointed that I had to remind you, my love. Or pleased at how quickly your body responds to mine.” His fingers tugged her hair and tilted her head back a bit more. “Never forget again, my sweet Freya.”

This time it was his forearm that lay across her whole throat. Pressure increasing with each slow, deep thrust of that perfect cock inside of her. He lowered his face slowly towards hers as he buried himself to the hilt once more. “Come for me, my sweet Freya,” his lips whispered against hers.

The world exploded. The whole fucking universe seemed to repeat the Big Bang in slow motion. Her body instantly reacted to his command. Without conscious thought even. Her tits squashed against the hard plane of his bronzed chest. Her cunt spasmed around his cock, milking it as his mouth sucked the last morsel of the air itself from her body. And she did not give a damn. She had never felt so alive.

Her fingers clutched at his shoulders as the pleasure she could never imagine flooded all her senses. She loved the taste of his tongue against hers. She believed at that moment that he was right, her body would never again be separate from his.

Her vision began to blur, to go dark around the edges. Then once more, he breathed life back into her, and she exploded again. Even though her first orgasm had not yet abated, another overtook her, lifting her to another stratum. All she could do was cling to those broad shoulders as his hips pounded harder and faster against hers.

She stared in fascination as his handsome face contorted. It seemed that his release too bordered on both heaven and hell as she felt him pour himself inside of her, empty himself into her welcoming body. And she gloried that she could do that to this man. That she could give him as much pleasure as he gave her.

As he collapsed spent against her, she was glad that his eyes closed. She would not want him to see the knowing smile on her lips as she realized that in the end, it was she who was the master, and he her slave.

She wrapped her arms about him and pressed a soft kiss to his lips as the sun began to lighten the horizon. “Good night, my love,” she whispered as she snuggled against him, not even mindful of his weight crushing her, more comforted by it than discomforted.  

Bjⱷrn cursed under his breath as he realized that Kirsty still had his shirt on. He would be later still getting on deck when he stopped off to get another one. But what the fuck could he complain, not after last night. He bent and kissed her. Turning reluctantly, he left her to sleep.

His brothers had already tossed out the net by the time he got on deck. Mikael just gave him another contemptuous look, but Svein smiled as he walked over. “I do not need to ask how last night went.”

Bjⱷrn knew he was blushing, could feel the heat rising around his ears as he shrugged. “Sorry, I am late.”

“Do not be. You had the hard job last night,” his brother chuckled.

“Since when did you grow a sense of humor?” he kidded.

His brother shrugged, “I do not know. Recently it would seem.”

Bjⱷrn smiled. It was a good sign, even if there were none from Mikael. “Will we reach port this evening?”

His brother shook his head and looked out to sea, “No, the wind and waves have been against us.”

He turned back to Bjⱷrn, “You should go back below. Join her. Get some sleep. You look like one of our ancestors after a battle, hyped on the thrill of battle and ready to drop from exhaustion.”

Bjⱷrn shook his head, “I have a job to do. And if we do not reach port this evening, then I have watch tonight.”

“No, I will take it. You stay with the woman,” he offered.

“The woman is our wife, and she has a name…Kirsty,” he replied.

“Fine, then stay with Kirsty this evening. You seem able to reach her when neither Mikael nor I can.”

There was nothing in this world that he wanted more than another night in her arms, in her tight cunt, in her intelligent mind. But that was not their way. She was not his woman. Not his alone. She never would be. He reminded his brother of that then, “You know that is not how it works.”

Svein shook his head, “Maybe Mikael was right, maybe it should be. Maybe it was just the wrong brother, the wrong woman.”

Bjⱷrn felt it all slipping away, the little headway that he thought he had made with Svein at least. And after two nights with almost no sleep, he was in no mood for games, “Really? You want her to be your sister-in-law?”

“Do you want to see her every day that we are home? You want to watch me touch her? Kiss her? You want to remember how sweet and wet and welcoming her cunt is? How wide those blue eyes get when she comes? You want to remember all that knowing you will never taste her sweetness again?”

He saw Svein’s hands knot into fists at his side, maybe he should stop, but he could not. “Then you are the biggest fucking fool on this planet. Because after one night inside of her, one night in her arms, I would fight every fucking spirit in Valhalla, all the damned gods, and you two. Nothing would make me trade that.”

He watched his brother, expecting one of those fists to come sailing through the air, he stood ready to block it. But it was his brother’s word that landed the deepest punch, “Really? Because it seems like that is exactly what you are doing, baby brother.”

Bjⱷrn sighed as he struggled to find the words to make his brother understand. “You think I want to see your teeth marks on her tits? Do you think I like wondering what Mikael did that made her scream like that? Do you think I am some masochistic fuck? I am not.”

“But monogamy is not our way. It did not work for Mikael, and it would not with her either. I know you think you may be doing her a favor, me even. But you aren’t.”

“The sooner we face the realities of what this ‘marriage’ means, the better we can handle it. Then we can all move forward. Together as a family, the way it is supposed to be, the way it always has been,” he was not sure what else he could say if that did not reach his brother.

He waited a long moment until Svein nodded his head slowly. “Fine, have it your way. But she decides. She picks Mikael or me. Her choice again.”

Bjⱷrn was not pleased with Svein’s answer. He might be willing to share her with his eldest brother, but at the moment, he did not trust Mikael with her. But it would have to do for now. “Fine. But I tell her. I will take her lunch and speak with her then.”

“And take a damned nap. I don’t want you running the fucking boat onto a rock somewhere.”

Bjⱷrn just laughed as he headed over to check the nets. He was not looking forward to the conversation he must have with his wife in a couple of hours.

But more than that, he hoped like hell that she choose Svein and not Mikael. He did not think he could manage one more night with visions of the sick things his brother might do to the woman he loved. He chuckled as if he could hear his mother’s voice, “sometimes they did not agree on how they showed their love to me.”

The problem was he was not sure there was any love left in Mikael. Beyond Monica, that was. He supposed that he would have to trust that a father’s love would be enough to protect the woman he needed to reach his little girl. It was all that Bjⱷrn had to believe in when it came to Mikael.

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