Njörður’s Captive

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Three months ago, Kirsty Dickens was living the ‘dream’ life. She had a career she loved, working as an Occupational Therapist with autistic children. A decent flat near work with roommates she had known for years. And doctor boyfriend that even her old-fashioned and draconian mother approves of.

But when that boyfriend gives in to family pressure and marries the woman they choose for him, Kirsty begins to question it all. Was this really what she wanted from life? Or merely what was expected of her? Was she truly happy? Was any of it her? Who is Kirsty Dickens anyway?

But those books? The ones she discovers on the tablet that was her former boyfriend’s final gift to her, especially Raquel Graffen’s X-rated romances. Hot Vikings. Brothers sharing a bride. And all that rope, spanking, and…

Then she discovers a new social media site, one Raquel recommends, just for those kinks. She’s only going to have a look. Just to explore these feelings, from a safe distance, of course. After all, what happens online, stays online, right?

Until Kirsty receives his private message, it does funny things to her tummy…and her girlie bits. After months of messaging, Kirsty decides to finally meet this rough Norwegian fisherman. A quick coffee and some conversation to get the man out of her system. Then she’ll go back to her ‘normal’ life, her career and even try to find another ‘Mr. Right,’ that meets her mother’s stringent standards.

But the moment Svein pulls her through that turnstile, her world tilts on its axis in the icy blue waters of his eyes. If that isn’t bad enough when they step onboard Njörður’s Captive, Kirsty is captivated by his two younger brothers.

And captive is the right word. Kidnapped. Taken from her job, her home, her family, everything she ever knew. Now, they tell her she is their wife. Their wife? Three men? One wife? Three Doms and one little sub? This can’t be real. But is it her fantasy come true…or a nightmare?

Svein might have attracted her to that fateful meeting. Mikael might frighten and touch parts of her she never knew existed. But it is baby brother that draws her deeper…

What could a man like Bjⱷrn possibly see in a woman like her? This guy belongs on the cover of a Raquel Graffen ebook with those muscles to die for, that long blond hair, and those sensual green eyes. Someone like that would never look twice at a too-curvy (a polite word for fat), carrot top, with more freckles than the dot-to-dot puzzles she gives to her clients.

But if those hours spent in the man’s strong arms, discussing the complexities of the universe aren’t enough, his kisses shatter her heart. Now he tells her that this is all his doing, that she is…


What’s Kirsty to think? More importantly, what she’s to do when they finally reach their homeland? Will she turn them in for kidnapping? Or will she take a chance? Can they, this place, and this unusual arrangement fill those holes in her heart and soul that she never even knew existed?

Chapter 1 – Kirsty’s Life
Chapter 2 – Trains to Nowhere
Chapter 3 – Sail Away With Me
Chapter 4 – Facing the Facts
Chapter 5 – The Cookie God
Chapter 6 – Your What?
Chapter 7 – Why Me?
Chapter 8 – There?
Chapter 9 – Why Ruin It?
Chapter 10 – Take My Breath Away
Chapter 11 – Yes, Master
Chapter 12 – More Lessons?
Chapter 13 – Trust Me
Chapter 14 – Head or Heart?
Chapter 15 – It Doesn’t Matter
Chapter 16 – Choice and Consent

Or download the complete book as a PDF file.

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