Chapter 10 – My Pleasure

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Kirsty sipped her morning tea as she watched Monica swing. The storm had finally chased them back to the house after dark last night, but even then, she knew Bjⱷrn had been reluctant. Once more, it was as if a couple of teenagers sneaking in after curfew. They had stopped downstairs only long enough to raid the refrigerator.

Even at breakfast this morning, the usually jovial Bjⱷrn had remained withdrawn and sullen. Only in her arms had he been the man she had come to love. Even there, that shadow remained. They had made love a couple more times once they made their way to her room. And it was making love, no kinky stuff at all. Well, almost none, the man’s kisses were lethal after all. Each time though, he had been paranoid about pulling out of her before he came. That still hurt, bothered her even if she had agreed to give him time.

Of course, Svein had only made things worse with his equally sullen attitude over breakfast that morning. He had barely spoken three words the whole time, but he was continually sneaking glances in her direction when he thought no one was looking. She was not sure what to make of that, or him for that matter. He had been the one that woken her, sent her to Bjⱷrn, so why the attitude. Other than their ‘fight.’

She smiled – fight. It was not like her. She tried to remember a single argument with Raj, but she could not. Even when the man had told her that he was marrying his cousin, while she had not precisely wished him well, her objections had been civil, as her mother would say. Was that because neither cared enough to disagree?

She shook her head. What did it matter now? He had his wife and a baby on the way. And she had her…three husbands. She laughed aloud at the idea.

“What’s so funny?” Mikael’s baritone caressed her mind.

She turned and smiled up at him around the brim of the mug, “The idea of three husbands.”

He nodded, but she noticed the cloud that passed over his face as he ignored her comment. He motioned with his head towards his daughter, “How is Monica doing? I really do appreciate all you are doing with her, with us. She seems so much more; I don’t know…relaxed. Thank you,” he stammered.

Kirsty saw the tension written all over his face, his stance. Something was wrong, very wrong. If it had been Bjⱷrn, she would have asked. But though she and Mikael had a truce, she still was not confident talking with him except when it came to his daughter. So, she stuck to that and hoped he would reveal whatever was bothering him in time.

“She truly is a wonderful little girl, Mikael. All of you have done so well with her. I am sure that you would have found some way to reach her even if I had not come,” she began.

He shook his head, “No, we could never have done this…not as quickly, not like you have. I just wish…” he trailed off. Kirsty noticed him clenching and unclenching his hands at his side, “Odin be damned Svein, why now?”

Kirsty frowned at him, “What do you mean, why now? What has Svein got to do with anything?”

Mikael turned to her, his face dark and sullen. “Svein insists on going back to sea.”

Panic rose inside of her. Why she was not entirely sure? Was it that this place was still so new, that she could not imagine it without them? Of course, she would miss Bjⱷrn and Mikael. But maybe it was Petrine’s stories that niggled most at her mind. Lars. Whatever it was, she was not going to over-react. ‘Never let them see you cry.’ “Why? When?”

Mikael sighed heavily, “He wanted to leave today, but Bjⱷrn and I insisted we wait until tomorrow morgen at least. As for why? Do you think the great, high, and mighty captain shares that with us?”

The vitriol dripped from each of his words. For the first time, she thought about what it must be like for them, for Mikael and Bjⱷrn. It was not like they got to choose their career; they were born to it. What’s more, the very order in which they had been born placed Svein over them. Not skill or merit, though she did not doubt that he had those. But so too did both of his brothers. It seemed intensely unfair, somehow.

“We’ll just see about that,” she said as she placed her hands on her hips and turned to storm through the woods for another confrontation with the man.

Mikael shook his head and reached for her. His hand wrapped about her upper arm and brushed innocently against her breast. The way her body flamed to life was anything but. She sucked in a deep breath and bit back a low moan that escaped as a whisper anyway.

“Sorry,” he mumbled as he cast his eyes towards the ground. That drew her own eyes downward as she noticed the thickening in the front of his jeans. She smiled at the knowledge that truce or no, she could still have some effect on her bad boy. His voice too was husky as he asked, “Where are you going? What do you think you can do?”

“I am going to give him a piece of my mind, that is what I am going to do. Who does he think he is to kidnap me and then just dump my ass here all alone after less than a week? I barely know this place. And while I like your mother and father, even she admits that big bed is lonely. Hell, no, what is the man thinking?” she raged uncharacteristically.

Mikael inhaled deeply, “We already pointed all that out to him, Kirsty. He said that this was our life, and you had better get used to it.”

“He said what?” she fumed until she feared that she looked cartoonish with wisps of smoke curling out her ears. “Take over here. I have a few things to say to Mister Cool.”

Mikael shook his head and tightened his grip on her arm, “Leave it for now, please. Bjⱷrn and I will ask my father to try speaking to him after dinner tonight. I promise.”

She jerked her arm away, “No, enough is enough. He can’t do this. If Njörður’s Captive is going back to sea, I will be on it. If being abandoned like this before I even know my way around is how it is going to be, you can take me back now.” Even as she said the words, her throat constricted, tightening until she would have sworn she felt Bjⱷrn’s hand on her throat.

But it was the dark look on Mikael’s face that kept her frozen to the spot as much as his painfully tight grip, “No, no, we will not. You fucking belong here. You are ours. And if I have to tie your ass to that fucking bed again, you are not going anywhere. I have lo…”

Mikael turned his head away as he released her, “What about her? What about my daughter? She is coming to care for you already.”

She heard the tightness in his voice, and though he did the best to keep his back to her, she thought perhaps his eyes glistened a bit brighter in the morning sun. ‘Yes, but do you?’ she wondered. The fact that his friend façade had cracked enough to release her ‘bad boy’ if only momentarily was a good sign…she thought.

“I have to try,” she whispered as she turned and walked towards the woods that lead to the dock and the boat. This latest turn of events weighed heavily upon her. Was this Svein’s way of punishing her for their argument yesterday?

And if it was, what then? She might have boasted to Mikael that they could take her home, but his threat of tying her to the bed was far less binding than the tightness she felt in her chest at the thought of it. The idea of leaving this place – leaving them. She was not even confident that she could.

Svein watched her rage out of the woods. He did not need to guess what was on her mind. The only question was which of his brothers he was beating to a pulp for telling her before he could. He shook his head. He knew how this must look to them, but the truth was that they all could use a bit of breathing space.

Her included. For the past week, she had been passed from brother to brother like a bone among a pack of wild dogs. She needed time to think, time alone to learn this place, their way of life. And if his mother insisted upon sharing family secrets, she could educate the woman on just how much of the time she would have on her own.

At least until she had other things to occupy her mind. Something like a baby. He inhaled as she stormed up the deck towards him. He plastered a smile in place. Let her begin this one, “God morgen.”

“God? There is nothing good about it. What do you mean you are going back to sea?”

He loved the way her ears matched her hair then. He focused on that as he began, “We are fishermen. That means we fish. Fish are found in the sea. Thus we must go to sea…often.”

“I get that, but why now? Why so fucking soon after dumping me here?”

It was the same question that he had been asking himself all morning. Yes, they needed the money. Their little bride expedition had not been cheap either in time or the money they invested in those false documents.

Then too a few days at sea might give him and his brothers an opportunity away from her to get some things straight…one way or another. He could certainly use the chance to release some of this tension by smashing his baby brother’s pretty face to pieces.

But the truth was that he needed to get away. Away from her for a few days. Some time to think. To clear his head and come up with a plan. Their argument yesterday had shaken him. To begin with, he was not used to arguing with women. Period. His lovers never dared such things. Oh, they might try whining or cajoling, but even then, he moved on to the next one.

But not her. As submissive as she was, she still found the backbone to stand up to him. Hell, his brothers had rarely done that. “Are you such a mouthy brat with my brothers?” the words were out of his mouth before he could censor.

“No, it just seems to be you that angers me so damned much,” she replied with her hands on her hips.

He nodded as he picked up a length of rope. His cock hardened at the thought of all the things he could do to her with it. “Lucky me,” he chuckled.

“And you did not answer my fucking question. Why now?” She demanded with hands on her hips, emphasizing her hourglass figure.

“I am the captain. I decide when, where, and for how long we fish. I certainly don’t owe you an explanation,” he growled when she would not drop it.

She squared her shoulders and took a step forward, “That might work with your brothers, but I am not a member of your fucking crew. I am your wife.”

Svein had had enough as he tossed the rope about her waist like a lasso and pulled her forward into his arms. He was fully hard the moment her body touched his. He tightened the line even more, making sure she did not doubt his reaction to her.

“Wives have less say than the crew, Kirsten. What is the problem? Haven’t you had enough cock in the past week? Little Miss Prime and Proper, who went six years in a relationship that was mostly asexual, are you addicted to it now? Was baby brother too upset last night to fill that tight, greedy cunt with enough come?”

Her eyes flamed, but there was a glint in them that told him he had hit a nerve. Any other time with any other woman, he would have been smart enough to withdraw while he was ahead. This woman did something to him. Got under his skin. Made him throw caution to the wind.

One hand slipped between them and between her lush thighs. His fingers dug into her jeans that covered liquid heat; it scorched him even through the rough material. “No more pants. I will make certain that baby brother orders you new clothes before we leave. Or I will fucking do it myself. I want this sweet cunt bare and ready any damned time I want it from now on.”

She struggled in his arms, fighting the rope. “Fuck you, Svein. I’ll wear what I god damn want. And here is something else for you to remember: I decide who I fuck and when. I am the one that chooses who comes to my bed. And for the record, don’t expect it to be you any fucking time soon.”

He laughed, “Maybe you decide who spends the night in your bed, but that is not the same as who fucks that sweet pussy. You are in my territory now, sweetheart. On this boat, I am captain, and I do what I fucking like.”

“So, you would rape me?” she challenged.

He shook his head as he laughed, “Was it rape the first time I took you, sweet wife? No, challenge me like that again, and I will show you exactly what I can do.”

“I will make you so fucking hot and horny, and you won’t give a gods be damned. I’ll have you so fucking mindless that you’ll beg me to fuck you. To fill your greedy little cunt with my come and that cute belly with my baby.”

He was in no mood to continue this argument, so he shut her up as effectively as he could without a gag ball. His lips covered hers, swallowing whatever smart ass comment she was going to make. She continued to push and pull, fighting to get away as he tightened his hold on her.

By the time his tongue wrapped about hers, those movements were less about breaking free and more about the way that her body moved in perfect time to his. ‘Fuck,’ he cursed as he weighed his options. He was in no mood to be disturbed by either of his brothers, but right now, he needed to bury himself deep inside his wife. To relieve some of the frustration he had been feeling since their last argument.

“Fuck it,” he cursed aloud this time as his fingers moved up and tore at the button and zipper on those damned tight jeans.

Screw baby brother, he would order her clothes his fucking self. And if Bjⱷrn did not like it, well, one more excuse to re-arrange his face. Arrogant little prat, why had he chosen her?

But even as he thought it, he remembered her words…she was right. He had had the final say. He had been the one that brought her on board Njörður’s Captive. He was the one that captured her. And to hell with all of them, he would find a way to keep her. He would.

His hands shoved the rough material down her legs as she suddenly realized what was happening. She renewed her struggles as he spun her around and pushed her against the railing of the boat.

“What do you think you are doing?” she demanded though her voice was low and throaty. That and the pink stains across her cheeks told him that she was not unmoved by his lovemaking.

He slid his hand between her thighs, spreading them as wide as he could with the jeans about her ankles. His fingers found her slick folds. His sweet wife was most definitely not as unmoved as she pretended to be. “What a husband does with his wife…taking what is mine,” he growled.

Her blue eyes flamed as she turned to face him, “I am not yours. And I never will be,” she spat defiantly.

“Really? You want me to show you, sweetheart? You forget how easily I made you call my name. Mine, Kirsten!”

To prove his point, his fingers found her g-spot, and he sent her spiraling over the edge of a mindless orgasm. He did not let up either. He pressed and massaged the bundle of nerves until she was whimpering and moaning. Her hips were moving in circles to greet and draw his fingers deeper with each stroke.

Still, he would not stop. Again he pushed her higher. He added a third finger, stretching her even more. He felt her cunt tighten around his fingers as he pressed incredibly deep inside of her. Her back arched, and she opened her mouth to scream, but he covered it as he swallowed her cries. He felt the wetness as it gushed in a stream about his fingers.

He growled into her throat as his wife’s sweet cunt squirted around his fingers. He had been with other women that squirted, some far easier than this, but none fucking sweeter. He ripped at the button of his jeans, tore open the zipper, and moved forward, filling her pussy with his cock before her body even came down from the powerful release.

It was going to be fast and furious. He knew that. And he did not give a fuck. Whether it lasted a minute or five, all he wanted was to empty his balls in her tight cunt. To seed her again. He slammed forward, burying himself fully before withdrawing almost wholly.

It was rough and fast, but the way her cunt squeezed and milked his cock, he knew he did not need to offer his wife apologies. Despite her protests to the contrary, she wanted him. Wanted this. Maybe even needed this roughness as much or more than baby brother’s sweet promises and gentle ministrations.

He pounded away at her wet depths as his fingers bit into the ample soft flesh of her hips. He moved hard and deep. He lasted far longer than he thought he would, but that was only by sheer will. But when his orgasm did come, it was shattering. It too lasted longer than he would have thought, rolling on and on in waves until he collapsed against her back, driving her forward against the rail.

It was a long moment as he continued to kiss those sweet lips, drink her moans and whimpers until finally, he broke the caress. He drew his head back just a bit but was greeted with tears glistening in her eyes.

“I hate you. I really hate you,” she whispered as she pushed backward, sending him sprawling against the hard wooden deck.

Before he could respond, she pulled up the jeans and was running down the plank. Damn it. Why did she always get under his fucking skin? Why could she make him lose control as no other woman ever had? Worse yet…what the fuck was he going to do about it? He stood up and pulled his jeans back together, it was a too-tight squeeze as his cock was still fully hard, but he finally managed to zip them back up.

He was about to go after her when the one person he least wanted to see at that moment appeared out of the woods. His baby brother stared at him, “What the fuck do you think you are doing? She’s our wife, not your whore.”

Svein opened his mouth to argue with Bjⱷrn’s assessment, but what could he say? The look of anger and pain in his little brother’s eyes mirrored his own disappointment in his behavior.

He would have apologized, but his brother held up his hand, “I’ll go after her. I don’t want to hear whatever the fuck you were about to say. Just stay the fuck away from her, Svein. I mean it.”

Svein nodded…that had been the plan. To get back to the sea – to what he knew. And away from the wild whirlwind of emotions that she always stirred in him. Maybe Rán would hold the answers he sought. Perhaps he could find some way to wipe her taste from his lips, her sweet surrender from his mind. But he doubted it.

Oh, he might acquiesce to baby brother’s demand…for now. But not for long. Only long enough to figure this damned thing out. He was determined. He was going to find some fucking way. Some way to reach her. Because screw Bjⱷrn, she was his wife too. His, just as much as baby brother’s or even Mikael’s. His.

Bjⱷrn took the stairs two at a time. He was about to knock on her door when he heard the shower running. He knew it would be her, so he did not bother even to knock as he opened the door and stepped into the hazy, steam-filled room.

She stood beneath the spray, her face lifted to it. The water must have been intensely hot from the overpowering warmth that filled the whole room; it had been almost transformed into a sauna. The pink blush that covered her curves from head to toe only confirmed his assessment.

He stripped out of his clothes and, without a word, joined her beneath the pounding water. It almost scalded him before he turned it down a bit. Then he gathered her in his arms and drew her against him. If the shower had been hot on his skin, her tears that fell on his chest were more searing still as her body shook in his arms. A torrent of them cascaded down her cheeks and mingling with the water from the showerhead.

It was several long moments before she finally stirred in his arms. Her smile was incredibly weak as she stared up at him; her words haunted him, “Why?”

All he could do was shake his head. He had no answer to offer her. He had never understood his oldest brother. At just twelve, Svein had been practically a man when he was born. His brother had been gone more than he was home.

Bjⱷrn had been closer to Mikael, though even that was short-lived as his middle brother too took to the sea. For the most part, it had been just him and Mama with the occasional ‘visit’ from his father, uncles, and brothers. But he had never minded.

When he had finally joined them in the family business, he had felt more like an outsider than a part of it all. Maybe that was why he had taken to his computers? Hell, even his father had seemed disappointed that he had been so enamored of books and learning. Sometimes he wondered if the man had not liked Svein more than him. 

Her eyes were puffy, and the whites so lined with tiny red blood vessels that they looked more pink. “Why does Svein treat me like this?” she whispered.

Bjⱷrn shook his head and tried to smile, but that question had him just as stumped. Svein had always been cold with his subs. Distance and control was his brother’s thing. What little he had seen of the way he had lost that control with her, both angered and frightened him. He was damned glad he had not seen more, or they may well have come to blows. Feeling her still trembling in his arms, he knew they might yet.

“Did he hurt you?” he forced the question past his lips even though he did not want the answer.

She shook her head, “Not like that, no. It is just that…” She shook her head as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Just hold me, okay?”

He frowned as he leaned his chin against the top of her head, “Of course, I will, baby. You know I love holding you. Anytime you need me, I am here.”

“No, no, you won’t be. Not tomorrow,” her voice was low as it seemed to force out the words.

He inhaled and forced himself to remain calm. It was the same fucking thing that had been bothering him since the moment that Svein announced this sudden trip. They had all agreed that they would give her at least two weeks, maybe a month, to settle in before they went back to sea. Spend time with her, help her to adjust to their way of life. Now less than a week and they were back to fucking sea. What was his brother thinking?

He hoped Mikael would have better luck talking with his father. Perhaps the two of them could convince Svein to change his mind. It was for sure he was not the right one to ‘speak’ with the man. The only conversation he wanted with his eldest brother was fist to fist.

He did not have an answer, not a good one to give her anyway. So, he did the only thing he could do; he lifted her face and kissed her sweetly. The moment his lips touched hers, he was as lost as he always was. The kiss went on and on as they stood beneath the spray of water that was turning cold.

He was determined after what had happened in the woods and what he had seen on that boat, damn his brother, that he would keep it light. Just kisses and touches to comfort her, perhaps heal a bit of the damage that they had done.

He frowned as a thought occurred to him…was that it? He knew that Kirsty could get under his skin so fucking quickly, but had she gotten to Svein too? It was not something he would have even thought possible. Or anything he wanted to consider. Because for her to have that effect on his brother, that meant the man had to… He fumbled over the word in his mind. Svein had to love her just as he did.

He came face-to-face with his new demons once more. It was one thing to share her with his brothers. It was quite another to think that they might care for her as he did. That they too might want and need to possess her as he did.

It had seemed so simple when he had come up with this plan, when he had been fighting both of them to go along with the tradition. Svein would get his sons. Mikael would have a new mother for Monica. And he would have a wife.

The fact that his brothers might want or need something more from her than just practicalities was not a thought he had entertained. Honestly, he did not want to know either. Especially now with her beginning to make those soft mewing sounds in the back of her throat as she rubbed against him.

“Please,” she whimpered. Her soft hands wrapped around his cock as she slid to the hard tile floor at his feet. He was instantly lost in the depths of her blues eyes as they stared up at him. She ran his half-hard cock back and forth across her cheeks until it stood at full mast.

“Fuck, baby. What are you doing?” he groaned as he reached out to brace his hands against the shower walls.

That smile lit her face from within as her wet pink lips and tongue began to caress the head of his cock. “Just getting in a bit more practice before you leave, Master.” She had barely finished the statement before those lips parted, and she swallowed half of his length in a single stroke.

“Shit,” he cursed as it was his turn to fight back the urge to lose control once more. For a Nanosecond, he could even have some sympathy for Svein. The woman could drive him fucking insane with the need to possess her.

Especially with those blue eyes looking up at him, their gazes never parting as she began the steady up and down sucking on his hard cock. Each time she tried harder, went a bit deeper, until all except a couple of inches was buried in her hot mouth and throat.

“Kirsty,” he moaned as he fought for control. Did she have any idea what she was doing to him? The way that those lips curled into an almost innocent smile around just the head of his cock told him that she knew exactly what she was doing and liked it.

One hand released its steely grip upon the wall and laced through her wet hair. He used it to control her movements, to set the pace that he knew would take him over, but not just yet. As good as she was getting at this, and she was, it was not what he wanted.

He let go of the wall and reluctantly drew her pretty face away from his cock. He held out his hand to her and whispered, “I want to take you like I did that first night in the shower.”

He saw the play of emotions upon her face; the indecision was written there. It reminded him of the pain he, too, was inflicting on her. Damn, the woman could hide nothing in those intense blue eyes. “Please,” he whispered.

She shook her head slowly as he watched tears, ones that he and not his brother put there, slip from the corner of those eyes. “I want that too,” she whispered. She dropped her head, and he had to strain to hear her next words over the pounding of the water. “But not like…not the way things are between us now.”

When she lifted her head and their eyes met, he saw more tears. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. As if it were her fault, as if his insecurities were her own.

She forced that smile, the one that he hated more than anything because he knew it was a lie, and they had promised there would be no lies between them. She reached out her hand and began to caress his still hard cock tenderly. “Please, just let me…” She bit her lower lip as she bent and licked the tip.

He was a fool. A fucking fool. She was right, of course. This morning proved that. Was he going to make it that easy for his brothers, especially Svein and his gods be damned need for a son? If she was going to take those risks, hell, wanted to, then gods be damned, let it be his – his baby.

He shook his head as he drew her up from the cold tiles. “You win.”

Her hand caressed his cheek, “No, I promised you time. I understand.”

He laughed, even now, it was about him, about what he needed, how he felt. “Shut the fuck up and turn around. You know the position, sweetheart. But be fucking warned, that pretty little mouth of yours is too quick a learner. I am already on edge. So, as much as I want to go slow and show you everything I fucking feel for you, it ain’t happening this time.”

“I am going to fuck your tight cunt hard and fast. Then I’m going to fill it with such a big load that it will be dripping down those soft thighs of yours the rest of the day.” He heard the soft catch in her breath, knew that his dirty talk once more had her perched right on edge too.

He did not wait for her obedience as he pushed her against the cold tiles. His hands went between her legs, forcing them apart as he shoved two fingers deep into her cunt. She started to come almost immediately, but that too was not how he wanted it. He withdrew his fingers before her orgasm could get going. He chuckled and slapped her ass at the whimper that tore from her throat.

“You have become a greedy, spoiled little cunt, haven’t you, my sweet wife? Tell me, Kirsty. Tell me what you fucking need. I want to hear every fucking dirty thing you want me to do to that sweet, tight pussy of yours.”

He knew he was upping this game. They might have discovered her little fetish for dirty talk, but in comparison, her language had been tame. He knew how hard this was for her…his good girl.

He pressed his body fully against hers, rubbed his hard cock between the cheeks of her ass. “If you want to truly win this one, sweetheart, get me so fucking worked up with that sweet mouth, the same one that is learning too damned quickly how to suck my cock dry, use it to excite me in other ways, baby.”

“Make me lose that control I have been trying so fucking hard to keep with you. Make me forget it all. Make me need to come in that fertile cunt of yours, make me, Kirsty.”

With his chest pressed tightly to her back, he could feel what his dirty challenge was doing to her, how quickly she was breathing. He knew that he would find her so incredibly wet, that she would come immediately, even before he was entirely inside of her. He toyed with those words, but he wanted, needed, this to be her choice. He would not use that level of persuasion on his sweet Freya. Not this time.

Neither would he let the tortured whimpers nor frantic movement of her hips against his hard cock sway him. “Damn it, Bjⱷrn, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me and fill me with your…”

Her fingers clawed at the tiles, and those whimpers turned into groans as she pushed back against him as hard as she could. “Please…fucking, please…fuck me and fill with your jizz.”

He cursed under his breath as he fisted his throbbing cock and slid it into her as gently as he could manage, which was not all that gentle. The word ‘jizz’ on his innocent little wife’s lips was almost better than having those lips wrapped around his cock, especially when combined with the tight, wetness that welcomed and embraced it now.

“Come for me, my sweet Freya,” he commanded as he slammed deeply and frantically inside of her. He felt her muscles squeeze his cock so hard that for a moment he feared she would push him out, but he was having none of that.

Not now, not when he was so fucking close to coming. He pushed his cock as deep and as hard in her as he could. He held it there as his teeth sank just as deeply and hard into the soft flesh where her shoulder met her neck. He held her there as he felt his control slipping.

“Yes, damn it, yes, fucking come inside me, Bjⱷrn. Fill me with your jizz. Your seed. Your baby,” she screamed as she turned her head to the side, giving his teeth even better access to her soft flesh, offering herself up entirely, completely, wholly to him. He could do no less in return as he felt his come boiling from deep inside of him, jetting into her.

The water was fucking freezing as he came slowly back into his mind and body, but not even that could shrink his still hard cock, which was buried in the furnace between her legs. His head rested against her back as he noticed the blood that trickled down her shoulder. He should feel guilty, but maybe that was precisely what they both needed, the reassurance of his mark upon her body.

He reached around her for the body wash, his cock never leaving her cunt as he softly washed the wound. When he was finished, as confident as he could be, that it would heal without becoming infected, he bent and placed a tender kiss upon it. But even that caused her to jump in his arms, “You have my word, sweetheart. I will be home, back to you, before this fades.”

The smile that spread across her lovely face as she turned to her head and kissed him lightly was all the response he could ask for. “I’ll hold you to that, my loving husband.”

“If Mikael and I have to tie Svein up and throw him in the hold with the damned fish, you have my word, sweetheart.”

His cock slipped from her wet folds as they both broke out in laughter at the image of his oldest brother sleeping among the dead fish that had always been his biggest passion. Though Bjⱷrn feared that too might be changing. The question was – could they all come to terms with this new, old way of life…before they killed one another?

Mikael was soaked, head to toe, as his daughter splashed happily in the bath and used her finger to draw in the shaving foam that covered the wall. He could almost recognize a flower in her artwork, or he thought so anyway.

“Bath finished,” he signed as Monica shook her head side to side. She had come so fucking far in such a short time. Thanks to her. Thanks to Kirsty.

It was he who shook his head then. What was he going to do? There was no doubt, at least from his perspective, that Bjⱷrn had chosen the right woman. The way she had just stepped into his daughter’s life stopped his heart sometimes.

‘And how sweet her pussy tastes when you make her come all over your face has nothing to do with anything, right?’ He cursed that voice in his head that was far too close to the truth for comfort.

She had totally captured his baby brother’s heart. The kid had it bad. Not that he could blame him. She was pretty special. But it was his older brother he was worried about. He was running. Hard and fast from whatever vice the woman had his nuts in.

Not even his father had been able to change Svein’s mind about this sudden and unexplained need to return to the sea weeks ahead of schedule. Mikael supposed he and Bjⱷrn could just refuse to go now, but he was not sure that even that would stop Svein. His brother might pick up an extra hand or two for the trip, or worse yet, attempt it alone. No, his brother knew they were both too loyal to call his bluff.

So, first thing tomorrow morning, they took to the sea once more. But he and Bjⱷrn had discussed it; this was going to be a short trip. No more than one week, less if they could manage it. She did not deserve being left alone here with just their parents and his daughter, not this soon after bringing her here. She was still adjusting, and that meant she should have one of them to share that colossal bed every night.

Not that it was going to be him tonight, he sighed as he tried once more to persuade his princess that bath time was over, before she turned into a prune. No, he was confident that it was baby brother, whom she would want to hold and comfort her this night. And that was fine by him; he had his daughter to get to bed and then…

Then what? Lay in bed, thinking about how sweet her tight cunt tastes? Her soft cries as she approached her orgasm. Her screams when it traversed her body, curling her toes, and making her hips arch to meet his tongue. The way her juices flooded his mouth then, making him so damned hard that he was afraid his cock would split open his jeans.

Thinking about all those things until he could fight it no more and his hand wrapped around the little traitor, but not even when he came would he go soft. No, it was never enough, never satisfying. Maybe when they were made port in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, he would visit the red light district once more. Relieve this itch without any complications as he had been doing for over two years now.

‘Except you know you fucking won’t,’ asserted that voice. ‘You don’t cheat on your wife. You never did, even when Greta turned you away, even when you knew she was screwing other men, even when she propositioned your own brothers, you remained faithful.’ He cursed his damned conscious because he knew it spoke the truth.

Besides, if the truth was told, it was not some pro whose services he wanted. He wanted his wife. He wanted to just fucking give in and sink his cock deep inside that tight hole that he had tasted on his lips, tongue, and fingers. His cock was tired of missing out on all the fun; it wanted to feel that cunt wrapped tightly around it too.

He bit back a virulent curse as he reached for the towel. What was he doing even thinking about it? He was sure that she and baby brother were already safely ensconced in that damned dungeon that passed for the bride’s chamber in this fucked up family. And he had his little girl to get to bed, that was how it should be.

Monica fought him as he tried to wrap the towel about her. But at least, she took his mind off of his wife. And all the things she might be doing with Bjⱷrn behind those damned doors.

He was still struggling to keep Monica in his arms as he opened the bathroom door. His daughter could be far stronger than her tiny frame looked. He frowned as he ran into something. Looking up, he saw the woman that had divided his attention from his responsibilities for the past half an hour.

“Sorry,” he muttered. “I was just giving Monica her bath before bed.”

She nodded with a smile as she signed something to his daughter with a wink. “It’s okay; I was just coming looking for the two of you. Thought you could show me her bedtime routine since…” she sighed as that smile disappeared. “Since it will be just the princess and me for a bit.”

He shook his head once more, “I am sorry, Kirsty. You have to know we have all tried. I think even Mama gave it a shot, but Svein has always been stubborn.”

She forced a smile as she looked up at him, “It will be fine. As he says, I have to get used to it sometime, I guess. I mean, I know that your parents will be here with us, but I just thought it might make things easier for her if we did this together tonight. Assuming you want me to take over some of the responsibilities from your parents?” she blushed.

“Of course, I mean, you are great with her. I guess I don’t want you to feel like you have to do it all. Like I, we, are just dumping all this on you, and…”

He knew he was stammering, but for the first time, he realized how truly overwhelming all this must be for her — especially this added responsibility of his child. “I mean, you don’t have to, you know. Mama and Papa usually manage all right when I am away.”

“No, if you are okay with it, it will give me something to do. Hell, I might even end up sleeping in her room.”

She turned and smiled at his daughter, who, even though she did not look at the woman, had ceased to struggle as much. “Will you let me, princess? If I promise to read you lots and lots of stories, can I stay in your room for a while?”

Mikael’s felt the lump rising higher in his throat as she smiled at his daughter. “I’m sure she would like that, Kirsty. I was just about to get her ready now, but you don’t have to join us. I will leave written instructions. Have Mama or Papa walk you through it tomorrow night should be good enough. I don’t want to keep you from Bjⱷrn. He must be getting anxious already.”

She chuckled and shook her head, “Silly man, will you ever get used to it?” She stood on her tiptoes and brushed a soft kiss on his cheek. Then those deep blue eyes stared right into his, “I chose you this night.”

That lump grew to the size of a grapefruit. He gripped his daughter even tighter to keep from dropping her in shock. “But I thought…” he stammered. His voice was barely audible, but then again, he was surprised that any sound came out at all.

“Bjⱷrn needed me last night.” Her face scrunched up, and her ears turned scarlet, “And Svein can go…”

She smiled at Monica and shook her head, “Your brother is not welcome at all right now. So, you are stuck with me tonight.”

Stuck with her? Considering the happy dance, his cock was doing in his jeans at the moment that was not the terms he would use for this unexpected turn of events.

A part of him still wanted to argue. After all that had happened, considering how close she and baby brother had become, maybe he should insist that this final night for a while be spent with him. But he knew damned good and well that he was not that fucking noble…or that stupid.

“It will be my pleasure,” he whispered as they turned down the hall towards his daughter’s bedroom.

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