Njörður’s Bride

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Her husbands? Three of them?

It still boggled her mind. Three days ago, she had taken a train from London to Tilbury, simply to have coffee with a man whom she had been messaging for months. A man whom she had met on a social networking site for those interested in BDSM.

BDSM? Bondage…discipline…domination…submission…sadism…masochism.

The whole thing was so out of character with her. The only child of two consultants, she had spent her entire life trying to gain their approval and their love. To be their ‘good girl.’ But she had failed. Never smart enough, pretty enough, or thin enough.

She had not even been able to hold on to one man. What made her think she could keep three? Three HOT Viking fishermen.

She had already managed to seduce Happy. Bjⱷrn is every woman’s fantasy. With the good looks of Thor and the mind of Einstein, he is the total package. But like the trickster god Loki, his natural smile and quick wit hides the pain. He is just full of surprises. Like the fact that he had been a twenty-eight-year-old virgin until Kirsty seduced him onboard Njörður’s Captive.

Svein, her Atlas, was proving a bit tougher nut to crack. Though she seemed more than able to break down his Mister Cool exterior, that was just sex. And submission. And ropes. The man seemed determined to keep her locked out of his heart. If he had one.


But it was Grumpy, her bad boy, Mikael, that she had set her sights on. His Super Daddy routine, knife, and the pain only he gave her were a lethal combination. If she could just break through the walls, he had built after his ex-wife left. She just knew there was enough love in his broken heart for her, as well as his daughter and family.

Kirsty has already seduced one husband. How hard can it be to entice another?

Chapter 1 – Welcome Home
Chapter 2 – I Choose Mikael
Chapter 3 – Truce?
Chapter 4 – Hurt
Chapter 5 – My Sweet Freya
Chapter 6 – Do I Have To Chose?
Chapter 7 – Secrets
Chapter 8 – Mister Cool
Chapter 9 – Shelter From The Storm
Chapter 10 – My Pleasure
Chapter 11 – Marked
Chapter 12 – Tomorrow Is Another…

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