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Nothing Done In Love

If in your darkest hour, you were gifted with another opportunity to fulfil your deepest fantasy, could you find the courage to Chase your Chance at love and happiness?

Stand alone book. Rated X for non-traditional relationship style. Genres include: contemporary, paranormal, and reverse harem.

Njörður’s Trilogy

Kidnapped? One wife, three brothers? It might be the plot of Kirsty’s favorite erotica, but it doesn’t happen in real life. Right?

This three book series is XX-rated. It is some of Tara’s kinkiest. It is also filled with love, romance, and loads of struggles as this unusual family faces their past, personal insecurities, and an uncertain future.

Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour

Highway to Heaven meets the US Marine Corps

Master Sergeant Michael O’Malley is a man on a mission. After over twenty years in the US Marine Corps and more tours of duty than he wants to remember, his retirement plans are simple: hop on the back of his brand new Harley and tour the country, checking in on the men and women that he served with…and the families of the ones that never made it back.


What if…

A string of volcanic eruptions plunged the planet into another ice age?

One volcanologist believes that’s just what is going to happen…

This sci-fi and romantic suspense series is rated X for strong BDSM content and non-traditional relationships.

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