She lives!?!

Yes, I am very much alive. At least physically. My muse on the other hand remains MIA (missing in (in)action). But I have not forgotten any of you. Or these unfinished stories.

So what have I been doing?

Well, I spent the last part of November, all of December, and the first half of January stuck in a chair watching reality television because my mind was such mush I could not even concentrate enough to read a trashy romance. Although the tests came back negative it was likely Round 2 of Covid. I had a cough and did not take my first truly deep breath until February. Yes, I do yoga and Qi Gong so I know exactly what a deep breath feels like. At one point, I could feel that I was only using the top quarter of my lungs. And tired? Does not even cover it.

Of course, my @HomeCrazzyHome went to total hell in a handbasket. I am still working on recovering that. In fact, my study, now called Creatrix, looks like a Category 6 hurricane hit it. We are in the middle of reorganizing EVERYTHING! I mentioned reality TV. Let me highly recommend Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on NetFlix. Her idea of ‘spark joy’ is transformative. Unfortunately, Creatrix has become the dumping ground for everything else in the house. As I write, I’m actually curled up in that chair I spent seven weeks surviving in.

Now you understand why my Muse is MIA? I don’t want to be in that mess either.

But things are coming along. I have finished the kitchen, utility, and formal rooms as well as all the bathrooms. I am almost done with the gymnastic, just all the old clothes I’m saving for sewing scraps to organize in there. And PinkTopia is in @PanKwake’s hands. I’ve done my part. I am doing a really quick bit on our bedroom today. So I can fit my dolls in there. Yeah, that’s a kinky sex scene I’ll have to write sometime. The hero dealing with a hundred dolls staring at him while they do it. Oh!!!! Rewrite Jack’s first time with Abby to include that. He can handle it, I’m sure. Better yet, let him wake up to them staring accusingly at him the next morning.

Creatrix is scheduled for this month’s project. But we are also waiting for builders to redo the roof on the garage. That will be such a noisy project that @PanKwake and I will be escaping, hopefully to this lovely resort in Pembrokeshire. But we still don’t have a timeline for that! And @HomeCrazzyHome is filled once again with plant babies waiting to be put out. So they can grow big and strong, providing us with loads of food. So, obviously, I’m not 100% sure I’ll even finish Creatrix in April.

Then, there’s my other project this month…

Camp NaNoWriMo!

Before you get too excited though, my goal for this one is not to finish #ReconciliationTX or #Apokalypze. Sorry, as I said, my muse seems to be off traipsing somewhere. But I do want to invite her home by restarting my early morning writing ritual. I’m beginning with something easy – my blogs. Starting with this long-deserved update to all of you.

And I have so many ideas for @HomeCrazzyHome. In case you haven’t noticed, things are getting weirder out there. It almost seems that someone has released the Four Horsemen of the Apokalypze. We’ve had pestilence, death, and now war. Of course, we always have famine to some degree. My doula work made me even more aware of how many essential life skills like cooking, gardening, and organizing, many young families are simply missing. As the custodian of not just my own generation but the storykeeper of my Nanny’s, I believe it is my purpose to share that knowledge. So as many as possible can thrive in the world that is to come. So, that is where most of my effort is going this month.

Hopefully, once my Muse knows my butt can be found every morning in my chair, pounding away at the keyboard, she’ll show up for more fiction-related material. Or that’s my plan. Oh, and I’m even going to try out a women’s writing group. See if other people’s muses will help me to find her.

So, that’s what’s been up with me. What about you? How are you all surviving this apokalypze? Oh, I do believe we’ll make it through. Or humanity will. We are beginning to discover lost and sunken cities that are much older than science once thought civilization existed. So if we made it as a species through whatever killed them off, I think we will with climate catastrophe, plague, and war.

PS…I did clean up my desk in Creatrix. And emptied my email inboxes. Almost 2,500 and less than 100 worthy of reading. What a world we live in.

A clean desk is a sign of a ‘sick mind.’ Hopefully, a dirty one soon!

4 thoughts on “She lives!?!

  1. Welcome back💕 hope you do find your muse. I need to do what you have in terms of cleaning out my house. Haven’t done a purge in years😂

  2. It’s good to see you doing better my friend. We have have long roads ahead. Maybe we can all get where we are going if we walk together.

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