Hard One to Write…

This post is incredibly difficult to write. I have been putting it off for a while now. But…

After two rounds of some nasty virus, two years in a row, and a bad reaction to the vaccine, I have to admit…

My muse has abandoned me!

That hurts me, probably more than it does you.

Yes, I am looking for her a$$. Everywhere and every how I know. I am editing old things, something that has worked in the past. I am taking walks, now that the weather is improving. I am reorganizing and cleaning my @HomeCrazzyHome as environment affects me greatly.

As a neurodivergent person, I am accustomed to challenges with my executive functions/ organizational skills. Which is why I have so many f-ing lists, plans, and goals. It keeps me going, except in the worst of times.

But I have never had this long with a fuzzy brain in terms of creativity.

And that scares me.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Other than, I’m trying. I will keep trying.

My next steps, beyond the editing, is to put my hand to other forms such as freeform poetry and short stories. Maybe insta-love quickies. Maybe that will break the dam. I’m hoping for a flood. I am especially hoping that as spring bursts forth with new life, so will my muse.

Please keep me in your thoughts. As I am keeping all of you in mine.

Goddess bless us all in these challenging days,

2 thoughts on “Hard One to Write…

  1. Tara I hope you are ok. Please post on how you are doing physically. I am sure you need to take a break but I am worried for you.

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