Real Apokalyze…

I know that I have been gone a long time, but I have found myself caught up, as many of you are, in a world gone mad. Not only have we all been sick, AGAIN, but family and some dear friends have been devastated by all this. It eats away at you, making it hard to get up each morning and write that next chapter.

One of the ways that I cope is by organizing my own little world, our @HomeCrazzyHome. But that, too, ran into bumps. Actually, more like a sinkhole that threatened the very foundation of my marriage, self-esteem, and world. I was just pulling myself together after that when yet again I found myself sick. For six weeks, I sat in my swivel chair and watched reality TV. I never watch television. I gained back half of the weight I had lost. I couldn’t sleep. The tests said it wasn’t the other big C, but whatever it was sure was nasty.

This is just my third day ‘back.’ For the past couple of weeks, it was a bit of a roller coaster (I hate those). I would have one good day, then one and sometimes two bad ones. But Wednesday, I felt better, perhaps as much as 75%. Yesterday, I was maybe 90%. Today, it’s still early, but I think about the same. Of course, I’m trying not to push it too much. I don’t want to end up back in the chair. And I’m so behind on the house. Though we did manage to get the Christmas tree down yesterday.

I don’t want to get your hopes up too high. But I also want you to know that I’m thinking of you all….and those stories. I won’t make any promises. But I will say that I’m going to try. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me.

And goddess bless us all (we sure as he!! need it),

3 thoughts on “Real Apokalyze…

  1. Hope you’re having many more better days now. I love your creativity in writing. So happy to have found you here. Take care.

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