Back Again….

Our holiday was not as restful or relaxing as I hoped. At least not for me. @PanKwake had a blast. But I did love Bluestone. It was the perfect mix of nature for me and adrenaline for her. We’re already looking forward to our next adventure there.

But that isn’t what you want to know.

So, are you REALLY back?

Yes, yes, I am. Though on my own terms. No mroe of the same story every day for months on end. And no more promises of every day. My muse doesn’t do well that much structure. One of the reasons that Amazon wasn’t my cuppa.

But from tomorrow, I will begin posting new writing here. Yes, back in the blog itself. It won’t be full chapters but rather scenes. And it will be in whichever story floated my muse’s boat.

Speaking of which….

If you haven’t noticed, I have added a new page called Sexy Silvers, featuring my heroines over 40 and the heroes that love them. In addition to completed stories, I have posted the edited version of 2nd Best. Actually, a brand new scene from that story will be tomorrow’s debut here.

Until then, you can’t catch up in that story here.

Goddess bless,

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