New Baby

Ever wonder why or how I can get so graphic with my birth scenes? Besides all my own births that is. That’s because I once trained as a lay midwife and worked as a doula. A calling which I am returning to now. In fact, a friend just had her baby over the weekend. The first of my many extended grandbabies.

But it also inspired me to write another birth story. In #ReconciliationTX. Yes, I’m finally back to it. That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news? Since I have doula and herbalogy classes all this week and am going on holiday with @PanKwake next week, I have decided it is best to wait until I come back from holiday to begin posting the new chapters. The good news about that is that I should have a reserve of back-up chapters in the queue.

So, the date for new material is….

Monday, October 11th

But until then, you can check out my new Sexy Silvers page for stories of women/couples over 40, including the edited version of 2nd Best. Which I have also been writing more in. I will begin adding synopses of other writers this week.

Until then goddess bless and keep you all,

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