Blessed Mabon. Or autumnal equinox to most people. In our modern world that has lost touch with nature, it is a forgotten time. But to me, it is another marker of the changing of the seasons. And they are changing…

So, what’s up with Tara? When’s she gonna give us new shit?

I’m working on it. and soon. Today, I posted the final chapter of Njörður’s Wife. I have also added a new page to the website Sexy Silvers featuring heroines and couples over 40. I will be begin tomorrow posting the edited chapters of….

In terms of the way forward from here….

For almost a year, I worked exclusively on one story #TroubleTXStyle and I burned out. When I wrote at ‘that place,’ I sometimes had half a dozen stories in the works. That’s just the way my Crazzy brain works best. So, I’m going back to that. Yes, I know that means it will take longer to finish things. I’m sorry for those of you want instant gratification.

I have been toying with how best to do that, though. I believe that the best way is going to be posting single scenes in whatever I write directly here to the blog. I will include the name of the book in the post title. That way, if you’re not into that story, you can simply ignore it. But I will continue to have individual book pages. For the stories in progress, I will combine scenes into chapters periodically and post those to that book page. If you like to read longer stuff, then you can wait for those.

I will also occasionally post synopses of other writers’ books. But only those in the new Amazon genre ‘Later in Life’ Romance or Sexy Silvers as I call them. For Wise Women like me or those who enjoy reading such stories, it can be incredibly hard to find them. I want to create a clearing house of the genre if you will.

Now, I’m off to roam in nature and reconnect with the goddess on this holy day for me.

Goddess bless,

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