Not Forgotten

No, I have not forgotten ya’ll.

Right now, I am neck deep in organizing, cleaning and giving away loads of shit at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

I have also returned to my calling as a doula. Ever wonder how I know so much about pregnancy and birth? Well, besides being a mother of six. That’s why! I trained as a lay (traditional) midwife in Texas – a life time ago. Yes, thirty years. Wow, am I old!?! You have to be a nurse and work for the NHS to be a midwife over here. But I did train and work as a doula. Over a decade ago. So, even though my certifications are still good, I needed a refresher’s course. And I’m loving it.

But I will always be a writer.

And I’m working on that return to #ReconciliationTX and #Apokalypze. But for now, I’m wading back into the waters with some more edits. This time, your long awaited Njörður’s Wife. I posted the first chapter today and hope to finish it before the autumnal equinox. After which I hope to return to our stories.

So, enjoy!

Goddess bless,

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