Thank Goddess…

It’s Freya day (also known as Friday). And….

I just finished edits on #TroubleTxStyle!

So, what’s next? Besides getting my ass back to writing?

Good news for some of you…

I am going to edit and post Njörður’s Wife next.

As I have shared before, I have struggled with this story. Not only is it the most alternative (read HOTTEST) of my works, but you know that I have concerns about the kidnapping and non-consent elements in the world in which women continue to be victimized and traumatized.

BUT…. People are deeply flawed. And frankly, these books depict a depth of personal growth that few people exhibit in this life. All of them face struggles and challenges that force them to grow the fuck up as individuals and together as a family. It is a powerful story of the redemptive power of love.

Yes, I will add an even stronger warning label. The biggest danger is that someone begins to read it, but does not continue to the end.

But that is a metaphor of life too, isn’t it?

Any way, happy Freya-day!

Goddess bless,

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