Cleaning Up

I have been spending a lot of time recently cleaning things up and out. Our @HomeCrazzyHome…my body and spirit…and definitely my writing.

To let ya’ll know I am finishing up edits on #TroubleTXStyle. I have posted four new parts that I had mostly finished last month. I have five more sections to edit. Hopefully in the next ten days. Then, yes, I will be editing and posting Njörður’s Wife in September. As well as occasionally posting new things.

I know that it may be frustrating not to have something new most days. But this quality over quantity and finishing up old business is a season. I’m sure that at some point, probably in the dark days of winter, in a newly organzied @HomeCrazzyHome, with no garden to tend to, I will spend hours upon hours writing once more.

That is the thing with modernity, we have forgotten the seasons. We have air conditioning in the summer. Heating in the winter. Always a perfect sixty-eight degrees. We have snow tires and great big machines to clear the roads. So we can all get to work, of course.

But for millenia, we lived in touch with the passing of days into nights. Though it did not always matter what day of the week it was. The land and animals needed to be tended every day. Food had to cooked every day.

What did matter, what our ancient ancestors noticed was the phases of the moon and the cycles of the sun which indicated the changes of the seasons. We are entering autumn now. Gathering in the last of our crops. That is another thing that has reoccupied me lately – cooking up and freezing the Goddess’s bounty from my garden. And planting other things for winter and spring. Soon I shall begin to winterize, pruning and cutting down this season’s plants, covering other plants to protect them from the worst of the winter.

Then those quiet days of late fall and winter will be upon us. For our ancestors these darkening days were a time for the inner journey. For self-examination and mending and sharpening our tools. But we have become too busy with work for such things….

But it is time. Time – we return to some of the old ways. Time – we do that hard work of self-examination. Mending our hearts, minds, and renewing our bodies with rest. Sharpening our tools for the rebirth and renewal that comes with spring.

And if you’re bored, check out the edited version of #TroubleTXStyle. In its chronological order, it is a very different read than you might have enjoyed before.

Goddess bless,

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