Not Exactly Independence Day

Or in other words…

Well, sort of….

I will be coming back slowly and in a different form from before. But before I get to that….

Where the hell have you been?

What began as a few days of escape from loud builders felt…


For over a year, I have written and published almost daily. On pretty much the same story. In fact, almost half a million words worth. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sebida. And the characters. But I was burning out. And I knew it. I woke up every day at 5 a.m. I was glued to the computer until noon or later. Writing. Editing. Posting. Promoting on social media. I was in a rut. Heck, I was so regimented that I had Excel spreadsheets that counted every single word I wrote. And I was tired. Whether you noticed it or not, I felt that the stories didn’t have the same quality. They weren’t my best.

So, first it became a couple of weeks while I rested. Then it became and continues to be a spiritual journey of discovery. Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I accomplish that? It was a reawakening. Now, when I got up at 5 a.m. I spent a couple of hours reading. Then I walked in my park, communing with my friends the trees. It’s been wonderful. And it isn’t over yet.

So, where am I going from here?

Elluvino – that’s a mix between a elepant and a rhinoceros. And a way of saying who the hell knows. But I have gotten enough of my mojo back to know a few things besides that it is time to write again.

  1. No more spreadsheets. That’s too much like those authors. Writing is art for me and art can’t be bound in that way. I don’t know if I’ll write every day. And I don’t know what I’ll write. Or how often I’ll post. But….
  2. I will continue to post whatever that is here. Yes, I’m sure that this story will get finished. But there are others that are tired of waiting to be told.
  3. So, I won’t promise you a new chapter on Monday/Wednesday/Friday in #ReconcilationTX and Tuesday/Thursday in #Apokalypze. I post what I write when I write it. No schedules anymore.
  4. I’ll keep that updated with a brief note here with an excerpt and link.

For now, I am beginning slowly to get back into the rhythm like stretching before a workout. I have corrected Shared Burdens, Chapter 6. And I am posting the edited parts of #TroubleTXStyle that I have worked on.

The other thing that I will tell you is that the mystical element which has laced through these stories from the beginning will become more prevalent, playing a larger role in my writing as it is in my life. That’s because right now we’re all lost and confused. We’re looking to someone else to save us – government, business, religion. But the truth is….

We all have the power to save ourselves, one another, and this planet. Locked inside of us. It is our birthright. And what we are looking to fill that void with more money, bigger houses, newer cars, and the latest gadgets. Those things won’t work.

To find ourselves and restore our world, we need to get lost. In nature. And that place deep inside of us. We all have gifts and talents every bit as mircaulous as Rex’s shapeshifting, Angel’s prophesy, Reb’s dreams, and Jack & Abby Jean’s transcendence. They are there. Just waiting for us to discover them.

What’s mine?

I talk to trees. And they talk back to me. Speaking of which, I am working out a new schedule for fall and winter – a time that Northern Europeans considered the inner journey of darkness. August 1st was Lammas or Lughnasadh. The harvest festival and time when my tribal people’s recognized the weakening of the sun and the approaching of darkness. I have been surprised at how quickly that change is happening. And am still trying to find my groove. I refuse to call it schedule or the anything.

And yes, white Europeans had tribes for thousands of years. Part of my journey is reconnecting with my roots in that way too.

I need to get off here now and go spend quality time with my rooted friends. But as I said I had corrected Chapter 6 of Shared Burdens and posted the edited version of Part 8 – Thursday’s Keeper in #TroubleTXStyle.

Goddess bless,

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